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Healthy Body

We are officially into the second week of the New Year; I’m proud of you as 2020 has been anything but smooth sailing. Now with the New Year one of the biggest things people make a resolution for is to start being healthier. It’s something that I think everyone strives to be the healthiest version of themselves as often at times healthy = happy for a lot of people. I do not know how true that is but I do believe when you are healthy you are more yourself. I find when you are most yourself you are on the path to finding happiness. 

Becoming healthier is a two-step process: a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Most commonly people think of being healthy as having a healthy body. Having a healthy body takes a large amount of commitment, determination, and motivation. Just like working on having a healthy mind, having a healthy body is not a one-trick process. So what exactly goes into having a healthy body? 

Eating Right: 

  • Growing up I grew up learning about the food pyramid and eating the proper portions. Now it is called the healthy food plate, but it still showcases the proper portions, representing how much vegetables, proteins, sugar, are for a good diet. 
  • Hiring a dietitian to find out what the best food, proportions, and maybe even what is the correct food to eat for you 
  • It is also important when you should eat and what you should eat. For example do not have a huge meal before bed, eat protein after a workout, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water 
  • For me, I like to make sure I am putting more healthy food than bad food into my body. This can be anything from a smoothie in the morning, some chicken and rice at night. But I still have some cookies whenever I feel like I have a sweet tooth.


  • Drink your water, drink all your water, and then some 
  • Water helps regulate your body, digestive functions, fight against bloating, hydrate your skin, and so many other positive functions that help you 
  • My best suggestion for this is to find a water bottle with a reusable straw; a straw helps make it feel more like a treat. Also if you need to spice up your water add lemon, mint, or even some fruit.

Daily Hygiene: 

  • One big thing is people taking the time to take care of themselves; Brushing their teeth, washing their face, taking showers, and grooming methods
  • This might sound crazy but ask any doctor washing your hands with soap and water is the #1 way to prevent getting sick
  • Taking care of yourself helps keep your body feeling fresh and also helps keep the body healthy; having good hygiene helps your body fight illness 
  • Visit your doctor get a check-up

Sick Days: 

  • Understand your body and know when things are off, a cold coming on, stomach ache, and even a headache. No one feels like themselves when they are not feeling good. 
  • When you are able to pay attention to how you are not feeling well you are able to start taking medicine and feeling better 
  • I always pay attention to simple signs like a stomach ache is coming on so I can grab some tums or even pick up some ginger ale. I find the quicker I start focusing and taking care of myself the faster I will be to getting back to my normal self 

Working out: 

  • Starting, becoming, and continuing to be active is a big part of having a healthy body, the hard part is finding which physical activity best suits you 
  • Yoga, gym sessions, mini circuits, orange theory, daily walk, etc the list of things people can do that actually makes them excited to workout goes on forever. I suggest always finding something that makes you want to work out; something you look forward to. 


  • Learn your limit; this isn’t going to be a stop for everyone it may change daily
  • Knowing your limit is important to know when you have been pushing yourself too far; you could be in pain or you could be pushing yourself to pure exhaustion
  • You could also be under pushing, allowing yourself to only push yourself ½ way, making excuses 

It’s important and I highly stress important to also visit your doctor, and talk these things over with them. Find out if you need to lose weight and if so how much? A huge thing I want to point out is that being healthy does not mean a size 0. Not everyone is a size 0, just like not every person in the world weighs under 120 lbs. It is very important to understand your body and what is right for you, and talking with your doctor is the best way to find that out. 

We all are not Olympic athletes, professional athletes and for some of us our own school system failed us on what is a healthy body. I know how crazy that is to think that some people do not know the difference between healthy fat and bad fat. That’s the beauty about growing up, we get to learn from our past to help set us up for a better future. Even taking one of these things and incorporating them into your life will help make positive, healthy changes for you. The most important thing to remind you is that this is your life and you get to choose how to live it. So as some may say “Make it legendary”.


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