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Allow me to Introduce Myself

Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hey, I’m KMH, and I am a 25-year-old female who has absolutely no idea what I am doing. That may be a bit of a stretch I can cook, I know how to clean, I have a job, I pay my bills/rent, and the other “basic” needs to survive. But by no means do I actually think I know what I am doing; as I like to say I’m figuring it out as I go. Well, I have been ever since I got my first “Big Girl job” with “Adult Money”. I’m still navigating the whole Modern Dating world (I still laugh at thinking I would at the very least be engaged right now), making friends (people forget that when you relocate your friends don’t follow), family time from states away, and so much more. I know I am not the only one with these struggles. Since I’ve been doing this for a few years now and have helped some of my friends with these struggles I figure why now share with the world.

Now to be very clear by no means am I an expert in giving advice, but I also know that more often than not we struggle with asking family and friends for advice. Especially since once you graduate college no one’s life path is the same. So I’ve become an expert and I LOVE to give advice, my input, my opinion, and just talk about life without anyone asking for it. And that’s what brought me here. Over the years I’ve made a ton of mistakes and have done my best to learn from them. To be honest I’ve made some mistakes 10 – 15 times before I learned my lesson. My goal is just to help people out so hopefully they already started ahead of where I was when I started; I’d call this one of if not the most successful thing I have ever done. 

You might be wondering why a blog and not a vlog or a podcast. Many, many, many, reasons mainly I’m a busy person (Big Girl Job and all). To do a Vlog or even a podcast you need space and time to record, edit, film, etc. and with work, travel, family, and friends it’s not always easy to find a quiet space to do that. I just don’t have that ability and I know because I tried and failed with a podcast oops. A blog allows me to write where ever whenever does not have to be a quiet place. I also like the blog cause well I won the superlative of most talkative too many times to know I do not shut up and can go on a rant that has 30 different detours. That’s a lot of editing I have no desire to do at all.

Another big reason is a lot of people just want to read something and see if they relate; not everyone loves podcasts or watching videos. Some people can read something like this in less than 20 minutes and most vlogs or podcasts are over that. I know we have the time right now to do that but not all of us have the attention span to do it (the fun fact it’s me 🙂 I’m talking about me) Now by no means does this mean I am never going to post a Video or anything else to share my tips, tricks, recipes, DIYs, and anything and everything else I want to share. It is my blog after all and I’ll always choose what way I think will best showcase my thoughts and asked for or unasked for advice.

Lastly, a big thing I should point out is I’m going to always be real. I’m human I am not perfect far oh so far from it. I will probably have spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and a few other things that may drive you absolutely crazy (I’m sorry). I’m not perfect and I will never pretend or fake that I am. I will always try my best to make sure there is clarity even if my grammar sucks.  But also let’s be honest auto correct and Grammarly doesn’t catch everything. Another big thing with being human is in this world of ever-changing times, opinions, culture, and what is going on means one thing to me I will never stop learning. By this I mean my opinions in 2016 do not match or line up 100% with my opinions in 2020. Personally, I think it is amazing because it means I’ve grown and in today’s society it’s so important to grow not just physically but mentally. I do this by reevaluating my opinions/views, re-educating myself on topics. Most importantly acknowledge the bad things, my shortcomings, and areas of improvement. Trust me those are some of the hardest things to acknowledge.  

I’d like to think that’s why you read all this way because you want to grow and change to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today; just remember it’s okay if you have to take a few steps back as long as you do not stay there. Hopefully twice a week you can tune in learn something new, get some advice you never knew you needed, or even gain some confidence in this crazy thing called life. If anything I hope you know you are not alone and I’ll be more than happy to be your unofficial tour guide to figuring this life thing out. Or anything else you would like me to be even if it’s “just another annoying lifestyle blog”. I’m more than happy to take that role. Well, this is me and this is As Told By KMH. 

xoxo KMH


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