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Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment

The holidays are one of the craziest and busiest times of the year; and we forget to slow down allow ourselves to be living in the moment. Too often than not though we fail to stop, take a moment, breathe and look around. Let me tell you 2020 showed me just that and a whole lot more. Now 2020 has taught me a lot of things the biggest it taught me though is I take far too much for granted and fail to appreciate the moment. I took for granted spending every Thanksgiving with my grandma at her house, birthdays party, the ability to hug the people I love, and so much more I mean I could write a whole blog post on the things I failed to appreciate when I had them. 

We all have done it or still do it. We forget to realize just how special time with anyone we care about is so special. We forget that we don’t always get the good moments or times of laughing and cracking jokes. And when we have bad days we sometimes forget the good days. I have seen so many people get upset about how covid kept them from their families (rightfully so) however I have seen the same people not cherish the moment while it is happening. If I am being honest I am one of those people and looking back there are some things I wish I could change but I can’t. 

So since I am one of the lucky ones who was able to go home to my immediate family; This holiday season I’ve been challenging myself to spend less time on the computer, in front of the Tv, on my phone, playing video games, and appreciate what I have. When I’m around my siblings I’ve been paying more attention to asking the questions I probably should know the answers to. Getting to know their lives and about them more. I’ve been spending more time sitting down and having a beer with my dad to hear about how he knew my mom was the one. These are things that I always think about but would say well next time, but sometimes we do not get the next time. 

Now when I say live in the moment or capture the moment I do not mean take pictures for Instagram, record a tik tok, post for Facebook, or even add a story to your Snapchat. I mean truly sitting down no phone, no solo videos games, no solo TV watching, and enjoying living in the moment. Hell, you may even be able to create a moment. Do something crazy like asking your family to play a game together, rewatch old family movies, or maybe even play with your kids/siblings (my siblings enjoy laughing at how bad I am at COD). 

I am the type of person that really tries to live in the moment so when I look back on a time I do not have regrets or say well What if? I try so hard not to have that haunt me; however, I’m human and I fail a lot at living in the moment and I truly appreciate 2020 for reminding me of that. I truly am grateful for the fact that I was able to slow down, recenter, and refocus on what is important to me. Because another thing 2020 has reminded us is that next year the “usual plans” are not guaranteed in fact tomorrow is not guaranteed and anything could happen. 

With all this being said I challenge you to spend the remainder of 2020 living in the moment and taking as many mental pictures as possible of all the memories you’re making. Of course, you can snap a few photos or videos; just make sure you are doing it for the memories and not just the post. Life is too short and offers far too much for us to have ‘What if?” haunt us for the rest of our lives. I encourage you to also ask the questions you always wanted to know the answers to, make new family memories or traditions, try something new, and let those who are around you get your undivided attention to create everlasting memories just like you and they deserve. Because the truth is we never realize the importance of a moment until its past; so make sure you live every moment to its fullest potential. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays xoxo KMH


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