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Help yourself honey.

Help yourself honey.

Honey the only person who is every goin to help you is you, make sure you help you first. First I want to thank everyone for their amazing support on my last blog post it was so amazing hearing people with similar situations and how they related. It truly reminded me why I started blogging in the first place. I do want to jump back into looking for a new job and all those tips I have gathered but I think it’s best to continue the Mental Health conversation a little bit further. One of the reasons this took me so long to write was because I want to do this justice, but I also wanted other people’s thoughts and inputs. As mental health and its solutions are not one size fits all. 

So over the past few days, I have asked various friends, family, and even a few co-workers what they do when it all becomes too much. I got back so many responses, some things I have tried and done in the past and some things I would have never guessed. 

  1. Therapy 
    • I will always advocate for this, This has helped me and so many people I know. The big thing to remember with therapy is you will only get out of it what you put in. Your therapist isn’t going to tell you all the answers and how to solve all your problems. They are going to encourage you to do so and act as a guide, offering some advice or even some tricks to help. 
  2. Music 
    • A lot of people including me have turned to music to help sort through feelings, calm down, relax, and even just find the words to describe how they are feeling. For me, there is a song called Monsters By Timeflies every time I hear that song I am instantly relaxed it is not always a long-term fix but a start is a start. 
  3. Working out 
    • Working out can release a ton of stress and anxiety build-up. Some even call it their physical therapy. They are able to get out their anger, and frustration in a healthy way without hurting anyone and they get to be alone with their own thoughts. 
  4. Art
    • A lot of people have said art has really helped be it drawing, painting, crafting, or doing some craft has helped them. They consider it a free form of expression that again has no harm on anyone. A few have even said it’s a great form/way in which they can express their emotions that they have been struggling to put into words. 
    • A few have even said writing poetry or songs as their form of art has really helped them. Art has many forms of self-expression just have to find what one is best for you. 
  5. Dance it Out 
    • I find this goes with music but dance is a really great expansion to let go of stress and anxiety build-up. By letting go and letting your body move freely the way you want allows you to feel free and be yourself. 
  6. Journaling 
    • Being able to talk to someone sometimes can be scary. My therapist has always encouraged me to write down my feelings and emotions when we do not have a meeting. I find when I am able to write down what happened that site me off I am able to turn it into a positive or even learn how to change if it ever happens again. 
  7. Mood Tracking
    • A few of your friends highly encouraged it; they have found some great success. They have a mood journal where they track their stress, anxiety, mood, and even what aided in those emotions. They have said it helps provide clarity for them each day as they are able to figure out their true stresses and what sets them off. 
  8. Daily tasks 
    • Doing daily tasks every day is something that has helped people feel like they are re in control of specific outcomes; and no matter what has happened they always feel like they have completed something even on their worst days, As my one good friend has said; if you can make your bed in the morning that one task could motivate you to complete another task and then another. 
  9. Self Care
    • Taking a day, an hour, a minute whatever it may be to just do whatever you want to do. Consider it your own yes day. Do you want tacos to go get tacos, do you want ice cream get it. Take the time to make yourself happy, breathe, relax, get more in tune with yourself. 
    • A spa day, a bath whatever it is. Maybe a drive? Whatever you do helps you feel like you’re taking all the weight off your shoulders. 

The world is a dark and cruel place at times, and often we are our own worst enemy and make it even harder on ourselves. Our mental health is something that is always going to need attention and care; it’s not something that we can patch up and never have to revisit again. Working on our mental health is always going to be something we have to take care of and even more than that prioritize. I know I am not alone where my anxiety has come forward, made me feel like I am alone and isolated. 

There are so many people who do not believe that the mental health battle is real and it kills me that those people constantly fight it. My hope for the future is that we see mental health as a serious issue that we take seriously. We see a doctor every year to make sure our body is okay. Why do we not see someone to make sure our head is okay? We, you, and everyone deserve to be healthy and happy and feel like their anxiety, stress, depression, and other issues don’t hold them back. 

I hope reading this you’re able to see it as a sign to work on your mental health to improve your life or even as a sign that you are not alone. If not maybe this will help a bit more. If not the best way to start is by communication. I’m always here if you need to talk XOXO KMH


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