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Summer 2021 Bucket List

Summer 2021 Bucket List

Let’s all face it, summer 2020 was absolutely awful; almost if not everyone’s summer plans got canceled and a lot of us were worried about the safety of those we care about and love. Summer 2020 was the exact opposite of how I picture my summer to be. Each year I always focus on how I can make this summer great and with 2020 I just focus on my relationship with my family and making sure that they were all healthy. That meant no epic beach trips, wild vacations, last-minute road adventures, or even backyard bbq/pool parties. Because what mattered to me most was that the people I loved were safe. 

Once summer 2020 ended I made a vow to myself. No matter what happened or where my life was in 2021 I was going to make sure that I took full advantage of what the summer of 2021 had to offer be it with friends, family, or even alone. Now I know this may sound absolutely crazy because I do have responsibilities and things cost money. However the way I see it is we only have this one life to live and I want to make sure I take full advantage of it, and that brought me to my summer 2021 Bucket list. 

  • A Girls Trip 
    • I would love for my friends and me to get away or even just spend a weekend together laughing and having fun just like we did in high school. 
  • Picnic
    • I do not know what but just sitting out on the lawn being around people after a year of not being able to; I want to enjoy the fresh air and some amazing food. 
  • Watch the Sunrise
    •  I’ve already spoken about my LOVE for sunsets but I have just as much love for sunrises. Waking up early may be a bummer but the views at sunrise are ones that some only see once in a lifetime.
  • Amusement Park/Water park 
    •  Let me be a kid again, scream my head off as I go around the loop or do a 25’ cliff jump. I want to soak up the summer sun having the time of my life being an absolute child. Places where crowds are guaranteed but I do not care.  
  • NO PHONE, NO Social Media Day
    • I am by far way too attached to mind and a full 24 hours without sounds like the vacation I need. 
  • ME DAY (or yes day for me) 
    •  A day where I completely spoil myself. No chores, no yard work, no cleaning, no to-do lists. Just things for me. Get a massage, book a facial, go to the spa, eat dessert for breakfast, buy a new wardrobe a day where I fully treat myself because I worked damn hard this past year. 
  • Drive-In Movie
    • I love these and the summer is a wonderful experience. I always fold down my seats, fill the back with pillows and blankets, take out and drive to my local drive-in. It’s one of my favorite experiences. I am so happy it’s warm out as I have to admit I may have been a few times already!
  • Beach
    • I am not the biggest beach person but I love a good day of sitting in the sand reading a book or taking a dip in the ocean. There have been summers I have not gone to the beach and I want to make sure this is not one of them. 
  • Aquarium/Zoo
    • Again I am a kid at heart but I love seeing and learning all about animals especially when zoos or aquariums help with the rehabilitation of animals or take care of animals that cannot return to the wild. I think these are wonderful places where you can learn about nature and the creatures that are a part of it. As well as learn about how to take care of them and how you can help. So in other words no I am not a big fan of sea world. 
  • City Exploring 
    • Be my local city or someplace new I want to spend a day in the city going around and exploring new places and parts that I really haven’t been to. 
  • Food/Drink Tour 
    • I love a good wine tour and trying new things. I also really love to eat. Something I love doing is when I go somewhere to look and see if there are any famous bakeries, cupcake shops, restaurants, and food trucks to see what is good. What I really want to do is find a place, create a list and try it all. 
  • Sports Event
    • I am a huge sports fan; Baseball is in season and I am holding myself accountable that I have to go see my favorite baseball team play at least one time this year. I do not care, I am going and I cannot wait for my cracker jacks and hot dog. 
  • Concert 
    •  Live music is the shit. I just want to be in a crowd of people vibing to some of my favorite artists while we sing along to their songs at the top of our lungs. I just find concerts to be really magical places. 
  • Junk Night Game Night!
    • This is something my family does that I had brought to my friend group and you are all welcome to steal it. Someone hosts at their house they have board games video games card games any type of game. All the guests show up and bring their favorite appetizer or junk food snack to share with the group. It’s a fun night of laughs filled with pigs in a blanket, nachos, buffalo dip, potato skins, and so many other amazing snacks and memories. 
  • Watch the sunset with a view 
    •   Sunsets are super pretty but when they have a view/backdrop like a mountain scene or an ocean they just make it so much better. 
  • Family Reunion/Dinner Party 
    • I spent a lot of time in quarantine with my immediate family but I haven’t seen a lot of my extended family and miss them all so much. I would love to see them and just spend the night together catching up and laughing. 
  • Day Trip to a new place 
    • There are so many amazing towns or cities all within driving distance of where I live and I am sure where some of you live. Take a drive and go explore these places. You may find a thrift shop, a new restaurant, or even just create a day of laughs and memories. 
  • Dance it out with my friends
