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Know Your Power. Know Your Superpower.

Know Your Power. Know Your Superpower.

You’re not a typical super hero but you have a super power, and you need to know your power. One thing I find that drives me up the wall is when people call themselves ordinary. The thing is there is no such thing as an ordinary person; unless that person chooses to surpass, ignore, or remove the qualities that make them unique. The best thing you can do is take your uniqueness and turn it into one of your superpowers. Now remember being unique does not mean you have to look or act a different or even certain way; it’s also the way you think and how you feel.

It is a bit crazy to think that we have power or even “superpowers”. Growing up I always thought of people like the President, Superheroes, and CEOs as people full of power. Anyone below that was just ordinary trying to find their niche or vat of acid, or even radioactive spider to emerge as someone of power. It was not until I was in college that I realized everyone, even me is different and unique. If we want true power we can take our uniqueness and turn it into our power. 

Now I know what I just said may make total sense, half sense, or none at all so let me break it down for you with a few examples to help showcase what I mean. Let’s take a look at Winnie Harlow; a supermodel that has a skin condition called vitiligo. This is when part of your skin lacks pigmentation and gives your skin the appearance of different skin tones/colors all over your skin. She uses her platform to speak out and educate people on the various different forms of beauty. You have Selma Blair who is battling MS; she shows up to events with her cane and still is constantly taking jobs to empower and encourage people to do what makes them happy. I mean I can go on for days with examples but I won’t. 

Now I know I just mentioned two famous people who have taken their uniqueness, turned it into their superpower, and used that superpower to encourage others to be strong, fearless, and so many other things. All things you can also do. So what are some of your superpowers? How can you use them? well let me tell you about them so you know your power. 

-Use your voice and speak for what you believe in

    – Speak up when you see people mistreating others. Speak up when you believe in something and want to share your opinion, but never use it to hurt or degrade someone else’s opinion. 

-Smile, and Be kind 

    – The stories are far from few. So many people have come out and said how a staggers act of kindness changed their day or even their life. Or the people who thought about ending their life and saw one person smile at them and decided not to. No matter how small your act of kindness maybe you have no idea how much it will impact someone’s life. 

-Continue to learn to continue to grow your intelligence 

    – A huge way to gain power is by staying in touch with modern issues and modern-day solutions. By learning what worked in the past or even what failed in the past you are able to find bigger and better and more solutions to problems or concerns that you have. Also by growing your intelligence it shows that you are constantly trying to change and not stuck one way.

– We need this now more then ever read about the important here.  

-Skills, Skills, Skills

    – We all have skills or qualities that we are passionate about or even really good at. (Laborn James has Basketball, Tiger Woods has Gold, Shawn White has Snowboarding) One thing all of these athletes have is that they capitalized on the skills they were passionate about as well as good at. By doing something you absolutely love helps improve your happiness as well as your desire to continue. It also can light a fire into people you inspire to chase after their dreams. 

    -Now I know skills may seem weird to say but I know far too many people who choose a job just based on how much money they make and are miserable and carry that around and push it out into the world. So please follow your passion, follow your skill; do something that will make you happy in the long run so you can ooze and spread happiness. 

-Have a heart and some compassion

    – Understanding that the world needs change for the better is only half the struggle. The other half is while trying to gain power but also keep your heart clean and maintain compassion. Not everyone who you meet along the way is going to have good intentions. People will try to crush your soul and make your heart ice cold. Keeping your heart open and understanding that not everyone is perfect, people make mistakes, etc already makes you one of the good guys. Whatever you do, do not lose your heart. 

-Have Courage 

    – Wanting power, wanting change, and wanting anything you have to have the courage to do it. Things do not happen overnight, they take time, patience, hard work, and a lot of care. Haber the courage to go through it gives you the power of determination and will to succeed and personally I don’t see a lot of that these days. 

Now I know some of you may think after this how does any of those give me super strength? How does this get me to be the one to make all the decisions in the world? How are all of these able to be my superpower? Growing up we saw Superman, Spider-Man, countless other Superheroes we also Saw Presidents, Kings, and CEOs, and other people in power. Looking back at all these people I look at what they did (or did not do) and I always find myself looking for how they changed the world for the better. 

In all the comics, movies, and great speeches all the Superheroes or people or power are trying to make the world live in a better place than what they have. Each day when you use your voice to speak out against the wrong, show someone an act of kindness, or educate yourself you are exerting your power to make the world a better place.

Be it advocating for Change, People embracing their natural beauty, using your platform to showcase change, and anti hate. You become a superhero or someone of power, you may not see it. You may still think you are an ordinary person doing what any decent human may do. But darling the world needs more people like you, embrace your power, embrace your superhero identity. Because you are going to change the world and I cannot wait to see you do so. 

With Lots of Love XOXO KMH


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