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What you should do before applying for a Job

What you should do before applying for a Job

Near the end of college as I was beginning to apply for jobs I thought I knew everything I needed to know about the process as well as nothing at all. I was just such an eager person thinking it would be a fun and easy process, and the perfect job would just fall into my lap (Naive I know). How had could it actually be, I had applied to countless part-time jobs growing up, a full-time job could not be that much different; words I quickly regretted. 

Everyone talks about what you should do and what you should not do when looking for a job. However, no one really talks about the things you need to do or consider prior to starting to look for jobs. As someone who has been lucky enough to apply to jobs as well as be the one reviewing applicants, I have learned a few things. 

So before you start applying for jobs take a look at the list below for some things to consider. 

  1. Google yourself 
    • Look up your full name, your social media names, and even your Facebook. Believe it or not when we googled a potential new employee; we found his myspace with racial slurs. It cost him the job. 
  2. Consider making your social media’s private 
    • As I like to say some companies are a tad stricter than others; if you’re not comfortable showing your grandma or grandpa your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook then maybe think of making them private. 
  3. Think of your worth 
    • Consider how much you deserve to be paid; know your worth. This way you can start looking at jobs in that salary range as opposed to wasting your time applying or interviewing for a job that will be underselling your value. 
  4. Consider Sick/Vacation time
    • What do you think is a good starting value? If the company only offers 1 week of sick and vacation and you are expecting 3….can you go 365 days with only 5 days off? 
  5. Think of where you want to live and where you want to work. 
    • I know some people want to take a job where they find a job; but if you’re looking to explore and live in a new place, maybe applying to a job just a town over isn’t for you. 
  6. Consider what you would need to apply 
    • I know if you work in the art, architecture, and interior design field you need a portfolio; get that together and finalized prior to applying. 
  7. Make sure you are mentally ready to apply 
    • This sounds crazy but applies to a job is mentally exhausting so is getting your hopes up and watching them fall with potential reject options. Please just make sure you are mentally ready for what is about to come. 

Trust me I know how crazy it is to prep before applying for jobs especially since you do that in the comfort of your own home, library, or even a local shop. However, look at this step as stretching before you run a race. You may be able to skip it and be just fine; however, why take the risk that you may pull a muscle before you cross the finish line. When it could have easily been avoided by simply stretching before the race.


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