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Work Life -tips for success

Work Life -tips for success

growing up I always dream about working but once I started I realized I had no work life tips on how to be a good worker I felt lost by the end of day 1. It is odd we always dream of growing up; because we see the privilege, freedom, and the mystery of the unknown make wanting to grow the biggest attraction. Personally, I wish I soaked up more of the childhood life; rather than dreaming about being an adult. I watched my parents “adult”  all my life; cook, clean, do laundry and do things around the house. I learned by watching them but I never experienced or watched them in or around their office. 

A lot of the dos and don’ts of growing up I had learned from watching my parents. I found once I went into the adult world that no one prepared me for work. Now by this, I do not mean I was not prepared for the workload, how to be a good worker or a typical workday. But more of what to expect in a work environment; and what I can/should to really enjoy it.  This was something I had to learn on my own. 

As someone who relocated for her job, and entered an office with not a lot of young people. To be more exact there were only 52 people working at my company, at the time only 6 of those were females, and only 3 (including me) were under thirty. So I truly felt like I was all alone on day one and had to learn the ropes all by myself.

I know I truly cannot be the only one who will or has experienced this, so let me give you some tips and tricks I learned along the way to help your work-life become a little bit easier! 

The Set-Up: 

  • Make your desk/office space personal; make it your own. 
    • I did this by adding office-friendly photos, nick-nacks that match my personality (I have a mini lego Mickey and Minnie), pops of color, and got my own stationery and office supplies. This helps so that whenever I am in the office I have reminders of who I am, why I do it, and also makes it feel like it’s not a temporary space. 
  • Get Organization system and get Organized 
    • This should be a system that works for you. Be it color code, to-do list, Post its, or anything else that will help you get comfortable at work as well as set you up for success 
    • Also do not be afraid to take time each day to clean, get organized, or even just set up stuff for tomorrow or even today
  • Create Order
    • This is more about setting up positive habits to help us be successful. Things that you do every day or every night to be successful. 
    • Calendars and to-do lists are great tools to do this 
    • For me this is when I log off; creating a to-do list, starring the priorities or time-sensitive ones. I also review my calendar and make sure any time meetings are input into my phone with reminders 15 minutes before they start or if it’s at a location 15 minutes before I should leave 
  • Office Policy on Items 
    • Most offices typically supply pens, pencils, paper, desk, computer gear, etc. However, offices also allow you to make requests for items, like a standing desk, or a desk calendar. Items that would help make you more productive and also make you feel more personal 

Office Life: 

  • Make acquaintances and even friends 
    • Now, this isn’t going to be something that happens overnight; but start getting to know your co-workers. Even ask your co-workers about your other co-workers. As you feel comfortable with them feel free to get personal; I recommend starting with asking about local places that are good for lunch. Maybe even ask them what is good for lunch. 
    • Do not be worried if they are older or even younger than you! I have a co-worker I think of as like my work mom or even work sisters. She is always checking in on me especially if I have not been in the office for a while. 
  • Find/Learn Company Policy or Procedures 
    • Each company had different policies and procedures. For example maybe once a month they order lunch for the team, big meetings they hire a barista for fresh coffee, or maybe even on birthdays they bring in a cake. Every company does little odds and ends behind the scenes to make them stand out in employees minds as a happy healthy work environment with perks
    • Some companies even have program benefits where you may be able to get massages, cheap tickets to amusements parks, or even discount gym memberships 

One thing I do encourage and urge you to do is make sure you work or are working in a healthy positive environment. A place where not only can you grow your work profile to be better but also your connections, your positive attitude, and most importantly a place you’re excited to go to every day. Now if you think you work in an unhealthy work environment find a new job. If you are unsure here are some things to look out for: 

  • They speak of working as a team; however, when things go wrong it is every man for themselves mentality
  • You may have received little to no training; you often feel like you are starting and it’s either sink or swim 
  • People are terrified of making a mistake; not because of mistakes or bad but because of the humiliation or degrading that may happen instead of being “punished” 
  • Lack of leadership; whoever is above you or considered a “leader” never pays you the attention and when you reach out for assistance you are often ignored or even made to look like you are asking a stupid question
  • Lack of growth; whenever you try to stand up, make a big move, or even grow your position you are often shot down or even consider bossy 

After college, we are all expected to start our careers and grow up. However, growing up is one of the scariest things in the world. I’ve been there and honestly, I am still there and it’s pretty scary determining the next move or if the one you made is the right one. So please take a deep breath and trust your gut. I always like to think about the first day of work as the first day of school. Anything can happen to change your life in so many amazing ways. My fingers are crossed for you; that you land your dream job, it is everything and more than you thought it could be, and you get to stay there till you choose to retire.


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