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What is Your Dream

What is Your Dream

We all want to be living our dream life. The only issue so many of us face is we have no idea what our Dreamlife is. We may know certain aspects of it “my dream car is a Tesla Model Y” or “I want to be able to fly first class whenever I want”  but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of saying what our dream life entails so many people stop and think…What is my dream life? This is crazy to think about because every single day so many wake up and live by the motto “Chase the Dream” but if you don’t know the dream….what are you chasing?

I personally blame so many of us growing up, becoming adults; and a sprinkle of the blame on wanting to make our parents proud. Now hear me out before you start bashing me. As a child in elementary school I would often get asked about my dream life, Not all at once but different aspects of it daily. We get asked what house we wanted to live in, What we wanted to be when we got older, and tons of other things. We would talk about how we wanted to be spies, superheroes, ice cream makers, and everything in between. I mean I remember even telling people I was going to live in New York City in a castle and have a room for just chocolate. However, as we got older the question shifted from what is your dream; to what do you want to be when you grow up to, what do you want your job to be. As a kid, we connect living our best life to living the dream, but as we grow up we disconnect the two and that is where we lose sight of the dream. 

That minor shift caused all of us to get tunnel vision. We lost sight of our overall goals and how to build/create our dream life. I also think a big reason so many people are not living their Dreamlife is because of their parents. Again no hate on the parents would not be here today without them. However, when it comes to our parents as kids we want to make them proud. Often we ask them their opinion/idea of what they want to see us doing. Because of that we take their dream life for us and decide to adopt it and make it our own. Instead of following our own dreams, we end up chasing the ones our parents want for us In order to make them proud. I hate saying this but too many people are living their parents’ dream life for them and passing it off as their own. If you’re one of those people I got some advice for you. Now is the time to start chasing and pursuing and going out and getting what is needed to make your dream come true. 

So what is your dream? How do you chase it? How do you add to it? How do you change it? How do you even start? All of these are really valid questions and all of these you should be asking yourself if you don’t think about living or working towards your dream life. 

  1. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel” 
    • How do you want to feel every single day when you wake up, when life gets hard, when life is busy, or even when everything starts falling into place. When you think of your dream life you want to be able to feel like and know that you are living your dream life even when it’s hard. It all starts off with how you are feeling. 
    • Be as descriptive or vague as you need to be with this. But also make sure you go deeper than I want to be happy. That is always the end goal. 
  2. Ask yourself what your passion is. 
    • Passion leads to purpose. What do you love doing no matter how many times you have done it, what is something that makes you so happy to be doing it you cannot wait to start and get upset when it’s over? Is it an activity? The way you make people feel? An action?
  3. Create the dream by following your passion
    • Look at your passion and figure out how you can make it a part of your everyday life. Do you love knitting? Is it maybe possible to turn knitting into a job? Do you love baseball but can’t play in the MLB; can you coach it? I’m a big believer that you should LOVE what you do every day; not just the perks or the work environment, but the actual action of your job. And please do not stop with what you want to do for a living dream the whole damn life.
  4. Evaluate the steps/ do some research 
    • Figuring out the dream is ½ the battle and I truly mean that. Once you figure out the dream you have to start evaluating what needs to be done in order to reach the dream. If you want to be a chef who owns their own restaurant, you may have to go to culinary school; and take a few business classes. You just need to start taking some time to figure out what steps you have to take and yes this may mean doing some research. Nothing wrong with collecting or having all the facts! 
  5. Create a game plan 
    • I’m not saying you can’t wing it; many people are successful just winging it. However you should really take some time to create a game plan and this game plan may even be more of a checklist. I want to sell houses. I have to get my realtor’s license; I have to make sure that I have that before I ever sell the first house. You could also have a full game plan with deadlines. By September 1st I want to be in NYU studying business and graduate with a degree in 2024. 
  6. Be kind to yourself 
    • Understand that once you realize your dream, it’s not magically going to come true tomorrow. It could take weeks, months, and even years before you start actually living it. Just please do not quit no one hound be living life or not working towards a life that is not their dream. 

I know a lot of people including myself have taken the time to do this and money is always the biggest concern. Part of me wants to say fuck the money but I get it; I really do. The best thing someone ever told me was in the beginning you may have to do two things; work at the job you hate all while also working at your side hustle or whatever. The best thing they said was to treat your side hustle like your main hustle and stack with it. It’s not going to be easy at first but if you keep going it’s going to work out. I mean there are people who make a living selling custom T-shirts designs off Etsy (you go people!!). Who is to say you can’t chase your own dream?

It’s a scary feeling to think about your dream life when you’re out of college and realize you’re not living it nor are you working for it. It’s one of those things that has always been there but we often ignore it because we just think we are being too dramatic, or we stay for the money. I promise you if you start working towards your dream life you’ll figure it all out. The money, the steps, the situation, and everything. I don’t want you to be realistic I want you to dream big, think long and hard about the life you want to live. And if it scares you a bit even better. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, but You do deserve to be happy every single day and say confidently that you are living the dream. 

So please take a look at your life, and think about what is the dream. Dream it all, from the job to the house to the car, and even down to the clothes you wear. Write it all down and start chasing it. I mean it why keep living a life that isn’t making you happy or feel fulfilled? WHY? I know it is easier said than done but I know you’re going to figure it out. It’s never too late to start over or even start chasing your dream. There are going to be obstacles and hurdles and a ton of struggles. However, you and your dream are worth it. Besides, what if it turns out better than you can ever imagine? I hope you chase your dream life and don’t quit to you are living it. Your unofficial big sis is cheering you on -KMH


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