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Relax. Reset. Repeat.

Relax. Reset. Repeat.

The phrase is as old as it gets Relax, Reset and repeat. Taking care of yourself has been one of the biggest pushes when it comes to millennials and Gen Z. We are constantly pushing for mental health days, self-care, and especially self-love all things that we feel have been neglected and are important when it comes to caring for yourself. Taking care of yourself is more than just a once-a-month or even once-a-week thing you should be doing… Taking care of yourself is something that should be done every single day; just like taking your vitamins or drinking water. I know it sounds crazy because each day you can’t go get a massage or your nails done, or even take a trip. When we don’t take care of ourselves that is when we run into issues with caring over yesterday’s problems into a new day, the days blend and the stress constantly builds up. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you take time to relax, reset, and even repeat as many times as you need to. 

For a long time, I always struggled with daily care. So I started saying relax, reset, and repeat. I say this because so many of us have our 9-5; 5 days a week and pretty consistently we do the same thing day in and day out. The tasks, the people we talk to, the location we work, and many other things are consistent and rarely ever change. This often cycle can lead to boredom as well as resentment making it a bit harder to let things go. This is why I like to remind myself each night to relax and reset. 

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax.


So what can you do to relax daily? How can you make sure you’re not carrying over yesterday’s problems into a new day? Can you even reset it? The answer lies yes! I have tried a bunch of different things over the years that have helped me: 

  • Write
    • A lot of the time we have all these built-up emotions and honestly confusion. Which can often leave a lot of people saying things they don’t mean or even saying things properly. So I have found taking time to sit down and write out how you are feeling and why you are feeling those emotions. Which is a great way to sort everything out and see if it’s worth fighting or if you can just let it go. 
      • Does not have to be a journal could be a letter you burn or rip up, or even shred. But something you’re able to put all your feelings and emotions onto a page and out of your mind.
  • Talk to someone
    • Find someone to talk to be a friend, a significant other, a sibling, a partner, or even a professional to talk to. Things happen it is, unfortunately, a part of life. But having someone to share your highs and lows of the day help to make you feel less alone and that your thoughts and feelings matter. 
      • I got in the habit of talking to someone daily and each night we talk about the high and the low of the day. What was the best part about the day and what was the worst? It helps me talk about the bad, but also helps me focus on the good as well. 
  • “You” Hobbies 
    • When I say “you” hobbies I mean activities/hobbies that bring you joy. Things you do all alone and don’t require too much attention, focus, or even time. This can be anything from picking up a new skill, playing guitar, singing in the car to knitting.
      • I recently learned to needlepoint. I kinda love how I just sit relax and forget about the world and just focus on how to thread a needle, follow the path, and stitch away to create a beautiful image. 
  • Release some stress 
    • Nothing like throwing a vase, going for a run, or lifting weight. Find an activity that helps you release some of your tensions in a healthy, non-threatening way, and is not hurtful to anyone including yourself. 
      • Running, boxing and wallball are three of my favorite things to do. They help me release some stress, anxiety, and tension I’ve been holding onto be it for a day or even a month. 
      • Often if I result to these after a long day it was a really bad day, and most people in my life know to give me some space till I’ve cooled off and am ready to talk. 
    • Activities
      • Make sure you have activities outside of work; activities you can share with someone or even do on your own. Yes, these are different than “you” hobbies. Mainly because they take time to either set up or require some attention/skill. 
        • I consider these things like Baking and playing video games Just simple things where you can have fun and share with someone.
    • Check-in with yourself 
      • Each day you should check in on yourself. See how you are feeling, what you felt bad about, what you felt you could do better, who you should reach out to, and even what you need to be better. Things you often ask your friends and family when you reach out to them.” Oh, you miss your brother have you thought about calling him?”
        • It sounds crazy but we tell other people how we are feeling do we ever ask ourselves if we are okay and what we could do to fix it. 
        • A lot of the time when I do this I’m often looking for one good thing to change my day 

Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency

-Natalie Goldberg

I know how crazy the world gets, and I know that with social standards and expectations we are always trying to please everyone around us that we often forget to take time for ourselves. Or even by the time we get to ourselves we don’t have the energy or know where to start. The thing is we don’t need much; All we need is 15 minutes.  15 minutes to just sit down, reflect on the day, what happened, and take time to let it go and relax. Every time we can relax we help reset our minds we create space and energy for new experiences, emotions, and thoughts. 

Whenever I look back at times when I feel so overwhelmed, had an anxiety attack, a panic attack, or even just a meltdown it is because I had not taken the time to process what I am going through. This is why each day I take those fifteen minutes to relax, reset, and just repeat (relaxing and resetting) day in and day out. It’s okay to fall apart I still do, but now it happens a lot less often all because I am making a conscious effort to spend a minimum of 15 minutes every single day to focus just on me, and how I am doing. I say this because I want everyone to be happy and healthy in their mind, in their body, and in the life they are living. I hope like every other blog I write you take this as your sign to start taking 15 minutes a day to relax and reset so you can start a new day without baggage from the past. I know you can handle whatever the world throws at you but if you have any doubt I got you back. Your unofficial internet big sis is here for you. If you ever get lost just ask your big sis. -KMH


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