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Being the Change the World Needs Right Now

Being the Change the World Needs Right Now

On a very honest note, I have not watched the news since the fall of 2012. Do not get me wrong I still keep up with what is going on in the world, and before I speak I always make sure to do my research. And even after I use my voice to speak my opinion I am pushing myself to continue my education. As social injustice and the evils in the world are ever-growing and ever-changing each passing day. The sad truth is we don’t always hear about all the bad things happening in the world, our country, our state, and even in our neighborhood. 

I feel like every time I check social media there is more evil or darkness in the world than good. Maybe this is because when I was younger social media was not a thing or maybe my parents sheltered me from all the evils in the world. Or even worse maybe I choose not to pay attention. Now that I am older I refuse to do those things because it only does more harm. So how can you help? How can you be the change? 

  1. Acknowledge your own faults 
    • As humans, we have all made mistakes. Said things we did not truly mean or even believe in. Maybe we were raised a certain way. Take a deep hard look at yourself and acknowledge where you have fallen short, where you need to grow, and yes even acknowledge your own phobias and/or racism. 
    • Please know that looking at yourself and your shortcomings do not make you an evil person. It makes you human, and taking the effort to change that or improve yourself for the better of yourself and society shows you’re a strong person. 
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH (No just reading CNN or watching Fox is not factual) 
    • I always recommend educating yourself on a topic not just for the point of winning an argument but also for the point to understand why something is so important to others, or why it’s such a big reason now. 
    • For example during the black lives matter boom last year (I say boom as this is still a very strong movement it just may not be as loud as it was a year ago), I would research what the movement stands for, why it is so prominent when it was front and center, and most importantly I reached out to my friends, co-workers, and people I knew of color to have a conversation on their views and perspectives. I wanted to know their stories and point of view. As I’m a white woman I had never been pulled over because I “looked suspicious” nor had I ever considered I had privilege until I had those conversations. 
    • I do want to point out not everyone is willing to talk about it or educate you on the racism they experience so please be respectful if someone does not want to share their struggles with you. 
  3. Donate to Proper Causes 
    1. When I say this I do not mean pick and choose your cause. What I mean is pick the cause you want to donate to and make sure you find a reliable and legitimate charity, donation site, etc. to donate to! For example, donating to goodwill you clothe send up in the goodwill stores; these stores do sell your used clothes for a discounted price. However, there is a salvation army that takes your clothes and gives them to those in need. Both help people just in different ways! 
  4. Educate yourself 
    • There are classes you can take to help educate yourself and understand the history of racism and how you can help. Also if you feel like you have hurt someone there are racial healing sessions (I am sure other groups exist as well) where you are able to review how your actions affect and hurt others. Be you having some racism or maybe some phobias, I would recommend these classes to help you grow as a person. 
  5. Do not Group!
    • Understand that grouping people is based on shortcomings does nothing good. Not all men are evil, not all country folk are racist, not all cops are evil, I mean the list can go on. The best thing to do is instead of grouping, to call out specific individuals. 
  6. Take Action
    • Welcome to the 21st century if you see an injustice happening take a stand and step up. 
    • I have guy friends that live with regret because they knew one of their “friends” was a creep and they did nothing. They laughed at his “harmless” comments or minor actions, it was their “friend” he could never hurt someone. That bad creepy guy went on to sexually assault a woman. Not only do my guy friends blame that creepy guy for his actions; they blame themselves because they did not stand up and speak out before it was too late. They have to live with that forever. Do not be the one to stand to the side and take a video, be the one to help out. Stand up for when someone is doing wrong, be it an action or a comment. 
    • You can also do this by being a volunteer or an advocate. If you are with some friends don’t let them walk home alone, make sure they get home safe, be emotional support, and be their friend and ready to listen!

With all the hate going on in America between Asians being attacked, African Americans always being blamed, women not feeling safe when alone (London UK has been very vocal about this lately). It’s hard to find the good and the light in such dark scary times. But I encourage you to do your research and learn so you can be the change, the light, and the start for a better future. 

I know that we may not have the same views or opinions and that is okay. All I am asking for you today is to see how you can be a better person for yourself, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, and even those you do not know. How can you help make the world a better place?

A few articles and places to learn: 

**Please note these are just some of the tools I have used over the years and last few weeks there are THOUSANDS more out there**







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