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Social Standards: Staying Fit

Social Standards: Staying Fit

It feels like everywhere I look there is a new list or set of rules of social standards. We see a lot of pictures of what a huge portion of society wants us to look like. Supermodels, fitness gurus, personal trainers, celebrities, and so many other people show us that they stay fit and healthy and how easy it is and that you can do it too. Staying healthy is important and part of staying healthy. However, what social media or society tells us isn’t always correct. They don’t know our lives, our medical conditions, our likes, our dislikes, or even our goals. 

Society and the Instagram or social media influencers of the world should not be telling you or me what /is important about taking fit or even how to stay fit. Staying fit and healthy is something you can and should do all on your own. Not because of the new set of social standards say so. As someone who played sports their entire life fitness and staying fit has always been something I love doing but I know not a lot of people love doing it nor have the time or even know where to start. So your unofficial big sis has a few pointers, advice, and even some reminders when it comes to it. 


  1. The people you see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and wherever you see fitness videos have personal Trainers or our Personal Trainers.
  2. These people also have outside help. By this I mean a babysitter/nanny to watch their kids while they go workout for 2 hours, an assistant to help them with errands, a maid/cleaning service to keep their house tidy, or whatever it’s not just them. 
  3. Almost all of them have hired or worked with a nutritionist or a dietitian that plans out meals/diets that work specifically for their body. 


  1. You are getting fit only for you. Not for your boyfriend or girlfriend and not because society has told you; you look weird. You’re doing this for you so you can live a healthy and happy life. 
  2. You don’t have to do a workout you hate. There are hundreds and thousands of works outs. It’s okay to try as many as you like until you find what one you like. 
  3. Just focus on what you are doing. Do not compare your process or calories burned or weights lifted to anyone else besides yourself. Put on those blinders and focus on you. 
  4. When working out its quality over quantity. If you don’t have the right form you’re going to hurt yourself. It’s okay to focus on the form before trying to increase your time, reps, or even weight. 
  5. Things take time. After a day a week or even a month you are not really going to see any progress and that is okay. In fact, it’s normal. 
  6. Everyone’s body is different. We are not all built the same. Don’t think if you do the workout someone else is doing means you will look like them. 

As someone who worked 5 days a week 10+ hour long days, I know how hard it is to find time to get a workout in. If I went to the gym after work I wouldn’t start eating dinner till 9:30 am. If I went to the gym prior to work I would have to be up by 3:30 in the morning. It was exhausting and just made me hate working out. But like I said you have to try a lot of things till you find what works for you!


  1. Join a gym 
    • I know planet fitness is super cheap and often you can join for $1 down or even 25 cents and then 10 dollars a month for their basic plan. However, there are tons of other gyms such as all-girl gyms, all-guy gyms, and even specialty gyms that may fit what you like. 
  2. Yoga 
    • I love yoga. It is a great way to relax, practice stretching, balance, and push my limits/comfort zone once a week for an hour. My yoga class is online and I love my instructor (I may be biased, but she is one of my best friends). But it is a low-impact workout and there are tons of variations, classes, and even levels to try. 
  3. Fitness Class 
    • Fitness classes are a great way to test out an exercise that’s with a. Group of people, full of energy, and an instructor to help you along the way. 
    • There are tons of different classes that your local YMCA or even local gyms offer special classes 
      • Some classes may include; kickboxing, Zumba, boxing, martial arts, Aerial aerobics, swimming, and so many other options. 
  4. Peloton, Mirror, etc. 
    • I feel like I cannot turn on my phone or even my TV without seeing an ad or a commercial about the latest at-home workout equipment. 
    • These are expensive but also super great. They offer an at-home gym (depending on what you buy) and with the membership, you’re able to work out with a trainer or ina. class from the comfort of your own home. No one judging you or comparing you to anyone else. You’re just able to be yourself. 
      • I find these extra helpful if you don’t really know what you’re doing or if you need a buddy or a motivational person to help push you. 
  5. Fitness app
    • Fitness apps are great because they offer a huge variety of different workouts, they have videos or instructions on proper form, they keep track of your progress, and they off a variety of options/plans you can join (a lot you don’t even have to pay for), and they break them down by time (how long the workout is), body part, skill level, and even teacher. 
      • I LOVE fitness apps. I often call them my pocket personal trainers. I can be anywhere in the world and not have a gym but still be able to do a workout 
      • My personal favorite is Workout Women, but I also really love Fit-on, Sweat, and the Nike training club are just a few that I have tried. When I say there are so many I really mean there are TONS. 
  6. YouTube!
    • I always revert to YouTube whenever I need to look anything up from proper form to even what an actual exercise is. A lot of really amazing trainers and fitness fanatics have How to and mini boot camps
      • Chloe Ting’s Ab challenge is a wonderful workout she even has a bunch of classes (2-week shred, 2-week abs, and so many many more) 
      • Just be conscious you may need to purchase equipment for some of the workouts on YouTube!

