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What to Look for When Applying

What to Look for When Applying

I find the most stressful part about applying for job is the actual step of applying. It is one of those trust what you read steps which is scary. Well since I have been away I feel like it’s time to jump back into the topic of Job hunting (but also because I am doing the exact same thing of looking for a new job). I know how crazy it can be looking for a job especially when you’re right out of college. So if you haven’t taken a look at my previous blog posts about pre-prep and resume building to learn a bit more about the process. 

In the world of job hunting, it can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in general. This isn’t just working at the ice cream shop for the summer. This is you building a career and future for yourself. So what should you look for when applying?Where do you start? How do you know what is a good job? What should you look for when applying? How do you know you are a good fit? It can be a super overwhelming process and hopefully, I am here to help; and ease the scary/stress of applying to jobs. So what exactly should you be looking at when you are ready to start applying? Well, I have a few things to remember…

  1. Make sure your Linkedin profile is up-to-date 
    • It’s important to check this out first; too many employers look at this first to get a quick snippet of who you are. By checking this out you know exactly what recruiters or even potential coworkers are looking at. 
    • I always say more eyes are better, have your mom, or even a friend take a look at it as if they are the ones looking you up. 
  2. Look into talking to recruiters 
    • Some companies hire recruiters to find potential employees and consider it a vetting process. Another great thing about a recruiter is they may know jobs that you cannot find online; not all companies post their open positions. 
  3. Check Online websites for open positions 
    • There are a ton of websites that have a ton of open job positions. They allow you to search by location as well as job postings. Almost all have a starting salary (which is negotiable but we will get there), basic duties/responsibilities, benefits apply, and job requirements (driver’s license, bachelor’s degree, etc.)
    • I will say one thing even if you are underqualified for a job application. Even if you think you cannot get the job APPLY. Always apply. 
    • Some of my favorites are InDeed, LinkedIn, and Zip Recruiter. Don’t get me wrong I have even googled and found places to apply. 
  4. Research. Research. Research. 
    • Prior to applying to the company look at their website. Take a look at what they actually do, maybe some of their projects, their core values, make sure it’s a place that you’d see yourself working at but also growing and fitting in.
  5. Glass Door The company 
    • Everyone’s website is their highlight real. Not many companies or any company that I know of showcasing their failures on their website or why they are not the #1 company or why so many people choose to quit. 
    • Glassdoor is a website that I use to take a look at past and current employees and use to anonymously rate and review their companies. This spa. Great place to get a feel of what it’s actually like to work at a company; but keep in mind to take all the comments with a grain of salt. A person may say the company is the worst place ever but they could have been fired for failing to do their responsibilities after multiple meetings about it. Or maybe multiple people said leadership was awful but since then a new leadership has taken over. 
  6. Triple-check your resume and cover letter 
    • We talked about them in a previous blog post but please before you hit send and send it off to an employer Make sure everything is accurate. If you apply to google make sure your resume/cover letter is addressed to google and not Instagram. Also, make sure you are sending the final cut and not your rough draft (I’ve been there before).
  7. Social Media
    • A lot of companies use social media to showcase how great their companies are; go and take a look at them. Check their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and even their Facebook. See if they showcase company life or even day-to-day events. Consider it a peek into the office life. 
  8. Keep a list 
    • Keep a list of not only the places and when you applied to them but also the places you took a look at and did not like. This helps you with following up and also giving companies you decided not to apply to a second chance. 
    • This also helps you not submit multiple resumes as you may find a job opening on Indeed for the company and then another one on Zip-recruiter. Yes I have in fact applied to a job multiple times….it’s not a good look please trust me. (mainly because it was two weeks apart)
  9. Keep things separate 
    • Now I have mentioned it before but if you know who you are writing a cover letter to make sure you address it properly. That being said, keep each job separated. I have a “resume” folder on my desktop but in that folder is a bunch of other folders labeled for each job I have applied to. ANd each folder has a Cover letter and resume as well as a copy of any additional paperwork I have had to fill out. 
    • To use our trusty google example again but in your google folder you would have a resume, a Cover letter customized to google, and if they have a specific form filled out that’s in it too. This comes in handy when you get your in-person interview which I will talk about later ;). 
  10. Have some patience 
    • Not every application will get you a response. You may get rejected and never be told so. This process can be long and grueling but you have to take a deep breath and try not to beat yourself up. A job will come along. 

I always stress when it comes to finding a job because I know how quickly a workplace can turn and lie to you just to get you hired. Lie i said earlier its the scariest part about applying your just words on paper. I also know a lot of parents (at least where I am from) don’t change their place of employment too often. So when it came time for me to look for a job my parents did not have a ton of advice as they had not been in my position for over 15 years. 

So please during this process be as picky and choosy as you would like, or even be as loose as you would like it is your life. Take a deep breath and remember this may take some time but the right job will come along and even if your first job is not the best job. You do get experience and you can always go looking for a new job later down the road too. But it is your life and no one but you should tell you how to live it. If you’re still not sure if you’re ready be sure the read: What you should do before applying for a job and Tips for putting together your Resume. 


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