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Preparation is Prevention

Preparation is Prevention

I always push how you have to take care of yourself; especially when it comes to your health. I do admit I push hard for you to take care of your mental health. Yes, your mental health is extremely important; but so is your actual physical health. Especially with people getting older it’s more and more important to make sure you are putting your physical health as a front and center priority. 

Growing up like most people, my mom or dad made all the doctor appointments. As a kid getting my health checkups were pretty much in my parent’s hands…and also a requirement for school and sports. They made all the calls, dragged me while also attending all the appointments, knew all the questions to ask, and even brought up a few concerns that may have happened. When I became 18 that responsibility fell completely on my own. I did pretty well mainly because none of my doctors changed and they knew all the background and facts already. However, once I moved everything changed completely. I got lazy and often would use off finding a doctor and even just claimed I did not have time. Luckily I fixed that attitude real quick. 

The older we get the more conscious we have to be of our physical health. Mainly because the more we are aware of it the more preparation we can have for the future. The more prepared we are for the future. As someone who hated putting her physical health for a long time. These are some of the reasons why I took charge of it as well as advice and some tips that have helped me stay on top of my health. 

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  • Find Doctors that accept your insurance 
    • Depending on what Insurance you have almost all have an online database where you can search any and all doctors that accept your health insurance. 
    • I also recommend when you call to see if they are accepting new clients to confirm that they do accept your insurance
      • PST if you don’t like your doctor it’s not a marriage you can switch 🙂 
  • Make ALL the appointments at once 
    • Spend an hour or two max making all your doctor’s appointments. That’s right call your physician, dentist, gynecologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, and any other doctor that’s you have. 
      • This may vary from person to person depending on your gender as well as what you care about (should be all, but I do know not every 26 year old sees a dermatologist or a cardiologist)
      • Pro-tip; if you plan on making multiple appointments in one day; make sure that you give yourself an hour or so  for the exam and travel time as well 
  • Records 🙂 
    • Keep track of your time of the month, but also keep track of any issues you notice consistently. If you wake up every day and your eyesight is blurry make a note of it so you can bring it up to your doctors 
      • I could be sick every day for a month straight and walk into the doctor’s office and forget all about it without my notes. Usually, I just use the notepad app on my iPhone, and in the note labeled My health; I try to be as detailed as possible (migraine last 4 days; could have been dehydration but doubt it due to consistently drinking. Advil and excedrin did not help)
  • Self-exams 
    • Self-exams are a must!!! Do your breast exams and if you do not know how to ASK YOUR DOCTOR. You can also check your freckles for irregular shapes or dark patches (signs of skin cancer), teeth hurt when eating ice cream (plaque damage) 
      • Self-exams are how I find a lot of my concerns, questions, and notes; mainly because they give me a sense of reassurance. I have a “double freckle” as my doctor calls it, it looks kinda how they describe skin cancer but it’s 2 freckles that overlap. Found it took a note, reviewed it with my dermatologist, and found out I’m okay (we also have photos of it just in case hasn’t changed in years) 
  • Ask tough questions
    • If anything comes back irregular, or has to be taken to a lab for further testing; ASK. ALL. THE. QUESTIONS.AT. THAT. TIME. I cannot stress this enough if a question pops in your head speak out. 
    • It is your health you have to be in control of. Your doctor cares about you, but they also care about their 400 other patients. You care about well you (and maybe your kids and spouse)
      • I got blood work done earlier this year and I asked every question from how long it will take to, how will I get the results, and even confirming what they were testing for. 
  • Check your updates!
    • Are you updated on your vaccines? Tetanus shot I believe is due every 10 years…do you have it? 
      • This means getting your flu shot too, and yes Covid-19 shot 1 and 2 (and 3 that is coming soon I think)
  • Family Health History 
    • Talk to your parents and relatives; learn about your family history. Is there a history of cancer if so what kind? Should you be worried about high blood pressure or high cholesterol? 
      • These talks are uncomfortable but you want to live a full life, and part of that is preparation for prevention. 
  • Health dates 
    • This sounds crazy but makes sure you write down, record, add to your calendar, or whatever all your doctor appointments. Some places charge you for no-call no-shows. Don’t be one of them 
    • You also need and should know dates of surgery you have had as well as any accidents (car accidents, concussions, ACL tear, and wisdom tooth surgery just to name a few) 
  • Donar
    • If you are an organ donor or want to be, make sure your paperwork is all filled out so everyone can see that beautiful heart on your license. 
      • Remember just because you are an organ donor does not mean a doctor or any health of fail will let you die so they can use your organs. They took an oath and no matter what have to do everything in their power to save you.
    • Red Cross has events all over and other places where you can donate blood; donating blood saves lives. 
  • Blood type 
    • If you have ever given blood you should know your blood type! Mainly because the Red Cross sent you the information afterward. However if not and you want to there are other ways to know just ask your doctor. 
      • Knowing your blood type could really help come at a time of surgery or in a situation where you need blood. 
  • Medical ID 
    • I know my phones have it and I am pretty sure androids do as well. Fill out your emergency Medical ID. Here you can List EVERYTHING from Medical conditions, allergies, what medications you are on, all your facts, and even your emergency contacts. 
      • Mine is set up at hot the second I dial 911 or hit SOS all that information is immediately sent to the dispatcher so if I am injured I can be better assisted. 
  • Be Honest
    • They always ask you questions about smoking, drinking, eating, etc. At any office. The more honest you are the better. If you smoke, don’t lie…they know the truth, your lie is only hurting you. 
  • Insurance 
    • Understand what your insurance does and does not cover prior to going. Set up a meeting with HR or even a rep from the company to review your policy.
      •  So many insurances cover chiropractors and even massages…yet people don’t know so they never use them. 

Talking about your health can be scary. However, illness, disease, cancer, and many other things don’t care how old you are or how much life you have left to live. I met people at 30 who were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer because they never went for their doctor’s appointments, and I know people at 25 who do and were able to remove potential cancerous cells. I also know people who discovered they had allergies at 21 because they brought up concerns with their doctors. These are just some of the reasons why putting your health first is so important. 

Health is adding a level of intention to every area of your life.

-Miranda Anderson

I don’t want to scare you by any means. What I want to do is for you to understand that you have control of your health and you can take action and be prepared. Teeth cleanings are no fun, getting your parts checked is awkward, getting your eyes dilated feels horrible, and sitting down getting blood work done is a bore but all of these things help us prevent serious problems. It allows us to not only take control of our health but also our life. I want you to live a long full amazing life. So please if not for you then for me take care of your health. If you got questions got concerns I have been there and will happily help you just as your big sis -KMH



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