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Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

I have talked about this since I was little; I hated being uncomfortable; my comfort zone was my safe and happy place.. I thought that being uncomfortable meant that I should not do it and often would choose to stop doing it (mom I am so sorry for all those things I quit that I talk about now). I felt if you were comfortable doing something you were meant to be doing it. It was not until I was in 5th grade maybe even 6th when my CYO basketball coach told me that he wanted a 1 on 1 session with me because he saw my potential. I of course said no but my dad pushed me to try. I learned to cripple shoot, post up, box out, and so much more. I became a beast on the court; not the best but I quickly earned a spot as a starter. The most important thing I took from those lessons;

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable because that is the only way you will ever grow”. 

Those are words I utter to myself at least once a week, “So what… if I am uncomfortable I may learn something or even better I may grow as a person”  Since that experience of learning how to play basketball, I have become addicted to stepping out of my comfort zone. So much so that I have had a rule since I was 18 that prior to the morning of my next birthday I have to do at least one thing outside my comfort zone. This has been my favorite tradition each year, always looking for something to challenge and truly push me outside my comfort zone. 

Over the years I have worked hard to push myself outside my comfort zone, I have also learned a few tricks that have helped guide me toward a successful leap or even step outside my comfort zone. I know not all of them may apply to every situation but please take a look and see how these steps can help guide you outside your comfort zone. 

-Set a Limit

    – By this I mean require yourself to do it for an x amount of time. If you are trying to learn to snowboard, give it a week, or if you’re trying to start a blog maybe give it a month. Set a designated and appropriate time limit that will allow you to experience highs, lows, and everything in between. 

-Give it Your All

    -I cannot say this enough if you’re going to do something, give it all your effort, your energy, your attention when needed. Do not go into something half-assing it or you will never be stepping outside your comfort zone. The only person you will be hurting is yourself. 

– Create a Game Plan 

    – Understand even though you are setting a game plan it does not mean that this game plan will work so please make sure it is flexible. When I set a game plan I always ask myself what the end goal is and what do I need to do to get there. That helps me create a plan and review my options. 


    -Keep records of what you are doing and what you want to do this way you can see your progress as well as have a clear vision of the goals you want to accomplish. This will show you how far you come, all the small accomplishments, and even showcase the Big accomplishments. Or if you are like me and constantly seeing how you can improve see the areas you feel short and learn from those mistakes. 


    – Throughout the pre-prep, and even during always do research. Understand the various in’s and out’s of what you are trying to do even if it’s as small as skydiving, or as large as learning a new skill like snowboarding. Understand what tools you need, other people’s advice, what you should bring, and even the best place to go to do it. Being prepared helps to make the experience less scary and already give you a feeling of being comfortable 

-Be Honest With Yourself 

    -Now this sounds crazy but when you are doing something ask yourself this: Am I happy? Do I like what I am doing? Do I feel like this could grow my happiness? When answering those questions be brutally honest with yourself. As the last thing you want to be is unhappy. Also, ask these questions at the end of your time frame. You can even do it pre, during, and post to try and gauge how you feel; but especially near the end you have to do so you can truly see if you want to continue or stop. 


    -Understand that just because you did step outside your comfort zone does not mean you. Have to stay there. It is absolutely okay to try something and find out it’s not for you. At least you can say you tried it. 

-Start ASAP

    -This is where the negative thoughts creep in and the motivation slips. If you want to do something do it. Do not wait, do not debate it for too long or your dream may lack shine or your desire to do it. Think of people who want to get into shape who always say I will start Monday, and keep pushing Monday off. You know what they say someday will eventually become today. 

We create our own comfort zones and the only people who are able to break them; are ourselves. The best thing about comfort zones is you get to choose when you can step out of them. I encourage people to always step out of their comfort zone. Not because it’s a rush but because they may actually find who they are meant to be.


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