    • I can’t even tell you the last time my friends and I all had a dance party. I highly recommend doing it, It is one of those things where you don’t care how stupid you look you just want to have fun and laugh, get out the negative and make room for all the positives. 
  • Karaoke 
    • I love singing by no means do I think I am a good singer but I do love singing and because of that, I find karaoke to be so much fun. Give me the mike I want to sing some Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepson, or even One Republic. I just want to let loose and have a good time. I don’t care if I make a fool of myself; I just want to have fun. And if you want to stop caring what other people think of you find a karaoke bar and sing your heart out. 
  • Do one thing that absolutely utterly scares me
    • Life is often lived far too much in our comfort zones and I want to do one thing that absolutely scares me this summer: push myself outside my comfort zone and live a bit on the edge. 
  • Tattoo 
    • I have a permanent tattoo planned out and have had it for years. I am hoping that this is the summer I finally do it. However, for you may I suggest henna? Remember being a kid and spending so long choosing what and where you wanted your henna tattoo?? 
  • Take a hike for the view
    •  I think hiking is one of the most relaxing yet energy-draining activities you could possibly do. It’s so great to just walk and clear your mind but a lot of hikes take so much energy. I do recommend the app Trails. It shows a ton of great trails and the degree of difficulty. Their map feature even brings you straight to the trail entrance just in case it’s not in a local park or something. 
  • Learn a New Skill or Language
    •  I can’t tell you how many times I have said I want to learn X and start it and quit after a day. This summer I would like to follow through and at least become a beginner, maybe even a level up. But I definitely want it to last longer than a week. 
  • Stargazing 
    • If you have not gotten the subtle hints I love spending time outside in the summer. Heading as far out of the city and spending a few hours looking at the stars, being able to find the big dipper and the little dipper. And if you’re really lucky maybe even seeing a shooting start, cheesy and very rom-com but it’s so beautiful and peaceful. 
  • Carnival or State Fair 
    • Again I’m a child in a grown-up’s body and I also love food that is awful for me; put those things together and a Carnival or state fair is basically heaven on earth. Plus you get to play silly fair games like get a small ring around a bottle or try and out-score our friends at basketball. It’s fun, yummy food, and a little bit of competition all mixed in one. Plus if you win you get prizes!!
  • Blow some money at the Arcade 
    • Dave and Busters are what I grew up going to as a kid. I loved trying to win tickets and saving all of them up to try and win a big prize. I haven’t been back to Dave and Busters or any arcade in ages; just let me play a round of ski ball or dance dance revolution! 
  • Have a Heart to Heart 
    • After a year of little busy work; I had a lot of thinking about my friends, family, and where my life is going. There is nothing I would enjoy more than to be able to sit down and talk to someone about all those things on my mind and whatever is on there. A really great conversation that would hopefully bring us closer together. 
  • National Park 
    • Heck yeah, goes visit a national park! I love them; I have already been to a handful (not all this year) but in my lifetime. National parks are protected land and have tons of trails plus almost all of us grew up learning about how these lands came to be national parks and protected land and it’s kind of cool actually visiting a place you learned/read so much about. 
  • Camping Trip 
    • I will not judge you if you rent a cabin or an RV; but for me, I want to pitch a tent, roll out a sleeping bag and really spend the night under the stars. I grew up camping and it was one of those things where I always felt so at peace like the rest of the world didn’t matter. It was just a time for me to relax, enjoy the moment, and be totally carefree. 
  • Learn a family Recipe 
    • I cannot tell you how many times my mom has written down a recipe for me to make at my own place. Followed everything step by step and when I finally take a bite am super disappointed because it doesn’t taste like my mom’s. I know everyone has family recipes, so do what I am doing taking an afternoon or night and cooking along with my mom. So I cannot only learn how to make it but also make some memories along the way. 

Now, this is just my summer bucket list, you can take mine add to it or even create your very own. And don’t be afraid to add something you are not sure how you’ll get it done. The goal so trying to get it all done this summer; but who to say you can’t carry it over to next summer. My summer bucket list is constantly growing and changing, I started this list back in January. Each day I look at it and get more excited about my future plans. So much so I already started and have even crossed off a few things on my bucket list, because why wait for fun? Almost all of these things can be done solo mainly because life is far too short to wait around and live the life you want. However, if you have an adventure buddy grab them and bring them along for the summer full of adventure; maybe even create the bucket list together. Let me know in the comments or message on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even Tumbler to let me know what is on your bucket list! We have this one life and I hope you are taking full advantage of it and living it to the fullest. Go for the adventure, go for what makes you happy, and live the life you want. Your unofficial online big sister says so. -KMH 


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