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Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

After a month-long of giving sisterly advice on dating. I feud I should mix it up a bit and start on a much lighter note before we go into the craziness of advice. So I figured I should share some tips on one of my obsessions; my hair care. I see all over reels and tik tok what hair care products you should not be used but there isn’t a ton of other tips on what to do for healthy hair. 

My mom was a hairstylist and one of the things I picked up from her was taking proper care of my hair. When my hair looks good is when I feel good. I am always asking my hairstylist about various products, my scalp condition, and so many other things to help ensure that I am making my hair the best it could be. 

  • Drink water
    • I find that drinking water solves just about anything. Drinking water helps make sure that your hair is hydrated as well as supplying proper nutrition. 
  • Skip the daily shower
    • Washing your hair every day is not healthy; it strips the hair of its natural oils and minerals that help protect it from the elements. I may wash my body every day, but I do not wash my hair. 
  • Invest in good shampoo and conditioner 
    • Buying Shampoo and Conditioner has to be an investment for soft, shiny, luscious hair. Personally, I recommend talking to your hairstylist on what shampoo would work best for your hair and scalp (as a shocker everyone’s hair is different). 
  • Know your water temp
    • I am all for taking hot showers but I always try to watch my water temp so I am not burning my scalp or damaging my own hair with water that is too hot. Especially when I have color in my hair (I like to do this thing called peekaboo highlights with colors) it’s much better to wash in cool water. 
  • Scalp Massage
    • Scalp massagers. I am a huge advocate for scalp massagers not only do they give you an amazing salon-worthy scalp massage, but they also get rid of buildup on your scalp. Plus the massage helps promote hair growth. 
  • No Direct heat 
    • Do not put direct heat onto your hair. I repeat DO NOT PUT DIRECT HEAT ON YOUR HAIR. If it’s a flat iron, blow dryer, or straightener please add a product first to it. Think of your hair like skin before you go into the sun you add sunscreen. 
  • Give your hair a break 
    • If you dye, straighten, curl, etc. your hair routinely it’s always good to give your hair a break and let it be itself every now and then. I usually do this on the weekends when I have no plans for my hair. I let it air dry and just let it be free and natural as much as possible for a full 24 hours. I even try not to put it up in a bun or ponytail; I give everything a break. 
  • Get regular cuts 
    • If you want to grow your hair long I highly recommend getting regular cuts every 6 – 8 weeks. This will help get rid of the dead and bring in room for healthy hair to grow and also help it grow quicker. 
  • Hair Masks
    • Hair masks are amazing and I highly recommend them; especially when you use a product that is beneficial to your hair type. Hair masks help bring nutrition into your roots as well as help make your hair super soft. 
  • Brush out your product before bed
    • If you use hair spray, gel, or even dry shampoo please brush it out before you go to bed. Not brushing it out will cause you to have a dry scalp, build up and also block oxygen from getting to your hair. DO NOT sleep with a product that is not meant to be slept in. 
  • Comb your hair in the shower 
    • Please do not save brushing your hair till when you get out of the shower. I always like to comb through with a wet comb (yes those exist) when I have conditioner in so I know from tip to tip gets a proper portion and no one area gets too much or too little. 
  • Invest in proper tools 
    • Know what brushes and combs work best for your hair as well as what hair ties and scrunchies. If your hair is like mine and knots easily then the curly scrunchies may not be for you. 
  • Learn your hair type 
    • I’m not talking about straight or wavy. Is it thick and dry? Is it prone to excess oil? Do you get a lot of split ends? Knowing this is key especially if someone else ever has to do your hair, or you forget your hair care products and need to find something that will work in a pinch. 

I know my hair care tips may not apply to everyone; as everyone has their own routines and their own hairstylist that may be telling them something totally different. For me, these are tips I have learned from my hairstylist as well as family members when I have questioned them about my hair. I always take hair care super important because I consider it as something people take for granted; had it our whole life it was always going to be there. The thing is it’s not; not everyone gets the luxury of having hair forever so if you do please take care of it as people are envious that you have some.  OH, and as a human being, I do not care how or where you part your hair as long as you feel confident in your look. Middle or side rock it with complete pride. Let your hair be a statement and an extension of who you are! Rock your look Rock the true you!


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