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Tips for putting together your Resume

Tips for putting together your Resume

Growing up no one taught me what a resume was or what was needed on it. When I was 15 applying for jobs my resume was a bunch of bullet points in Microsoft word document. I honestly am shocked I got hired even if it was at the yogurt shop. Now creating a resume is one of the most painstaking and nerve-wracking tasks I can possibly think of. It is the first impression that speaks for you and you have no possibility to defend yourself. It has to paint you like all the things you want someone to envision you before meeting you. 

So what exactly does a resume need in order to showcase you in a good light? What do people reviewing your resume actually look for? Is there something you should leave out? Since I have been part of the applicant’s review process as well as have gone through the process myself I have a few tips I have learned across the way. So I truly hope you are able to grab some tips and tricks that can lessen the stress when fixing or building your resume. 

  1. This is your Highlight Reel choose wisely 
    • If you are going to list something make sure it is something that stands out. If you volunteered one afternoon at the local soup kitchen that is cool however you probably did it because you had to for school or something. If you did it for a year straight well that is a bit more interesting and shows passion and dedication. 
    • If you have graduated College; high school accomplishments do not really seem all that amazing. 
  2. If you are looking to move/work out of state do not list your address
    • A lot of companies do not want to pay relocation fees so applicants that are out of state typically get rejected right away before they even get a chance to know you. If you have a friend that lives in the area add that address especially if you’re planning on living there if you nail the job. Ut if not leave it off till you have to provide that information
  3. Keep it Simple Silly
    • Your resume should not be busy or over the top. Scented paper, colored paper, pictures, trim design, etc. may appear like a good idea but also may come off as busy 
    • Now not all jobs may think like this if you’re in the design realm that may be the better option; however, as an accountant, this may not be a good idea. 
  4. Short and Sweet 
    • As my old English teacher once said anything needing to be read quickly must follow the rules of a women’s skirt, long enough to cover all the good parts, but short enough to be interesting,
    • Try and keep your resume under one page all while making sure it paints you in a good and memorable light. People read a lot of resumes a day-long, multi-page resumes often just get scanned. 
  5. First looks matter 
    • How your resume looks makes a difference, it should be easy to read and easy to follow. If you are unsure of how to format your resume look into online resume builders, or even contacting local Job fairs/assistance to get some advice. 
    • Do not be like me, read it over, then read it over again, then hand it off to someone else to read, then read it out loud, and repeat the process till you feel like this is your best work. 
  7. Make sure Things are Linked/Listed!!!
    • If you have an online catalog, portfolio, blog, etc. anything that you need to include or want to make sure whoever is reading your resume knows it exists; Include it, list it, and make sure it’s accurate. 
  8. References 
    • I have mixed feelings on references, I have never called any of them but that does not mean anyone else has. However, if you list them GIVE THEM A HEADS UP. Let them know you’re applying and that you added them to your resume. You don’t want them to be caught off guard. 
  9. Name and Nickname 
    • If your birth name is not what you go by; I recommend including that. If you are Elizabeth and go by Beth add it; I say this because it makes the reader of your resume feel like they know you a bit and if they call your references and say how do you know Elizabeth? They may go “I don’t know an Elizabeth”. 
  10. Practice saving/sending
    • Make sure when you save your document you do a test send it to yourself or someone so that way when you send it to someone you know they are receiving it exactly how you intended it to look.
  11. Personalize it if you can 
    • If you are doing a cover letter see if you can find who the hiring manager is. Alo if you are writing a cover letter let them know you looked into the company, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to apply to so and so; as I have loved the mission statement since the beginning”. Make them feel like you only applied to them. 
    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make separate folders for all of these this way if you are applying to Amazon your also not sending your personal amazon cover letter to Google 

Now I understand that all of these will not guarantee you the job, but these are tips I wish I knew when applying to Jobs. These tips will make applying a bit easier and hopefully take a layer of stress off your shoulders, My last and final piece of advice is if you ever get a rejection; take it with stride and think of it as not meant for you. Opportunities are out there and a job that you deserve will come! Happy hunting!! be sure to read “What you should do before applying for a Job” too!


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