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Facing Your Biggest Obstacles

Facing Your Biggest Obstacles

Life is super funny; especially when it comes to facing obstacles. You have these moments of peace, lows, and highs of happiness mixed in with your everyday life. All of life’s moments face obstacles where we either let them win or we overcome the obstacle in each unique way it presents itself. 

Obstacles are a part of everyday life, sometimes they are small other times they feel as large as Mount Vesuvius. It is something that we all expect and knows we are going to have to confront head-on, avoid, or try and figure out how to best handle the situation. They come in all shapes and styles can be an injury, a person, or even an event. However, the biggest obstacle you will ever face is yourself. 


Yes, you read that correctly the biggest obstacle or obstacles you are ever going to face is you. You are always going to struggle with your own internal battles and thoughts. You are always going to have self-doubt, comparison, negative thoughts, laziness, and everything else you can possibly imagine. Typically when a dream or goal becomes a thought the person you talk about it the most with is yourself internally. And that internal struggle isn’t always terrible at times, it’s just where do I start? But most of the time (maybe it’s just me) It’s like my internal thoughts are why do you have to do that? You can’t do that. No one will like that. Self-doubt starts crushing your dream before it even has a chance to be planted in your brain thoughts. 


The person you talk to most about your dreams, your goals, your game, plan, and every move/action you make is with yourself. When you have a thought it lives in your mind; and we all know how dark, twisty and scary our mind can be. No matter how amazing, positive, easy, or oriented the task may be; when we think of it there is always a negative thought with it. Self-doubt constantly crushes more dreams than reality ever will. You are your worst critic, your harshest judge, and the cruelest/meanest person all because you hold yourself to a higher standard than other people hold you. Deny it all you want you to know I am right. 


How…How do you break this cycle? How can you make sure of your own negative thoughts, self-doubt, and self-sabotage? No, it’s not as simple as starting to believe in you. As a person who strives to constantly push myself outside my own comfort zone, I have learned a few tricks over the years to help me out.

  • Easier said than done I know, but I would start by for every negative thought and action I had I would match it with two positives. I focus on trying to make the positives column much greater than the negative column. This way when I finally come to the start the only thing I focus on is “do I want to do this”.
  • Write down the goal and the steps
    • Getting a thought or idea out of your head and onto the paper; helps get it into the world, and also saves it from negative thoughts. Writing it down allows you to see your thought process and flow to connect and achieve the dream/goal. It also gives you a clear path that allows flexibility of your thoughts, steps, and processes. 
  • Do research. 
    • When it comes to goals, or stepping outside your comfort zone there is nothing wrong with doing research. When you want to buy a house you talk to people who own houses, you figure out what style you like, you talk to a bank and find your mortgage, the list goes on and on. Doing research just helps you become more educated in your decision. Another great example is skydiving; if you want to skydive you should research prices (how much is it going to cost), are there classes I am going to have to take? What advice or tips do others have from this experience? Even when I step outside my comfort zone I like to be prepared so I have the knowledge and power to make the best decision for myself and also make the most from the opportunity. 
  • Establish and accept the competition 
    • I mentioned it before I am my biggest critic, harshest judge, and cruelest/meanest person to myself so whenever I start with the “I can’t” a switch in my head goes want to bet? I am constantly setting myself up for the challenge and the competition to beat my own thoughts and mindset. The only person I am competing against and trying to prove wrong is myself. 

I love pushing myself outside my comfort zone and my little bubble. I know every time I do I will have obstacles; none bigger than myself. I mean look at this blog; I have wanted to start one for years and only took the jump less than a year ago. All because my mind told me I could never do such a thing. Who would want to read what you have to say? And hundreds of more negative thoughts. But I did it and I am so happy I did. 

So take this as a sign as you are not alone, every single person has to overcome him or herself every single day. You can absolutely break the cycle of letting your own thoughts stop you from doing exactly what you want to do with your life. Just focus on achieving the goal; and even if it doesn’t come out the way you had hoped or wanted it to come out you can still be grateful that you pushed past the obstacle of you. DO NOT LET YOUR OWN SELF-KILL YOUR DREAMS. You can do anything just have to believe and try.  


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