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Not Your Average Date Night Ideas

Not Your Average Date Night Ideas

When it comes to doing date night I am a big person of not just spending time with my significant other, but I really enjoy doing an experience. What can I say I like to make memories! We go to restaurants a lot but we also like making the most of the time when we are together. Something I can look back and associate with that moment of time. Help make the memory more clear and vivid in my mind.

So with Valentine’s day approaching, I figured why not share some of my favorite date night ideas with you guys. Even though Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching; please feel free to use these for any time you want to plan a date night! Valentines should not be the one day you’re celebrating you and your significant others’ love!

Date Night Ideas: 

  • Fort Night 
    • Spend the day or night being a kid again; building a blanket fort, hang up some Christmas lights, and setting up the TV to watch while in the fort. It is super cute, quiet, romantic, and very personable. 
  • Private Photo Session 
    • It can be pricey but there are some people that offer amazing deals. Booking a Photo session to capture memories, plus it gives you guys an excuse to dress up and have paparazzi to capture those candid moments or stolen kisses and belly laughs
  • Sports Night 
    • Have a date night that may be a bit of a competition. This is awesome if you do bowling, mini-golfing, top golf, or even hit the batting caging. These can be super fun and competitive as well as a strum up a few laughs. 
    • If those ideas are too competitive or not your cup of tea! Ice skating is a cute intimate idea; just watch your fingers if you fall down! 
  • Kitchen Night
    • I am a big fan of people learning a new skill or even just making memories together. So heading into the kitchen and baking or cooking something together is one of those things that definitely hits all those boxes. Doesn’t have to be anything extreme but something that two people can easily do like bake cookies, or make a pasta dish.
  • Cooking Classes 
    • This is a great thing for you and your significant other to learn together to cook a meal that normally you may not cook. A lot of places offer cooking classes that teach you how to make restaurant-quality dishes with a chef. Typically a lot of these classes even teach you to make a three-course meal and you get to eat everything at the end!
    • You can even do this at home by turning on the food network or other cooking shows and following along at home! This is a great way to pause or rewind and go at your own pace and also learn from a. A famous chef!
  • Art Classes 
    • Super fun and creative date night are doing an art class be it going to the ceramic studio, painting some pottery, or even a wine and paint night (of course you do not have to drink wine) It’s a fun way to bond and get creative! 
    • If you’re looking for a Covid friendly way to do this I recommend going to Micheals or your local art supply store to get some paint, canvases, paintbrushes, and popping on a Bob Ross tutorial and follow along at home! You can bring your own wine or even Hot chocolate and make memories together knowing you are staying safe. 
  • Spa
    • Every and any stressed-out couple should do a couples massage or even a spa day. There are tons of places you can do these from going to a spa, a resort, or even the local massage place in town. It’s a wonderful way to release stress and unwind. 
    • Now an even Covid friendly version is to go get some face masks, or even some bath bombs and enjoys each other’s company relaxing, letting go, and just enjoying the time together. 
  • Eating out
    • Of course, there is always the classic got to a restaurant and get your favorite meal and enjoy a night out maybe even get dressed up; and even better not have to clean a single dish. 
    • A really cool Covid Friendly version of this I have seen sweeping the internet by storm is the rock, paper scissor challenge. Couples play rock paper scissors and the winner of each round chooses either the Drink place, appetizer place, the main course place, and the Dessert place. It’s such a. A creative idea that helps couples get the best of both worlds while also keeping things interesting you never know what you may have especially if you lose.
  • Game night 
    • Game night is one of those things that can be done indoors or outdoors. Grab your favorite board game or even card game and just have some laughs. Or if you prefer the newer games plus in your switch and play some Mario Kart. 
    • Another great option for Post Covid would be heading to your local arcade or even to Dave n Busters 
  • Museums 
    • Going out to visit Art Museums, History Museums, Science Museums, and the many more there are. Whatever you or your significant other is interested in, take a trip, do a tour, learn something together. It may not be the most exciting thing in the world but it’s something that would bring joy to one or even both. And who doesn’t like seeing their significant other happy??
  • Animals 
    • Aquariums and zoos are an amazing date idea who doesn’t love seeing all the fuzzy warm cuddly animals? Or watching fish swim in their habitats like your hundreds of feet below the surface. 
  • Getaway 
    • Sometimes you also need that couple’s alone time. In today’s modern time it’s so easy to see new places not far from home for super cheap. From renting an Air b n b or even getting a hotel room; it expands the possibilities to travel and see new places. 
    • Another place/travel stay I love is the Getaway cabin if you have not heard about them LOOK THEM UP. They are these cabins in the woods that are made out of shipping containers but allow you to really emerge yourself in nature or strengthen your relationship. 
  • Explore local 
    • Look up what is happening near you! Events, Places, Travels, and things that happen all around you. Can book a date to the farmers market, a street fair, antique roadshow, or maybe an event that only happens in the winter. 
    • Hell if you live in a tourist area be a tourist for a day…Like New Yorkers have you ever rode to the top of the Empire State Building? Or Been to the Statue of Liberty?? 

Picking and planning a date can be hard. It can be even harder when a pandemic is going on or when you’ve been dating for so long. So hopefully through I helped give you an idea or two. Most importantly to remember it does not have to be perfect. Life is not perfect, it is the thought and effort that counts. And even if things go wrong make the best of the moment it’s better to laugh that things went astray than to be upset and ruin it more. 

So take a deep breath and try your best to relax. You got this!! Best of luck with your date night, you’re going to be amazing!


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