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Tips for Making your Own Decisions

Tips for Making your Own Decisions

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to start to push myself outside my comfort zone was I wanted to make sure the life I was living was mine; the scary part about that was I had to start making my own decisions. Growing up I was one of 5 kids; my parents had their hands full and always supported us in our dreams. However, like most kids I wanted to make my parents proud in doing so I would tend to follow the steps they wanted me to take; with my interests taking a back seat. Don’t get me wrong I did a lot of what I wanted to do; just in the comfort zone set up and created with the help of my parents. 

Once I turned 18 I realized, I was considered an adult. That means all decisions were me, myself, and my own and no one else’s input mattered. I still stayed petty close if not on the path and comfort zone that my parents had helped create for the last year. And as much as I loved that, I knew there was more out there. So I started working on the decisions to better my life while also making me happy. Here are some tricks I learned the hard way. 

  1. Ask questions about things you do not know. 
    • This sounds crazy but you would be shocked. When you get your first full-time job you’re going to have to decide, health care, car insurance, 401k, and a ton of other things. Do not be afraid to ask questions to learn what would be the best option for you and your goals. 
  2. Keep your goals close
    • Write your goals down so you know them, see them, and can accomplish them. All your goals are short-term, long term, for the day, whatever it be write it down. Get the drive every day seeing what you still want to accomplish, and satisfaction when you complete them. (Few things are as satisfying as crossing off a goal on a list after it’s been accomplished). 
  3. Find what you stand for 
    • Growing up your parents may have sheltered part of the harsh world from you, or shared their ideas that you may have taken up as your own. Take the time to really assess your own values, morals, and mindset. The best way to make decisions for you to better yourself is to know what you stand for. 
  4. Set up “You” responsibilities 
    • This one may be a bit harder but; make all your own appointments. From doctor to even getting your car inspections done. Understanding that by taking on this responsibility you already take control of yourself and your health; WHICH IS HUGE!!!
  5. Set your own boundaries (or sharing comfort as I call it at times)
    • At 18 you are an adult so kids in college your parents cannot call and get your schedule, your grades, etc. without your permission. Just like at work they only have access to the things you give them permission to have access to. You don’t have to share information about your life if you do not want to! 
  6. Don’t forget where you come from 
    • Calling home once a week I encourage. For me even though I am living my life the way I want to; I still strive to make my parents proud. So I always love calling home to check in, calm down, and get re-grounded. There are some of us who hit stardom and forget who we are; remembering where you come from always helps remind you of who you really are. 
  7. Know you are going to make mistakes 
    • It’s new, you are new to this, you are going to make mistakes, it’s a part of life. The best thing you can do is grow from it and use it to your advantage. The more welcome or open you are to mistakes, the faster you will be able to overcome the mistake and learn from it. 
  8. Establish who you want to be 
    • This is a big one because it’s forever going to change from month to month, week to week, or even day-to-day. Knowing who you want to be will help keep you on track; and yes it’s okay to review this every single month, week, or even day. Review it as much as possible. The last thing I want you to do is in a year or 2 and ask yourself how did I get here, I don’t recognize myself. 
  9. Acknowledge that you have a lot to learn 
    • I wasted a MONTHS in the “real world” thinking I knew it all, spending all my money and making so many “good choices” because I knew everything. You do not know everything. So please take any and every chance you can to learn something new. From home repairs to doing your taxes absorb all the knowledge that you can. 
  10. Take your time. 
    • There are very few instances where you need to make a decision on the spot. When it comes to making a decision for yourself take some time to weigh the pros and cons. There is no need to rush when it comes to life as the only finish line is 6 feet down. So please take the time to do whatever it may be you are doing. 

Learning to live your life for you is never going to fit into one blog post or even ten. It’s forever going to be changing as your life is for you, and I can only give my advice for what I have experienced. I have found the best lesson is to embrace the ride, all the highs, and all the lows. And when you look back on the mistakes, be kind to yourself; as you made what you thought was the best decision with the information that you had at the time. Growing up is one of the scariest things in my opinion as it is so much you’re expected to know and do. The most important thing I was told was if you find that you are not happy in your current spot you have the power to change it; you can even start over. Live the life that is most authentically you.


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