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Building Confidence to be Authentically You

Building Confidence to be Authentically You

Confidence. The age-old answer, question, hope, and dream of every single person on the planet. How do I get more confidence? How do I walk with more confidence? How does she ooze with confidence?

Confidence is one of those things that can either lift a person up or tear a person down. It’s more than just how we perceive ourselves, it also affects how others perceive us. This can come from how we carry ourselves, how we talk, how we present ourselves, and even how we act. It’s one of those things that can be improved by a  compliment or an added accessory. However, it is also one of the hardest things to get and hold on to. Especially in today’s time when we see a lot of people telling us how we should look and act. 

The person often destroying our confidence in ourselves. Something I have done far too often a long time ago. I tried everything to be someone else, to copy their confidence. I wanted people to see me the way I saw this person; Because confidence is sexy; but more importantly Confidence shows you are a strong person. I was not these things but that is how I saw other people. Luckily I realized I’m not confident because I am trying to be her instead of being me. 

Being confident is much more than “stop caring what others think” It’s also caring about what you think. Which is how some people look like they have all the confidence in the world when they walk down (let’s be honest it’s more of a strut) the street. It’s something that everyone can see, and they may care what other people think. But they care more about what they think and that’s why they carry themselves with so much confidence. 

So over the years, I have tried countless things to help boost my confidence. I always do this because I am the happiest the best version of myself when my confidence is high. So what exactly do I do to boost confidence?

  • Affirmations 
    • This may sound crazy but for me, a big part of being confident is believing in myself. So when I wake up and look in the mirror and remind myself, I am strong, I am powerful, I could do anything I put my mind to, I deserve everything good coming my way, and even a few more things. It reminds me that I got this and can absolutely handle anything. 
  • Highlight your favorite assets/parts/features
    • This one is a bit trickier; Take time to figure out what about you is your favorite for your features. This could be your butt, your legs, your smile, etc. Once you know what that is make sure you work it. For me, I LOVE my eyes and hair. So I learned to do make-up that showed off my eye color just a bit better. Now when I go to one where people tend to notice my eyes first; and I feel like I am putting my best foot forward.
    • Take the extra time to help make sure you feel like your putting the best foot forward. I always take time in the morning to do and care for my hair. Be it taking time to shower in the am, adding extra product, creating an up du, etc. I do this because I know if my hair is messed up not only will I be annoyed but also distracted trying to fix it. 
  • Find what fits you 
    • These are two parts; Understanding your size; is important because sadly not every store follows the same sizing, so if you are a size 6 in one place you may be a size 8 in another. I constantly remind myself that I need to be comfortable in what I am wearing or it will sit in my closet forever and be worn once.
    • Wear what YOU want to wear. You want to be comfortable, relaxed, and feel like yourself. The best way to do that is to wear what you want to wear find your style! Wearing what you like and feel comfortable in is a GREAT way to boost your confidence. Look good feel good.
  • Thank your Body 
    • I learned this when I played sports. I use to hate on my body why am I not as strong or fast as her. Why do I not look as good as her? I had a coach that would tell us to thank our bodies. Flat out “Thank you for getting me here to play this game” and It would just remind me that I am still here and very blessed to do what I do. I continued doing this as I go on because if my body was not so strong I would not be here today 

Confidence is something that is going to change the day from day. I know not every day my confidence is going to be 100% but I also know that I do not want my confidence to be lower than 30%. When my confidence is up I feel like I can tackle the world, I’m more myself, and I’m a much happier person. Confidence is something I work on every day because it is a forever process. I am constantly doing the above steps as well as searching for ways to improve my confidence so I can say I never want to have my confidence be Lower than 50% and hopefully as I grow up even higher. 

As I have said a million times I feel, confidence is more of what you think of yourself rather than what others think of you. Don’t get me wrong if I think I look cute and my friend says I do, my confidence goes way up, But it all starts with me thinking I looked cute. Confidence is your absolute right because you deserve to look like a king or a queen. It’s something you can control to help be authentically you. If you have more tips or tricks you do to boost your confidence comment below or even message us on Twitter and Instagram! And remember never apologize for being you.


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