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My Why. My Inspiration.

My Why. My Inspiration.

Family means everything to me, they are the people who constantly inspire me, motivate me, and even push me. Often when I can’t find why I am doing something I look at my family and realize I am doing it for them. Coming from a big family I have a lot of different personalities, passions, and attitudes floating around. Each one of my siblings is more unique and different than the last that truly inspires me every single day. I find that I am one of the luckiest people alive to be able to be around them and learn from them all. 

Some quick backstory as a family been through a lot of heartbreak, struggles, things falling through, and even having to make the best of a lot of situations. But we all got through it together. Now by no means do any of us consider someone our best friend we aren’t that type of family. But we always have each other’s back, we have hopped on planes, trains, all-day car rides, facetime, zoom calls and so much more to be there in support no matter what we are supporting. And god help whoever messes with one of us because if anyone finds out you have 5 problems and we will make you regret it. (In 9th grade some guy stole my cell phone and my brother found out (after I had gotten it back); he was corned in the hallway by him and his entire wrestling team I received a handwritten apology letter the next day and no the kid was not hurt). We’re a family and we take it very seriously. 

Don’t get me wrong we fight, argue, scream, and occasionally curse at each other. There have been times when we haven’t spoken for days or even months, but we always makeup and come together especially in the worst of times but even in the best of times. Because family is forever and we all stand by that.

I am one of 6 (lucky #2) but each one of my siblings has their own unique story and reason they inspire me. Not just in the things they have done but how they view life. Theta re who I have gone to when things fall apart, the first group to jump by my side when someone hurts me, and they are the first people to make sure my ego doesn’t get to inflated. Personally, I think they are all far better than me. So how did 5 people exactly inspire me? 

Sibling #1

  • Always follows his heart and is constantly searching for peace and happiness. 
  • He constantly doing soul searching and following his dreams 
  • Sibling #1 is always asking me am I happy/ What is my dream? And to make sure I am taking time for me. 
  • He by far is the closest to what some may call a hippie as he is very spiritual when it comes to him finding his inner peace
  • He was also the brother that checked in on me the most when everything fell apart and gave me the best advice. 
  • If it wasn’t obvious he always inspiring me to be happier and take time for me.

Sibling #3

  •  Is the nicest of all my siblings by far and I can always take a lesson from him on how to be kinder to people 
  • He takes peoples negative comments and uses them as fuel to say “fuck you I’ll show you” 
    • People told him they thought he would live with our parents forever; by the age of 20 he had his own apartment and before his 25th birthday had purchased his own house where he lives with his fiance and their dog. 
  • He constantly proving people wrong and working hard to make whatever dream he has a reality and is truly living his best and happiest life
  • He inspires me to take all the hate, all the negative, all the doubts and use it as fuel to keep going and be better every single day and even a little kinder

Sibling #4

  • Constantly puts his head down to works his ass off despite all the struggles he has overcome
  • He is also not afraid to say fuck it I’m going to do what I want to do and I truly admire him for constantly following his heart
  • We tend to go for long car rides to nowhere drinking slushies or milkshakes talking all about life and our problems. 
  • He inspires me that its okay to start over wherever you’re in life and that the only way I am going to be happy is if I am being honest with myself about my goals and my dreams 

Sibling #5

  • I think of him as the yes man; I can’t even remember a time he has said no unless he had a conflict.
  • #5 is the dream chaser for as long as I can remember he told me this is what I want to do and even growing up he did everything he could to prep him to be a vet. (he still in school but internships and the extra classes he had taken is insane dude not even 21 yet)
  • He constantly inspires me to set goals and achieve them no matter how long it takes. 

Sibling #6

  • She is not afraid to tell it how it is and will not sugarcoat it at all. (she is the baby so she gets away with murder basically)
  • She also knows all the secrets and what going on in the family want to know the secret trip my mom has been planings he knows all the details
  • She is super honest even when you wish she wasn’t and often does not follow the rule of if you don”t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all 
  • She inspires me to be more honest even when It’s hard. The truth is always better than a lie. 

We’re all different and my relationship with each of them is different yet special all at the same time. I’m so grateful, thankful, lucky, and blessed that I have them all even if they get on my nerves all the time. I appreciate that they call me out on my bullshit and offer me a hand when I fall down. They cheer on all my success as well as morn all my losses with me. I am truly lucky to have them in my corner forever and ever. Each day I hope that I am a good sister and able to be there for them when they need me. I also hope I inspire them as much as they inspire me. If there is anything that you take from me I hope it’s that I get my strength from my family. I do hope you have a strong and healthy relationship with your family. A healthy relationship is the keyword. Don’t you dare stay if it’s toxic I mean it! And if you don’t think you have any family that is not true you got me; your unofficial internet big sis.  -KMH


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