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Healthy Mind for a Healthy Start

Healthy Mind for a Healthy Start

New Year, New You, am I right; One of the most important things when trying to start the year off right is making sure you have a healthy mind or mindset. A lot of us have been trying to work through an unhealthy mind that we forget how successful and what we can accomplish with a healthy clear mind. So what exactly can you accomplish? 

  • Clear focus on the long term and short term goals 
  • Being able to have a direct focus on what matters most to you, and what does not
  • You’re able to start thinking logical; no crazy thoughts
  • You are able to take care of yourself properly; shower regular, eating healthy, and so much more
  • You are more yourself, the youngest version of you 
  • You are able to process bad moments/times
  • Enjoy life to its full potential and enjoy all the good moments

  So many people walk around not having a healthy mindset. In fact, I myself do not always have a healthy mindset. It’s one of the hardest things for me to stay happy and healthy when it comes to my mind. Life changes so much from day today. It’s hard to stay positive, happy, and healthy with my thoughts and mindset. So I sought out to find a large variety of different options to help me get through it all. 

  • Meditating
    • I do this in a  few different ways be it actually sitting through a meditation, color, or even just focusing on my breathing
  • Journaling 
    • I have to get all my bad thoughts out of my mind so I do not dwell on them and give them space to grow and multiply in my mind
  • Workout 
    • Run, Jog, Walk, lifts some weights, join a class, and even just doing some exercises anything to get my heart rate up and to let stress go
  • Dance it out
    • Put on some music and dance it out; live free for a song or 10
  • Cooking/Baking 
    • Cooking/Baking helps me put myself in control; I control the situation therefore whenever i feel like I am not in control
  • Therapy 
    • Checking in with my therapist helps me put everything in line and helps me stay healthy when all else fails

Now I know a lot of these steps are just steps and don’t always work for everyone. I know it’s always frustrating trying to figure out how to help yourself because one-day cooking works, and the next it doesn’t. That is why I have so many if option A does not work I have my back-ups ready to go. On top of those things, I follow these five steps. 

  • Figure out what has been causing the mind to mess up; be it being unhealthy or unhappy
    • This does not happen overnight and can take sometimes especially if you have been feeling “off” for a while. Do your best to take the time 
  • Once you figure out what has been bothering you sort them out into two categories; what you can control and what you cannot control 
    • There are things you cannot control like if your boss is an asshole but you can control how long you work at that company. Trying to control things you cannot only make matters worse.
  • Find an outlet to help let go of any anger or stress that may be building u from these events 
  • For what you can change, develop a plan or some steps that you can take to gain control and turn what has been affecting you negatively and how you can turn it into a positive part of your life. Whether it be the stepping stone to never feel again or the force that drives you to where you want to go. 
  • Most importantly breathe in and breathe out; acknowledge that you are trying your best to navigate this crazy unpredictable thing we call life. 

We all are learning to be better and do better. It is a consistent cycle that makes us unsure of what the next move is. The next move is always to take care of yourself, your mind, and your health. SO with this new year 2021; does that put you first because you deserve especially after the year we had. Oh and one last thing whatever you do try your best to not carry over the anger from day to day because tomorrow deserves its own fighting chance to be happier.


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