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My Corner. My Team.

My Corner. My Team.

To say I have been through a lot at 26 is an understatement; one day I’ll have enough courage to talk about it all. I always look back at everything I went through and say damn I am so proud of you for getting through it all by yourself. The older I get the more I realize I didn’t get where I am all by myself if fact I had a whole team of people by my side every single step of the way. Yes, I may have pulled all the strings, said all the words, do all the actions, and even taken all the steps but each and every second and step I wasn’t alone I had my team in my corner. 

I often think of life much like a boxing match. There only ever is one person in the ring throwing and taking the punches. However, they have a whole team in their corner, a nutritionist, physical trainer, athletic trainer, coaches, and so much more to make sure they are ready to throw and take punches. Then you have the crowd of onlookers some cheering you one even betting on your success and some celebrating every single time you hit the floor so excited to see you fail they bet against you. When you lose the round or even the match it’s not the fans you turn to first; it’s your team in the corner.

Like most people, a lot of my team has changed over the years, hell in the last few months. There are people who I thought would be there by my side when all my dreams have come true haven’t shown up when I needed them. Some people who I once wanted to credit being some of my biggest supporters I no longer even want them in the room never the less even know when I succeed, I don’t think they deserve that. It’s been one of the hardest pills to swallow but unfortunately, it’s what happens; and you have to appreciate the times they had your back. I’m always grateful for anyone who has ever been in my corner or even for anyone whole ver been a fan. I’m also appreciative of all the haters as they constantly motivate me to prove them wrong. 

I know it is always a scary thought thinking that the team in your corner may change, and being honey it most likely will You’ll add and remove people and that is okay; because it is a part of life. We grow and change and not everyone in our life grows or changes or even accepts our own growth and change making it hard for them to be part of your corner. It’s a part of life and it sucks but just because they aren’t in your corner; doesn’t mean they aren’t your fan. There is nothing wrong with having people cheer your on from outside your corner. This life isn’t easy and having any kind of support is helpful. 

Now your corner can be anyone, doesn’t have to be your parents or your family or even friends. It absolutely can be your mom and dad or even your siblings. Can be your group of friends who have known you for years. Maybe it’s a teacher you had in high school who cheered you on all the years and even after. Anyone can be in your corner, but make sure it’s people cheering you on and supporting you completely. They have to be supportive, don’t let haters in your corner.

My corner is full of the best people I know and love, who I am grateful for every single day, even on days when I don’t show it. I am constantly leaning on them for everything that I do in life from saying this is the game plan to asking them what is the best. They are who I tell my secrets, who I tell my secrets, my fears, my hopes, my goals, my struggles, and even my doubts. My team constantly lets me know they have my back and are in my corner. All teh way from: 

My Mom constantly texts me to let me know that she knows there is nothing I can’t get through, and she loves me even on my west days. 

My Dad calls weekly to let me know how proud he is of me for overcoming so many struggles and that he can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

My siblings get on board when I say I no longer like someone and they support my reasoning. Who are also my biggest protectors to make sure whoever comes into my life has good intentions and if they don’t like someone they make sure I know? 

My friend’s text or call me weekly to check in on me, ask to hang out when I am around, go out to dinner, or even come over/visit me. They make sure I know they are around for me just like I make sure they know I am there for them. 

To my extended family that sends me letters, write me emails, messages me on social media, or even calls to catch up with what is going on in my crazy life. 

To some, it may not seem like a lot but to me, these are the people I would drop everything for if they needed me; because I know they would do the same. From a family member passing away, a bad break up, losing a job, or even just needed to get away. They know I’m a call away and will take off of work, rearrange my plans, and do anything I physically can to be there for them. Because they know I would not let them go through hard, rough life patches without them knowing I was there for them. 

As much as my team cheers on my success and is there for my failures. They are also there on the days I am an awful person. They don’t hide it, or lie to me they tell me the truth and hold me accountable every single time. They will call me out on lies, bullshit, excuses, and all my shortcomings. At times it really stings but I know the main reason is that they want me to better. They want and they expect me to be better (1% every day remember??).  Each time they do it sucks not because they are calling me out but because I know I let them down. My team is spending time to support me the last thing I should ever do is let them down and be disappointed in me. This is why I always try so hard not just for me but for them; because they believe in me; sometimes even more than I believe in myself. 

On my worst days and even on my best days I am constantly turning to my corner, my team for help, support, and guidance. The people in my corner may have changed over the years, some have turned to fans, some have turned to haters, and some have chosen to not care about me anymore and all of that is okay. In this crazy life I have learned a lot of lessons, one being; always know who is in your corner, know who is a fan, ignore the haters, and don’t fret over who doesn’t care. This past weekend I was reminded of all of that and then some. Over the weekend I joined some friends and some people I had not met till that afternoon in running a 5k that also had 26 obstacles and was full of mud. Before I left for my run my entire family wished me good luck and told me I could do it, and the entire race every single person on my team cheered me on as I ran with them the whole 5k and did every obstacle. Even when I fell halfway through on one of the obstacles each person celebrated my success and the fact that I even tried.

a quick snap from the 5K

As rocky is famous for saying “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” In life, you are going to fall and need a minute to get back up and at times feel completely lost. Look to your corner look to your team; they’ll help you get up. They will remind you how strong and amazing you are. Most importantly they are going to keep cheering you on to move forward. Because the only way you lose in life is by not moving forward. Even when you feel like you are all alone remember you have a whole team behind you cheering you on. 

Take a look at your corner, and even look at who’s a corner you are and don’t be afraid to lean on them or even let them lean on you. I love succeeding and achieving my goal in life, but I love even more seeing my corner cheering me on even more. You can do anything you put your mind to. I believe in you and so does your corner, even if they don’t say it every day they do. Trust your unofficial big sis. I know I am right about this one. -KMH


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