A little progress each day adds up to big results.



  • WATER!!!
    • Water is your friend. Please please please make sure you are drinking plenty of water! I highly encourage you to do some research and see how much water you should be drinking for your age, height, and weight (yes it varies from person to person) as well as see how much you should add to it by working out. 
  • Food
    • Please remember to eat. Do not think working out and eating less will help you lose weight faster. You can seriously hurt yourself. 
    • When it comes to food I am not an expert but have been taught to make substitutions and have moderation. By this, I mean as a snack during the day instead of having fruit snacks I’ll eat carrots or an apple. If I want to add flavoring to my coffee I’ll ask for sugar-free. I still eat dessert. I’m not a villain! It just may be a smaller piece of cake or just one cupcake instead of 2. As I said I’m not an expert 
  • Listen to your body
    • If it hurts please do not push yourself. Injuries are serious and you know your body better than anyone. Soreness and hurting are two different feelings. Please trust your body and don’t push it too far. 
      • I know people who have slipped disks, and permanent nerve damage, hell even I have serious damage from not listening to my body tell me you’re in pain. (In college I twisted my ankle. I do it all the time, thinking it was nothing but definitely hurt worse than it ever had. I choose to continue to play on it. I ended up tearing ligaments in the ankle. To this day after high-impact workouts on that ankle cause severe bruising and pain; which is why when I hike I have to wear ankle-supporting boots.)
  • Create a weekly game plan 
    • It’s a lot easier to know what you are going to do before you go. If you create your own workout plan, figure out what you want to do before you start your week. It’s a lot more motivating as well as prepares you for what is to come. 
      • If you walk up and go, should I do abs, arms, or legs today? Oh maybe I’ll do chest; you’re not going to be very motivated to work out mainly because it’s going to feel like you threw this all together at the last minute. You may never even make it because you spent so much time debating. 
  • Workout Partner/Buddy
    • Having a workout buddy really helps. Mainly because they hold you accountable, you have someone to use you when you feel like quitting, and you also have someone who understands what your going through. 
  • Create progress/Goals 
    • I recommend these goals not be biased toward weight loss but more so toward progress. If last week you ran a mile in 20 minutes this week go for 19. 
      • Your weight fluctuates greatly during the day depending on how much you eat or drink, and muscle weighs more than fat. So the number on the scale is just that;  a number. 
  • Stretch 
    • Remember to stretch. Stretch before you workout, stretch after you work out; and if you did a high-intensity workout I encourage you to stretch multiple times after it. 
      • I do my best to stretch every morning and every single night; on top prior to and after a workout. 
      • Stretching is not a five-minute thing; it should be more like a 15-30 minute stretch. 

Remember by no means am I an expert; I know what I was taught while growing up with trainers and coaches helping me along the way. All those years were great; but now that I am 26 I just want to do what makes me happy and nobody else. And I want the exact same thing for you. 

Truthfully I wrote this so many times; mainly because I knew I didn’t have all the answers. However, I realized I haven’t had all the answers when it came to my other blogs; but I wrote them anyway. Mainly because I want you to know I believe in you, even if we never met besides through my posts I believe you can do whatever you put your mind to. But I also want you to know that I know how much pressure society puts on people to be fit and look a certain way and it’s so fake. Most importantly I want you to live this big long beautiful life, just like you deserve. So if you need some advice or a workout buddy know I’m there for you. Your unofficial big sis KMH

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