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How to put the Best Foot Forward for 2021

How to put the Best Foot Forward for 2021

I won’t lie; I am shocked we made it to the end of 2020 without losing our minds, because of that I want to make sure I put the best foot forward for 2021. Okay, I lost my mind like two handfuls of times but I got it back and regained my composure. And that is the most important part because I am giving credit to myself because I am still standing and I made it through. And yes you should be giving credit to yourself because 2020 I am sure tested you more than you ever thought possible. While Standing I am for sure having big dreams, goals, and power moves that I am ready to conquer and crush in 2021. 

Now I always like to put my best foot forward whenever possible. New Year resolutions are what they are most commonly called, but let’s be honest you say one thing you’re going to do better or more of, or even start once the new year begins. HoIt is estimated that over 50% of the adult population (eighteen and up) make New Year’s Resolutions however less than 10% of them actually keep. (According to a study from western Connecticut health network). So what can you do differently to help make sure you are making the best step forward and the best effort to be the you you want to be in 2021? Let me share my secrets!!!

Make a Resolution List

    I call this a list as it is going to continue to change. If overall you want to say lose weight (I do not know why you are perfect the way you are) make that your one-year goal. You can even add a goal weight or even the goal pounds to lose. Each week or month make little goals to reach that bigger goal. Start out small such as going to the gym once a week; and gradually add to that goal. This way you are building off little successes to add to the big vision. Plus if your New Years’ goal is to go to the gym two times a day for four days and you miss a day. You know you did not fail; just hit a small bump and keep going. 

    Keep a record of this resolution list and long term goal; write it down on a paper, mirror, notebook, wherever; hell I don’t even care if you put it on your mirror but get it done and visible so you can read that every single day to remind yourself what you’re chasing. 

Change your Mindset

One of the biggest killers of not achieving your goal(s) is your own thoughts and opinions get that toxic shit out. Strat thinking yes I can, what positive can come from this situation, and what can I do with what I have to get to where I want to be? The more you allow yourself to doubt the success the further away you are mentally pushing away your dream/goal. I know saying thinking positive is easier said than done. What has truly helped for me is writing down the bad thing that happened then I sit down and think about the positive that could or did come out of it. These small steps helped me start finding the good in every situation.

Manifesting through Vision Board

    Walt Disney once said if you can dream it you can do it. That is exactly what a vision board is about. A vision board is what I like to call a grown-up college. You go online and google images of your goals. You then print them out and glue or tape them to a poster board or frame. And You hang it on your wall. Look at it every single day which helps stimulate the want and need for you to achieve the goals. 

    Personally, the vision board is my favorite. It’s pictures of what you want to achieve in a year, and they often just look like wall art. It’s Like a picture code that not everyone can crack. Often at times writing your hopes and dreams on paper and when someone reads it feels like they are judging or intruding in your personal space. 

Be Patient and Kind with yourself

    A year is 365/366 it is okay if you stumble or slip up. Do not hide it, now it.  You are human and no human is flawless. Mistakes are proof we are trying and you’d ester even every ounce of credit for trying. If progress is moving slowly or if one of your goals does not come true please do not say bad or negative thoughts. Hating on yourself is only going to set you back more. Even 365 days is not enough for some goals. Just please do not give up on yourself or your goals. You’re allowed to change your mindset and goals but never stop dreaming. There a reasons I am saying put your best foot forward I’m not asking for a leap or a 6 foot jump. Just one small step in the direction of the person you want to be. So can you out your best foot forward for 2021?

Not everyone has to have New Year’s resolutions if it is not your type of thing by no means do you have to do it. If you would like to try please do!! I do encourage you to take a look at yourself and who you want to be in the future. The only way to become that person is by chasing after your dreams. Whatever you decide to do please have a happy and healthy New Year; tomorrow is Chapter one of a 365-day book make it a good one!


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