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The Sunset Challenge…

The Sunset Challenge…

It’s funny I’ve been spending so much time trying to keep myself busy that I created a new challenge called the sunset challenge. I’ve been busy applying to new jobs, looking at new apartments, outdoor adventures, traveling to new places, and seeing friends and family I have not seen in some time. Kinda like a pre-summer glimpse and with an emphasis on my happiness. On one of my adventures for I had made sure I made time to watch the sunset. And I LOVE a good sunset it’s my favorite reminder that there is good in goodbyes and even endings can be beautiful. Plus all the colors and the way they blend and move together with it is just so beautiful. So the other day I was watching the sunset, and I had the biggest “Me” breakthrough I didn’t even know I needed nor was I looking for it.

For a long time, I always dreamed of sitting on a roof, dock, car hood, in the sand, or wherever sitting with someone I care about watching the sunset and asking all the tough life questions. You know the deep questions and create a moment like you see in the rom-com; where the main couple gets to know each other better and create a deep bond blah blah blah. So while I’m sitting there the questions start coming to my mind; the ones I always wanted to ask someone or have someone ask me. And I start to answer them all by myself. A lot shocked me mainly because I never asked myself these questions and even when I did they weren’t very deep just a simple answer. Then I realized the person I most needed to sit and watch the sunset with was myself.

I can’t even tell you how long I just sat there talking to myself a little bit out loud and in my head. (It was well past the sunset finished) And as weird as it sounds I needed it. I needed that conversation with myself so badly to just look back on things I’ve done, the why’s, the happy, and the sad times and so much more. Which made me realize that not many people have probably had a deep intimate talk with themselves in the last 5 years? You know the ones where you check if you are okay, on the right path, all that stuff. Personally, I use to avoid these talks mainly because my thoughts aren’t always the nicest things. But I can tell you as bad as they may be I needed to listen and sort through them. Now the sunset challenge is going to be tough; mainly because it requires you to be honest with yourself so don’t take it lightly. Take a look below at the vast amount of questions I went through and figured out; and go find your own sunset to watch and ask yourself.

KMH’s Sunset Challenge Questions:

  1. What is a memory that you look back on and instantly become happy? 
  2. What is a moment that you regret (or almost regret)?
  3. What are you afraid of that is upcoming?
  4. What is your past scared you the most? 
  5. What’s the best gift you ever gave someone? Why? 
  6. What’s something you secretly keep hidden from people? 
  7. What’s your darkest secret? 
  8. Do you remember a time when you were at your lowest? 
  9. How do you hope the people in your life would describe you? 
  10. What are three words you would describe your life up to this point? 
  11. Are you living your dream life right now? 
  12. If not what is holding you back? 
  13. What is your 5 and 10-year plan? 
  14. What memory or date brings you pain/sadness? 
  15. Which relationship in your life needs to work on? 
  16. If you can fix one thing from your past what would you fix? 
  17. Why not fix it now? If it’s too late why not let it? 
  18. Do you think you’re giving your life your all each day? If no why not? 
  19. What type of person do you want to be when you grow up? 
  20. Who is your hero/idol/role model/person you look up to? 
  21. What is your proudest moment? 
  22. What was a moment that taught you a lesson? 
  23. When do you remember being the happiest? 
  24. Who do you trust with all your secrets?
  25. Who was your favorite teacher? 
  26. Who has made you believe in yourself the most? 
  27. What or who has motivated you to keep going forward? 
  28. Who do you think knows you best? 
  29. Who do you wish you never opened up to? 
  30. What was your dream job when you were little? 
  31. How would you describe your relationship with your family?
  32. Do you dance in your kitchen? 
  33. What is one thing you can’t live without? 
  34. How would describe your sense of style? 
  35. What would you d if you won a million dollars tomorrow?
  36. What is your cringiest moment? 
  37. What is your most embarrassing moment? 
  38. What do you think your parents say when they aren’t around? 
  39. If you could visit one person in heaven who would it be and why? 
  40. Where is your happy place? 
  41. What is your biggest fear? 
  42. What is your worst self-sabotage habit? 
  43. How do you hide your emotions?
  44. What is your biggest fear? 
  45. What are your thoughts on second chances? 
  46. If you could tell your younger self one thing what would you tell them? 

Now I know there is a ton of questions and like I said I was there for a long time (it was a really pretty sunset!!). Some of these questions I knew the answer to right away and some took some deep thought. But I  walked away from this experiencing feeling as I knew myself so much better than I did before, and originally I just wanted to watch the sunset and take a picture, and I got something I never dreamed of doing alone. But I needed it, and I am so grateful for it. Now for some the sunset challenge may not seam that hard but the more honest with yourself you are the harder and easier it will be. 

No this is not about apartment hunting or even my summer must bucket list don’t worry I have those all set up but after I did this I knew I had to share it with you no I correct myself challenge you to also do it. So sometime in your crazy busy life, I challenge you to take a night to yourself. Find out when the sunsets, find a place to watch it all alone, and ask yourself the questions below. Be honest with yourself, do some deep digging into who you are and what has shaped you. Because I really think you may be shocked by what you find out about yourself. Trust your unofficial Internet big sister on this do it! You will thank you! Xoxo KMH


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