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Valentines Day Gifts – Better then Flowers and Chocolate

Valentines Day Gifts – Better then Flowers and Chocolate

Valentines Day is Sunday and for some of us, that means slight panic still trying to figure out what to get your significant other. Well, have no fear I am here to help you grab some last-minute gift ideas that will help you truly win this Valentines Day. So without further delay here is my Valentines day gift cheat sheet.

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Photo Reel


I spoke about this at Christmas Time but I love the sentiment and the memories that this holds, you can always buy extra reels, to collect and share memories over the years. It is a cute unique way to capture and share memories that can easily be displayed for others to view.

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Couple’s Activity

I have sam it a ton before I love doing activities that help create memories, and it’s something to look forward to as well as a look back and remember the really fun day it was. I consider activities things that have dates that can be changed to fit each other’s schedule (or things you know you can book a bit later down the road) such s cooking class, wine, and paint, ice skating, go-karts, here and carriage, and so many more. I would recommend checking Groupon to see what deals you may have at local places.

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Aura Frame

Again I will not brag about this photo frame. It’s a great way to showcase an unlimited number of photos that multiple people can add their own photos to showcase their various memories. Great to put up in the office to have one frame show so many favorite photos.

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Beard Care/Grooming Kits

If quartile has taught us is we cannot rely on our barbers to always be around to be able to care for our facial hair. Getting the man in your life some grooming tools or even extras like beard oil, beard balm, and even just some beard scents. there are a ton of different products and companies. Plus there are tons of different scents that can match what fits your man perfectly.

Photo from: https://www.lushusa.com/bath/bath-bombs/heart-beat/9999902642.html

Bath Bombs/Self Care

Of course Lush and other companies have the limited edition Valentine’s day Bath bombs. But there is nothing like reminding you’re significant other that they mean the world to you even when they are stressed out. We have been in quarantine almost a year so they may be forgetting to put themselves first.

Photo Prints

You can always get all the photos you guys have taken together and get them printed out for them to put in their room or even around their office. Or you can take all those photos and create a photo album for them maybe even add some cue notes to it as well. Super sentimental and something they would absolutely cherish.

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Custom Candy

Now I know I said better than chocolates in the beginning; however, if your girl’s favorite thing is blue sour patch kids; and you can get her a bag of her favorite sour patch kids go for it! M &M even allows you to customize M&M’s with pictures or words, and you even get to choose the color. Again if your significant other is really into one thing go for it. But please do not consider this the same thing as the heart-shaped candy you can get from Target.

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Custom Key Chain/Money clip/everyday items

Valentines you can be as personal as you would like, so getting your significant other something small but personalized may be the perfect gift for you! Thins like Money clips and key chains are something that will be with them almost if not every day, and they can read the message and think of you each time.

Couple Experience

A couple of experiences is always another fun idea. Now and experience for me is something that takes a bit more in-depth planning such as, a vacation, a comedy show, a concert, a sports event. these are things that once the money has been put down, the tickets bought it’s very hard to change or cancel without losing money. However, these couple moments may be some of your favorite times. especially if you both have roommates; taking a vacation helps you guys relax and have your own relationship. You knew not the one where you are worried about a roommate eavesdropping or hearing something they should not be hearing.

Photo from: https://www.victoriassecret.com/us/vs/sleepwear-and-lingerie-catalog/very-sexy-pleated-babydoll-1080700400?brand=vs&collectionId=b24801a9-c0a7-4b5d-9ba2-d423f2779fc0&limit=180&productId=011e78e8-6f2d-4ee4-9396-da765c6579a5&stackId=f9cd6c9b-3945-47f3-a68a-9ccf84db3f31


Don’t get me wrong this is a pretty common gift but some people love it. If you think you are significant there will love it go for it! There are some great deals happening at Victoria’s secret. Adore Me, Savage Fenty, and I am sure plenty more. Now, this goes without saying if you gif your significant other this remember they do not owe you anything this is a gift and they can wear or use it when and how they see fit (both consenting parties of course).

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Drink of the Month

Now some of our significant others Love their afternoon wine or mixed cocktails. One way to help them expand their palette is by signing them up for a wine of the month, or a whiskey, or bourbon. There are tons of place start offer this; allows them to try different wines, beers, whiskey, rum, etc. all at the comfort of their home and maybe even finding a new favorite drink.

Image From: https://www.vermontteddybear.com/occasions/valentines-day/15-inch-romantic-at-heart-bear/VTB-KT00109.html

Stuffed Animal

Again I am not talking about one of the ones you can get from just anywhere I am talking about a bear you put some thought, love, and care into. Be going to build a bear, stuffing it yourself, and maybe even adding a voice recording saying “I love you”. Or my personal favorite going to Vermont Teddy bear Factory and really customize it. You can go as far as choosing the eye color, outfits, and even the engravings. These little steps may seem small but have a big impact that your significant other would cherish for years to come. And hey it may even take your place in the bed!

Now please remember it’s one day out of the year; the world, your relationship, and your love do not depend on you finding the perfect gift. I just now some people LOVE Valentines day and showing their love and Figured I would lend a hand if I could. So take a deep breath and remember it’s the thought that counts not the price tag.


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