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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

What exactly is finding happiness, and how does one even start that journey? Growing up one thing my dad would consistently ask me is you happy? Almost every day I would reply with Yes! And his simple reply would be that is all that matters. Back then the bad days were so little and were more like bad moments. However, growing up, happiness tends to become harder to find, or as I like to put it more strict with my happiness. Now by strict I mean I focused on things that gave me happiness longer than a few seconds. 

Happiness is one of the things I do my best to asset daily. Is what I am doing draining my happiness? Does this make me happy? All these things I ask my self to this day when it comes to finding happiness. 

Telling you how to find happiness is not my place. However I will say it is my place to tell you to start finding happiness for you and you alone. As we are all different people, I love blasting Taylor swift and singing her songs at the top of my lungs and you may prefer some Metallica. Although I cannot tell you how to find happiness I’m going to give you some facts and ideas to help you find yours as well as find the motivation to find happiness. 

Why should you find Happiness? 

  • A more fulfilled life. 
  • Every single person deserves to be happy. A life that lacks happiness lacks meaning, motivation, and purpose. 
  • Better Outlook on Life. 
    • Being happy helps you find the good, the bright side, and so much more. Happiness helps increase the positive outlook on life. 
  • Helps you find your purpose
    • It sounds crazy but when you are happy, you are able to see the better picture, the direction, and the area you need to focus on. 

What to focus on to grow happiness.

  • Find things/actions
  • Bad days happen. It’s important to have things that can help turn the day around. Maybe it’s working out or baking. Maybe it’s calling a friend. Just something that can add or grow your happiness on days you feel you are lacking it. 
  • Do NOT find it in another person 
    • You cannot have your happiness be dependent on someone. No one is attached to your hip 
  • Bounce Back/Let Go 
    • A quote I hold close is “even bad days have 24 hours”. Only let them have 24 hours; don’t carry over the bad day to make it two or even a week of bad days. The best thing you could do for yourself is let go of a bad day, and find a way to move forward. 
  • Navigate the rough patches 
    • Your reaction to things can change an entire outcome and perspective of a bad day. Learning to step back and breathe and acknowledge what is happening really helps you see the good even in the bad.  
  • Health. 
    • I say this as a strong warning; holding onto the bad days and all the bad things will only drain your energy, your effort. It’s going to make you stressed, raise your anxiety, and cause so many other problems. 

How to Improve your Growth. 

  • Do things that make you happy every day. No matter how busy your day was, always do something to add or aid your happiness. 
  • Find multiple outlets that make you happy. Can be as simple as getting your favorite drink/coffee from a coffee shop; or as big as taking a sick day to travel.
  • Acknowledge and accept that every day is not going to be 100% happiness. But the point is to find some happiness in each day. 
  • Truly live, absorb, and appreciate the pure happiness moments. They are going to hold you through on the bad days. 

Happiness is something that I am constantly striving to make sure is my number one priority. I know that there are bad days (hell I have been having a few days) so I make sure I always find happiness. Being happy does not always mean I am skipping through the forest, and on cloud nine. For me, it usually just means I’m doing my best to make the best of what I got. I’m spending my time focusing on the positive and my reactions to help make sure my happiness has room to shine and grow. 

A lot of people ask me why I always focus on my happiness. I simply remember, “This too shall pass” so if I can make the happy days brighter than the bad days; the good days will always be remembered and shine so much better than the bad. So please I urge you to find what makes you happy and let it take over your whole life.


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