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Always Keep Learning

Once we finish college we tend to think at 21 or 22 (maybe later in life if you go to do your Masters) that we know everything. We can take on the world, we don’t need any help, and our learning part of life is basically over. However, nothing could be more wrong. Graduating from college is just a step in the lessons, skills, and knowledge that you should continue to try, learn, and obtain. That’s kinda why college doesn’t have any age restrictions, 

Personally, I think the most powerful people in the world are the smartest people, the second not far behind are the people who want to learn everything and actively do so. I’m not just talking about book smart people; I am talking about the people who focus on being well-rounded. Take the time to problem solve, think before they act, learn about the past to improve their future, and even learn to gain a new skill or degree. 

“Knowledge is power? No. Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful”

Robert Liano

How can you keep learning? What can you do? 

  • Read
    • Pick up a book on history, an autobiography, a biography, or even just a book on general knowledge. Anything that is going to stimulate your brain. 
    • Even grabbing the newspaper can be helpful (Although I am not a fan) learning about what is going on in the world gives you more knowledge. You’ll know why gas prices are being raised, or there is a shortage of eggs at the grocery store, the exact locations where your taxes are going, or even just knowing the weather so you are prepared if a hurricane or flash flood is coming.
      • I pay attention to the weather mainly to know when big major storms are happening and to prep with supplies as quickly as possible. The reason why in 2013 Hurricane Sandy hit my town hard; we were in a gas shortage, groceries were closed, and people had no power or water for weeks. Now even though I don’t live at home anymore before a storm I always make sure I have a full tank of gas, gallons of water, water bottles, dry food to eat (PB and J), batteries, and candles. 
  • Podcasts
    • There are a TON of podcasts out in the world, and a lot of them just talk about the drama with celebrities but a lot of them also bring in special guests or even just in general talk about things people should be aware of. Or Should have more knowledge about 
    • They are great, most are 30 mins to an hour and you can listen while you drive, run, walk, clean, or do any other tasks. 
      • Some of my favorites are Lady Gang (a mix of famous people but also professionals; they talk about money, hormonal in-balance, and so many other things) and Money Rehab (hosted by the author of Rich Bitch who appeared on countless TV shows gives advice how to get your money in order now as well as set yourself up for success for years to come). 
  • Journals/articles
    • If you are working in a special field, studies and knowledge are constantly coming out (doctor, nurse, business, building, etc.) reading articles or journals that people produce from their studies can not only improve your knowledge but also your work. 
      • When I worked in the AV world with motorized window treatments I would spend days reading about different companies, brands, products, forums, etc. to learn ways we could improve as well as not repeat other mistakes 
  • Go Back to school 
    • There are tons of colleges or even just places that offer free or cheap classes. These classes may not have to do anything; it’s your job they could be things in your life. A lot of these are even online classes and are at night. 
    • You can even take art classes!
      • Seth Rogen took pottery classes and found a new hobby he loves. 
  • YouTube
    • So many people upload DIY tutorials on how to do anything. Especially if you are trying to save money and not hire someone, take a look on YouTube for a video and watch someone show and talk you through what to do. 
      • One of my favorites is Dad, how do I? He was raised by a single Mom and never had his Dad around to show him how to do things. So he created a YouTube channel so no one has to feel the way he did. He records himself talking you through as well as showing you tons of valuable skills. He has things on bathroom care (clogged drains, fixing toilets), lawn care, baking, camping, and he even talks about the basics of sports. 
  • Talk with someone 
    • Having a conversation with someone could truly change your life. So many people do different things. Even in the office the people who do the same thing as you may know a shortcut or a more efficient way to do something. 
      •  I have a friend who is a history teacher and a huge history buff. When anything with politics comes up; He knows I’m going to reach out to learn more about the subject. Especially around election time. And no he does not try to sway me to one side or another he just lays down all the information he knows, tells me when I should look into something a bit deeper; and doesn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing. He just genuinely loves teaching me about it all.
  • Tours 
    • Go to a museum, or a historical site and take a tour. These people are specialists and Museums are filled with past history and knowledge that schools may have just brushed upon. 
      • I said it before; Textbooks miss so much information about events, days, and important history. Taking the time to hear a specialist speak about this knowledge will absolutely help expand your knowledge. 

I constantly tell people I hope I never stop learning. The second we stop learning we stunt our growth and handicap ourselves. I know it’s not easy to learn something new every single day, but challenge yourself to maybe learn something each week or even each month. Learning is just feeding into your curiosity. Yes, it may be hard and difficult to acquire a new skill, and it may be hard to find the time to take a class but there are so many other ways in which you can learn and I hope you jump at all these opportunities. No one expects you to be the smartest person in the room, or even a know it all, but you never just know where it would take you. Maybe learning something new may ignite a new passion? I hope when the time comes you always take the chance to learn.

I hope as you read this you’re not thinking I want you to also become an engineer; by no means do I want that. What I am saying is as we get older things to change, we gain more responsibility and it would benefit us to continue to learn about those responsibilities and new things happening. You may own a house one day and you should be able to know what mortgage is; how you should pay it off properly and the proper home care. As you get older you should know what healthy things you should be looking out for. Knowledge is power not only to know how to win big in the stock market but also how to improve your quality of life and make you feel confident with what you should know about it. All I want is for you o feel confident and that you ahem the skill and ability to keep going with this ever-growing ever-changing world. I hope you never stop learning From your Unofficial big sis KMH


I hope I never stop learning; there is just so much from the past and the present that could help the future that choosing to stop learning is only going to make the future harder on ourselves.


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