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Work Life Balance – tips to prevent the burnout

Work Life Balance – tips to prevent the burnout

When it comes to working I think of it as the same way I use to train the more time I put into it the better off I would be; but thats not a work life balance mindset. I was overworking myself because I thought it would make me better. Plus I figured I don’t have a family (I’m not a wife, I have no kids) I can work extra hard to get this done and prove I am a hard worker so I can set myself ahead for the future. Gosh I was so wrong about this! Then que quarantine and things only got worse.

Fun fact in case you forgot we have almost been in quarantine for one whole year. And quarantine has just made my “work addiction” so much bigger. I am sure other people are experiencing the same issues. Be it working way more because we think we look like slackers working at home during a pandemic, we feel odd doing work at home, and many other reasons. Like my true Blogger-friendly self I gathered all the best tips that I have started using to help with my work life balance all while not burning myself out. 

Set up Work Zone: 

  • Typically your house is your relax area not your motivational get work done location. The best thing I had done was create a work zone. If you have an at-home office utilize it; if not create a home set up. I find my dining room table works best; I just sit in a seat I normally do not sit in. It helps me feel like I am setting myself up to be productive. 
  • Creating a work zone helps focus positivity; it’s like if you take your work computer and sit on the couch you are going to focus more on being comfy or maybe watching TV. As opposed to answering emails and being productive. 

Set up Time Limits: 

  • Tell yourself what time you will be starting work and when you will be stopping. Set alarms do reminders whatever it takes. Overworking ourselves only burns us out. 
  • Now it is okay if you work late a night or two but do not make it a habit if you are done at 5:30 turn the computer off, pack it away, and enjoy your personal time. 

Set up Personal Plans: 

  • Now if you are bad at stopping, make plans with a loved one or even yourself. You’re less inclined to work late if you made promises to other people and even yourself. 
  • I do this by joining online yoga classes, or even tell myself I need to work out by 6 and be done by 7. I know my time is super important and I hate canceling plans on myself. But I also do this by agreeing to a facetime call at a certain time or even meeting a friend for dinner. 

Organize Meetings:

  • When scheduling a meeting write down the start time and if possible block out 2 hours; this allows for me to not have back-to-back meetings, type up notes or facts from the meeting, and most importantly helps make sure my responsibilities do not fall behind. These two hours allow you to absorb the info from the meeting, not confuse info from other meetings and give the mind a mental break. 
  • And if at all possible try to have them in the middle of the day, not the end. No one wants to stay late typing up meetings notes. ( also try to not have meetings on Fridays so I can prep for the following week without stressing, but prefer all meetings to be between 9 – 3)

Treat yourself: 

  • Take mental breaks every hour for 5 to 15 minutes. Either get up and stretch, go for a little walk, focus on your breathing or even just step away from the computer. This will allow you to refocus and recharge; I also like to take this time to look at what I am doing and saying is a good use of my time? Am I being productive/making leeway? Do I need to come back to this? 

Take Time off:

  • Take a day or two off for your physical or mental health. Vacation and sick days are there for a reason you should not be afraid to use them. Not only do they help us relax and refocus we get a day or more of doing whatever we want to do. 
  • I understand it is a pandemic and we have no way of traveling anywhere, and it feels stupid to waste a day at home; but please do it if you need it. Take the sick day, take the vacation day, sleep in, and for one weekday not think about work. 


  • Make sure you take time to eat. I am sure your company has a policy of 30 minutes for designated lunchtime. This is lunchtime, a personal time where you have 30 minutes where you can eat or do anything you would like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK AND EAT. In fact, I strongly discourage working through lunch, o taking a working lunch you deserve this break.


  • Stop trying to push yourself now when you’re at your breaking point. Understand when your plate is full and when you should not be taking more things on. Each person has limits and it is fun to test those limits every now and then but should not be a weekly or monthly thing. 

We spend our whole lives growing up to work. And we consistently have ingrained in our brain if we work hard we can have a wonderful life. But we tend to work too hard and forget to enjoy that life. Work life balance is so important. So please consider this your warning to stop overworking yourself and make sure you take time for yourself. Work is not the end all be all, and you deserve to be happy even when you are working.


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