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What to do: before and during apartment tours

What to do: before and during apartment tours

When it comes to apartment-hunting there is one thing you should know; there are multiple steps to the whole process and even more steps once you find the place you want to sign with. So far we have talked about what to do first before apartment hunting, tips and tricks when apartment hunting, and what questions you need to be asking when touring apartments. We may be taking a ½ step back today, but I think it’s really important to understand What prep you should do before as well as what you should be doing during the tour/meeting. 

This sounds crazy but you cannot go in blind! I have seen friends and even myself have been taken advantage of when it comes to apartment tours by not showing up prepared or not doing certain things while I was there. When you are renting; as the renter, you hold little power in the situation as you are the one looking to rent someone’s space. However when you show up prepared; you know whatever decision you end up making will be the best decision for you. 

The prep before a tour is crucial in my mind. As it is the reason you have even decided to schedule a tour in the first place.I also think it’s crucial to take all notes/pep with you to the Apartment Tour/Meeting. What prep should you do prior to going on your apartment tour? 

Pre Tour Prep: 

  • Get the address of the leasing office, and any other information you will need about it. 
    • Not every location has a leasing office that is easy to find/labeled properly. Having the exact address is important to make sure you plan your travel accordingly. Also if you need a license or form of ID to bring with you. Some places may even have restrictions on how many people you can bring with you; it is good to know before you go. 
  • Research the floor plans 
    • Some places have multiple floor plans where each floor plan offers something unique. Make sure you take a look at those plans and even take note of your top three. This is when you are in the meeting and they say we have these available you can already start making your decision on what one is best suited for you. 
  • Rewrite/review your notes 
    • I recommend when you are looking at apartments take notes on the places; prior to going you should make sure your notes are readable; you want to actually prove that you have done your research and are coming prepared. 
  • Write down what is advertised/included
    • If they have advertised ANYTHING on the app or website write it down. From what is included for utilities to what bonus features/perks that they offer. Write it down so you can compare it to what they tell you. (Yes I know places that online said included water and on the lease, it did not say that)
  • Strat your Questions 
    • As you have been researching/viewing the website I am sure you have a few questions that have popped in your head; Write those down; as those are the little red flags or cautions areas you’re curious about. 

During the tour/meeting, you get so much information thrown at you all while you’re excited, nervous, slightly stressed out, and a little bit anxious. But because of this we can miss or forget information we are told about during this visit that is why I have some things you should be doing during your tour/Meeting,

Tour/Meeting what to do During: 

  • Take notes/Compare yours
    • This is where your pre-notes shine strongly, you’re able to make sure that all the information/research you collected matches what they are telling you; and any new information they throw at you you’re able to reference later and even circle back on. 
  • Keep whatever handouts they give you close by 
    • Some places have brochures, maps, or info sheets for you. Go through those while you are there, and even reference it when you are touring this way you know you fully understand everything front and back. 
  • Take pictures and Videos 
    • When you actually go and tour the apartments; take pictures and videos of what you see this way you can reference each unit and tour so you know you’re choosing the best option for you. 
  • Ask Questions 
    • Do not be afraid to question or ask someone to clarify anything and everything. This is where you could potentially be living you want to make sure that you feel comfortable. 
  • Talk with neighbors 
    • Ask neighbors or people you know who are living there or have their thoughts about what it is like to live there. Get real pros and cons perspective. 

I have said it a million times by now apartment hunting is so freeing but can also be so consuming, stressful, anxious, exciting, and even a bit scary. Hopefully, this apartment series helped you feel more prepared and ready. When it comes time. As someone who had to learn all of this the hard way and even help a few friends with their own hunts, I know how much these have helped. I hope through these tips you feel more prepared and ready to find a new place to live; as you have worked hard for it and you deserve it. If you have any other questions you know you can always ask me; your unofficial internet big sister. I’m here cheering you on and supporting you the whole way through -KMH



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