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Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections

For some of us, summer has come to an end and for others, Summer’s end is rapidly approaching. Although this summer was different from past summers we were still able to have somewhat of a summer. Unlike summer of 2020, a lot of us were able to take the time and enjoy summer the way we intended to, maybe being a bit more cautious but still. I previously spoke about how I planned on making sure this summer was the best summer yet; and made sure I not only utilized my time but also the experience in my life. So I created my Summer Bucket List; being able to have adventures to look forward to and plan made it so much better.

To be very clear; by no means did I do it all; but I did a lot. Most importantly I made memories that will last a lifetime. As I look back and reflect on my summer and my bucket list I don’t just look at what I did and what I didn’t do. I mostly look at what I would do again and make sure I have no what if’s. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my life goal is to get to the end with no “what if’s”) I always consider Summer as the time to live life to the fullest, maybe a bit more than you usually do With that being said I also figured now would be the perfect time to also reflect on what. Taking the time to create goals and dreams should also mean taking time to reflect on how you did with them as well as what else you need to do to achieve them. If you’re not constantly checking in and reflecting with yourself are you sure you’re living the happiest life? I decided to focus on three different things when reflecting on my summer experiences.

Summer Grateful Moments: 

  • Spending time with my family; I rarely use to have time to really sit down and spend time with them besides planned events so it’s been fun seeing them on a Wednesday night while we watch movies and talk about our days 
  • Sibling travel adventure: I LOVE spending time outdoors even though I don’t always look like I do. So being able to kick back  and spending time with my brothers and seeing new places that have always been on my bucket list has been amazing 
  • Learning  to make bread: Like most people, my mom took jump bread making, and being able to be by her side to learn to make garlic knots, pretzel bites, cinnamon buns, and other bread has been an amazing learning experience 
  • Being there for my siblings: Life is not always sunshine and rainbows so to be able to physically be there for my siblings, be it making a get-well basket when they were sick, running errands for them because they were overwhelmed or too busy, and just any way I could help out
  • Dogs: I spoke about it before my doggy is 13 years old and to be able to spend time with her and make sure she is comfortable and make sure she knows she has loved means more to me than anything. And all the cuddles and kisses the younger dogs give daily to make sure they know they love me too. 
  • Being able to step back: The summer started out ROUGH for me, there is no lie about that (read the following if you’re curious) but I would never change any of it as I would have never been able to take a step back, reevaluate my life where I am and where I want to be. I didn’t realize how much I had lost the vision of my dream and it feels good to have it clear as day and in focus again. 
  • Growing my Happiness: There are tons, the big one that sticks out is my family recording me being happier, less anxious, more bubbly, laughing, singing, and not afraid to dance again as well as things they haven’t seen me do in years. Getting those videos before I go to bed with things like “I missed this part of you” truly made me realize I am happier than I have ever been in years. (And yes I do thank being fired, dumped, and therapy for a good chunk of helping me find it)
  • Daddy Daughter Time: Taking my dad to Yankee stadium to see the Red Sox play; we never sat in our seats and somehow ended up sitting behind home plate and befriending a bartender. My dad was so happy and I was so grateful I was able to take him. 

Things I would do Again:

  • Rugged Maniac mud run: This was my third time doing it and each time I do it I grow a bit more in confidence as well as I do more obstacles and do it faster. 
  • Camping with my SIblings: I was terrified of doing this trip prior as my older brother and I aren’t BFFs and 9 days of travel, hiking, and camping is a lot and can push someone to their limit. We did have a blow-up moment buttttt I wouldn’t trade it for the world and would love us to do it all over again; except maybe this time rent the Jeep Wrangler as I wanted
Loved the ford focus for gas miles but I was very cramped in the back
  • Baseball game with my dad; honestly spending any amount of one one one time with my dad I would do (yes I am a daddy’s girl 100% but I also spend a ton of time with my mom cooking, shopping, gardening, baking, and drinking wine)
  • All the outdoor adventures; I actually try to watch the sunrise, sunset, and star gaze anytime I feel like getting a bit too crazy.

Things I learned: 

  • Turning off your phone for a day or 9 is the best thing ever, you find happiness and satisfaction in yourself as opposed to what others think. 
  • You cannot predict the future, so letting fear of what could be is going to not only kill you but all your dreams
  • Your family may not understand all your decisions but they will support you no matter what 
  • Just because you may not live at home or you may be a full “grown-up” your parents still want to spend time with you and hear about your life. Make sure you make time for them be it a baseball game, making bread, cooking, or getting your nails done.
  • Living for today will make you wiser and more experienced for the future. 
  • Money does make the world go round….however don’t let it control your life.
  • Everything happens for a reason sometimes you’re just moving too fast to realize it

Life is short, and as crazy as it sounds I’m not trying to live forever, just trying to make every moment count all while living a life I’m grateful and proud of.

Just because summer is ending does not mean I have two throw out my Bucket List; in fact, I flat out say HELL NO. My goal is to keep it growing each year and even add it to my life bucket list. More importantly, my goal is to remember the moments I had and take the lessons I learned so I could continue to learn and grow as a person. As the seasons continue to change I hope that I do as well. Reflection has been and will continue to be the best thing I think anyone can do for themselves. Taking time to reflect on things like experiences, life moments, emotions, relationships, and goals you’ll never be able to expand or grow from them. Refection not only allows you to see what you learned but also takes the time to remember the good moments. As your unofficial big sister I hope you start taking time to reflect, you don’t have to do it every night, or every week, you can do it every season or even once a year. But please take time to reflect so you can grow as a person for a better future. Refection is the best preparation for the future. I’m the “unofficial” bg sister trust me I know these things. And if you ever get lost or need help; just ask your big sis. -KMH

P.S. Even if your summer is over still enjoy summer things!!! You deserve it, you earned it, and I encourage it 🙂



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