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Motivational Mornings

Motivational Mornings

Mornings are a fresh start if not done correctly can ruin a whole day; at least that is what some people tell you. Honestly, I used to be a Morning person, the only time I am never a morning person is when I pull an all-nighter. Those are brutal. I have yet to meet a person who has been up for over twenty – four hours and been happy but if you are out there and reading this good for you. Now back to what I was saying. I used to love Mornings. I always saw them as a fresh start and a new chance for me to grow or crash and burn the mystery of the unknown was always thrilling for me. The true hope, the real goal was always to be better than I was the day before.

However when quarantine hit as the days went on I lost my motivation, my drive, and just my, I just had nowhere to go. I’d wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, make coffee, and eat breakfast only to go sit in my Kitchen to work for 10 hours to move to my Living Room to watch some TV. It was hard to be happy and find the motivation to do anything. So I did what any person my age would do and well I hopped online and I did some research and tried a whole bunch of things and I found a whole bunch of things that did not work, but I also found a whole bunch that did. So for you, other internet searchers here is what I found and well what I do know almost every morning.

  •  Buy an Alarm Clock and set it on the opposite side of your room 
    •   I do not use my phone as my alarm clock, having your phone in your eyes the first thing in the morning is not the best thing to look at 
    •   Plus I try to keep my screen time down as much as I know it is addicting and I try to be productive in the morning 
    •   With it being on the opposite side of the room the movement helps wake me up and less tempted to hit snooze 
  •     Drink a glass of room temperature water 
    •    I set this up just before I go to bed and put it right next to my alarm clock
    •    A glass of room temperature water helps wake up you up
  •  Create a Morning playlist with every song you simply cannot listen to without singing along or wanting to dance to it
    •   I recommend positive songs like On top of the World by Imagine Dragons, The Middle By Jimmy Eat World, Good as Hell By Lizzo just a few that are on mine
    •    Songs that just always put me in a positive good mood
  •  Draw the blinds, open the curtains 
    • Another way to naturally wake up is with the morning sun 
    • This helps set up your circadian rhythm (fancy I know but it helps especially on these days you sleep through your alarm by accident)
  •     Get cozy outside your bed 
    •  Grab a sweatshirt, sweatpants, or even a robe that you can put on
    • The cozier I am outside of bed the less tempted I am to climb into bed 
  •    If yesterday is still lingering in your mind grab a Journal or piece of paper write some things out
    •  Five things I am thankful for 
    • Three things that were bad yesterday and how I can find the positive in it (sometimes it is only one thing and sometimes it is six)
    •  Five or more of my goals for the day what I need to focus on and what I need to accomplish
  •   Stretch, Stretch, Stretch 
    •   Get the blood flowing, wake up the muscle; your eyes may be away but your whole body may take a few minutes to wake up 
    •  I usually only do this for five minutes crack the back, touch my toys, stretch my arms, roll my neck, and just simple quick stretches 
  • Start the coffee maker or the kettle 
    • This way by the time everything else is done and I have to start working from home I’m starting on my strongest foot
    •  Nothing like getting pumped up and then having to wait for hot water or the coffee to brew 
  • Do the hygiene portion 
    • Brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturize deodorant, shower if you have too
    • Do not forget your hair its weird no one may see you but you will feel like you have something to do 
  • Get Dressed 
    • Get out of what you slept in, this will help our brain naturally reset to the start of the day 
    •  Fresh Clean clothes; not what you wore yesterday
  •  Make your bed 
    • This is an age-old theory that once you make your bed you completed a task and your going to want to complete more tasks 
  • Deep breathes 
    • Take a few deep breaths as you have no idea what’s about to happen today and this may be the only time you have to cherish it 
  • Believe in yourself 
    • I do this by affirmations; reminding myself I am smart, I am strong, I am confident, and I can do anything I put my mind to 
    • It sounds crazy but a second where you beat yourself up or let your confidence drop it can ruin a lot of things 

I know these are things that I will continue doing long after the pandemic has passed. 

Most importantly though I know the pandemic has affected every single person differently. A lot of us in ways that people never expected, and some in ways we knew would happen but had no way of stopping it. Maybe one of these things can help you out the way they helped me during this time. Hopefully, we are not stuck in this situation for another year. If you have tried anything that has absolutely helped you get motivated and going in the morning leave it in the comments and I might just test it out!


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