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Gift Giving Ideas

Gift Giving Ideas

The Holiday season is upon us! Christmas is a little over a week away, Hanukkah has already begun, and Kwanza is not far behind (many holidays to celebrate this time of year). For me the closer we get to the holidays (for me Christmas) the more stress I develop in finding the perfect. I absolutely love the holiday season it is my favorite time of year, that though I take a lot of pride in finding the perfect gift for my family and friends. Granted I start shopping for their gifts as early as possible I do not always find the gift right away sometimes I don’t find the gift till a day before Christmas. Since I know the stress of holiday shopping and have searched high and low for some really amazing gifts.  I decided to share with all of you my top 20 favorite gifts that I have gifted and some that have been gifted to me. These are all gifts that I absolutely love and stand behind. If you are stressing about finding a last-minute gift take a look below; hopefully you find something that is the perfect gift!

Various Aura Frames Image from Auraframes.com

Aura Frame

I LOVE this frame so much that I have to talk about it first. This is a digital frame that allows anyone with the access link to upload photos off of their smartphone. I love this frame because unlike other digital frames there is no monthly or yearly subscription. You can set timers to have it come on and off at certain times. The perks of this frame go on and on. We got my grandma one a few years back and she loves it because it holds thousands of photos all in one frame; plus she gets to see new photos of us and we don’t get yelled at for not emailing our latest vacation photos. Plus I loved her’s so much I even purchased my own for my office.

Photo Reel Image from Uncommongoods.com

Photo Reel 

This is another photo gift that is unique and perfect. It is very much like your old reel viewers where you use to play with as a kid, you’d be able to see snaps of movie scenes. Except with this one you customize the reel with your own photos. This is perfect for anniversaries or anyone who likes vintage/unique gifts. This is also a great gift to get someone year after year as you can always buy more reels to add to it. I love this because it is a unique way to show off photos that not everybody has. 

Max Soft Scalp Massager Image from Amzon.com

Scalp Massager 

This is a really inexpensive gift but I consider this a luxury and a must. This scalp massager has soft silicone points that you use when you’re in the shower with wet hair and shampoo in. Use this on your scalp it helps get all the extra oil and grease out of your hair, helps fight against dandruff, and truly feels like a professional scalp massager. I have not one but two one for my house and one that’s in my travel toiletry bag so if I am traveling for work or heading to my parents I have one with me wherever I need to take a shower. I may have also gotten this for a few people in my life who may be opening this gift on Christmas day.

Codenames Image from target.com


I love making memories while bonding with my siblings and parents. My family has a real competitive side so I am always looking for the next big board game to gift for family gatherings where we all can hang out and play. In codenames, you work in teams one person at a time gives their other teammate one-word clues in order to guess their “secret agents” on the board in front of them. Playing this game with my family always has us laughing, especially when my dad starts screaming about how we could not get his clue. They also have a Disney version for the younglings and a few other versions too!

Jelly Fish Air-planter from Uncommongods.com

Air Planter

Air planters and succulents have become huge just like many people starting to work on their green thumb. They are simple in design, small so they take up minimum space and do not require a lot of attention. The one I linked above is one of my favorites for many reasons. 1. It comes with this air-blown planter that you can hang, it allows you to easily remove and re all the plant for watering 2. It includes the planter and the plant! 3. When it’s hanging it really does look like a jellyfish. 

Blockbuster party game Image from target.com


I already went over my love for competition, but my family and I also LOVE movies and Blockbuster combines the two. You work in teams to collect 8 types of movie categories (horror, comedy, family, etc.) There is a speed round and then the regular round to where you have to use a quote, one word, and act out the movie for your team to guess. It is always funny watching people act out movies they have never seen. I recently gifted this to my brother and his fiancé as a housewarming gift and they love playing this game with friends.

Snowman Dreaming Bath bomb Image from Lush.com

Bath Bomb/Shower Steamer

This is another gift I consider to be really inexpensive (depending on where you get it from) but these I always ask for Christmas and am always grabbing a bunch to gift to people. They are great at reminding people to relax and to do some self-care. There are so many varieties between scent, color, and shapes that there is something for everyone. Even the men in your life! You can get these from any place Etsy, Amazon, Lush, Uncommon Goods, many other places

Instax Mini 11 image from target.com

Polaroid Camera

Capturing the moment is something I put emphasis on. If I’m being honest I tend to be too lazy to print them out and I only end up posting them on my social media (at least the ones that make the cut) the rest go to die on my I-cloud till I want to walk down memory lane. I love gifting Polaroid cameras like Instax because you get 1 shot to get it right, you get your photo instantly, and it reminds me of being young. The prints are convenient sizes that you can add to your wallet or even something you can easily hang on your wall! They are great at parties where people can pass around the camera and capture moments and it’s kind of a quick snap of people’s perspectives at the party. Which I think is really cool to see that perspective.

HOMFA bamboo Bathtub Bath Tray Image From Amazon

Bathtub Caddy

You can find these virtually anywhere! If you do not know this is like a removable table that you can add to your tub when you’re taking a bath. I got my mom one years ago and loved it so much I asked for my own last Christmas. I was given one last year and I use it once a week. They all come in various sizes and styles. Some have wine glass holders, others have slots to hold an Ipad and some even have areas to hold snacks. Makes any bath feel like a spa. This is another gift you can get from many places Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more!

Great Pretenders Colour-A-Dragon Cape Image from USA.greatpretenders.CA

Great Pretenders Color a Cape

I love this gift for little kids my little cousins have one and they use it all the time. There are so many different styles you can get and kids get to have fun and be creative! The marchers are washable so they will come out if someone accidentally colors on their sleeve; but the cape coloring can last up to three washes, which is great because then kids can redesign and recreate their cape as much as they want. Well as long as you are willing to wash it. 

Scooby Doo Where are You complete Series Image from Amazon.com

Cartoon DVD Set

I like to give each one of my siblings a complete set of their favorite Cartoons from when they were younger for their eighteenth birthday. I have purchased all of Scooby-Doo, Rocket power, the Land Before Time, Fairly Odd Parents and so much more. I know a lot of these are now on streaming services (a lot are not) but there’s just something about popping in a DVD and binge-watching season one of Rocket Power. I have found multiple sets on Amazon but I am sure there are other places.

Office By Martha Stewart disc bound customizable notebook image from staples.com

Martha Stewart Reusable Notebook

Whether you are still in school or working we all take notes and note every notebook is well pretty. I love writing in a notepad but hate when they run out and I have to throw away half the book. I found this reusable notebook and recommend it all the time. It’s like a binder where you can always add and remove sheets, however, it’s compact and truly is a notebook. Plus tons of ways you can customize it; every time I use this in a meeting I get tons of compliments and have even convinced a few coworkers to give it a try. 

Personalized Keychain Custom Keychain from KennedDesign Image From Etsy.com

Customizable Accessories 

I know this is really broad but if I started listing out everything you would be annoyed. This is crazy cute underestimated and under gifted in my opinion. You can customize almost anything these days with almost anything. A few of my favorite things are rings, key chains, necklaces, and bracelets. Before I left for college I got my little sister a wishbone necklace with the words “good luck sis” so I was always with her even when I was away at college. I have even seen my friends gift their significant other key chains that say “be safe I love you”. It is super small and really simple but packs a meaningful punch.  I am sure there are tons of places you can get this from my personal favorite is looking at Etsy.

Medical Notes personalized Black Leather Portfolio image From personalizationmall.com

Personalized Portfolio 

I find this a great gift for those who are in internships, office settings, and even starting their professional careers. These leather-bound notebooks are a great piece to give off the perfect first impressions that someone has their Sh*t together! Plus it’s something they would use for a long time. I have used Personalization Mall and Etsy for this item.

Hunt a Killer Initiation Complete Season Image from Huntakiller.com

To Hunt a Killer

This is a great gift especially with quarantine for people who love solving mysteries. You could either sign them up for a subscription; buy a full box set, a gift card, or even a smaller mystery box to solve. The thought and detail that goes into each mystery is incredible and for sure will keep someone (or a group of someone’s) entertained for hours. 

Anker PowerCore 10400mAh 2-port Power Bank Image from Target.com

Portable Charger

It still amazes me how often I come across friends or family members that do not have a portable charger (I myself have 5). For a time where we are on our phones so much a portable charger can save the day at any event or any life moment. There are so many different colors, styles, and designs each with its own different power ability. I try to go for the chargers that can fully charge a phone from dead.  You can find this anywhere Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and the list can go on for days.

Full Frame One Wall Art by Shutterfly Image from Shutterfly.com

Photo Prints

This is another gift that always blows my mind that not everyone thinks of, I love going on friends or family social media and finding a photo they love and getting it printed out for them either on a canvas print or getting it framed. Depending on where you get it printed this could be a really inexpensive gift. Some places are Walmart, Shutterfly, Mixtiles, Walgreens, and CVS.

L.L. Bean Women’s Slippers Image from llbean.com


Everyone NEEDS Slippers and if they have them they are probably old and deserve new ones. They are fabulously comfy and can really change anyone’s mood around plus no one likes when their feet are cold. My whole family has various styles of the classic L.L. Bean moccasin or UGG slippers. Especially since L.L. Bean got rid of their lifetime warranty, a new pair may be in your loved one’s future. 

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels.com

Pre-set Date Night

Now, this sounds really weird but this is such a great gift idea and there is so much that you can do. Typically in the past I usually purchased tickets to a sporting event, concert, or a weekend getaway; but pandemic we have truly no idea when that is coming back and with what restrictions. So I think back to pre-license KMH and I am reminded of what I call “date in a box”. This can be anything from putting together a really romantic date night, taking a mini trip, to planning a day that is full of your significant other’s favorite things. It does not take a ton of effort but it’s something your significant other would remember forever. This is a great gift that you can personalize and customize to fit your relationship. 

Kammok Roe Hammock Image from EMS.com


Last but not least; this gift is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. Hammocks are a great alternative form of camping without a tent. Modern hammocks are crazy strong and can hold a significant amount of weight two humans, or even a human and their favorite four-legged travel buddy. There is also a ton of accessories and colors that you can always add on and make sure it’s perfect for the gift receiver. 

Honorable Mentions: 

-Cook Books 

-Bath Robe

-Cutting board 

-Avocado Tool 

-Gaming Headset


-Charcuterie Board

I love gift giving so much and like I said I take a lot of pride in finding the perfect gift. I love holiday shopping and shopping for people’s birthday gifts. I think it is a great way to show someone that you know him or her. To be clear none of these items I am affiliated with, I don’t have private discount codes, etc. these are just items I have just gifted that I was really proud of gifting (I tried to link all the items I could).  Hopefully, my list got your gears turning for those missing gifts you need to find or maybe I gave you an idea for a gift! If you have some all-time favorite gifts you have either received or given leave a message here or on my Instagram! Happy Holiday shopping and gift Hunting!! OH and don’t forget to find us on social media! Most importantly whatever you are celebrating I hope you have an amazing holiday!



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