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My Fall favorites Must Do

My Fall favorites Must Do

I always have my seasonal favorite activities to do and my fall favorites are some of my all-time favorites. Wednesday started the first official day of fall. As I drive around I’m already seeing the leaves begin to change, I’m pulling my sweaters down from the top shelves, and getting excited for longer colder nights. The fall season is one of my favorites; I am aware of my very white girl basic (WGB) of me. I do want to state I do not like Pumpkin Spice.  And trust me a lot of the stuff I love about fall is the very basic things, but more importantly, they are the things I loved to do as a kid that I’ve grown up with and added an adult twist to.

 The fall season is absolutely stunning (the leaves changing color) but the weather isn’t always in agreeance with what people want to do. I also know, unfortunately, the fall tends to be when I’m the busiest or even just slowly running out of energy from all the last-minute summer activities; But I still love to do things. I love to adventure, have fun, and make the most of the season (even spooky time even though I HATE horror films). So I figured instead of sharing a bucket list and since I don’t have one I’ll share my favorite fall activities that I always try to do each year. 

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go

  • Oktoberfest 
    • I celebrate with my friends in two ways. The first way wish I think is most common is just going to a fairground paying the entry fee and having fun there. The other way in which I have done this with friends is at someone’s house or apartment. Everyone has to bring their own stein, people dress up, everyone brings their own food (pretzels bites, beer cheese, bratwurst, and other German-style food). Usually, at someone’s house, it’s a ton of fun people can let their guard down, cut loose, and typically no one has to worry about driving home. As for the beer, we all split the cost of a Keg or even cases of beer. 
    • I’ve been to the original one in Munich, Germany and it was an insane experience so I do know this is actually in September as opposed to how we celebrate in October. 
  • Bake some apple cider donuts 
    • Apple cider donuts are the best donuts in my opinion. Making them makes it all so much more fun in my opinion. And yes you use real apple cider in the batter. These are some of my mom’s favorite things to make in the fall, and I think hers are better than the store-bought ones. 
      • And yes I’ve already had some of the ones she has made 🙂
  • Visit a pumpkin patch 
    • I love going to farms and visiting a pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things. There is just something about wandering the fields looking for your perfect pumpkin. 
      • When I was a kid the rule was you can choose any pumpkin or pumpkins you wanted as long as you are able to carry them. 
  • Carve a Pumpkin 
    • I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, and when it comes to carving a pumpkin I am all for it. You can carve anything from a face to a scene; heck I’ve even painted pumpkins before I love it. 
      • You do not need to get the pumpkin kit to find a cool face or scene I’ve printed a ton off of the computer and created some really cool ones. 
  • Pumpkin Seeds
    • One of the main reasons I love carving pumpkins is because I love getting all the seeds and making homemade pumpkin seeds. Yes, you have to separate the seeds from the rest of the pumpkin innards. Once you wash them, season them, and bake them they are so amazing and I LOVE them. 
      • I always season mine with pepper, salt, garlic, olive oil, and a bit of cayenne. 
  • Pumpkin art installation 
    • I think people who can carve pumpkins are some of the most talented artists in the land. This is why I love going to pumpkin art installations. It’s pretty cool to see all of these people’s art come to life in these insane exhibits and art installations that you are able to walk through. 
      • I love the one in New York I went to (I know there are hundreds); but I have also been to one in Boston, as well as in Pennsylvania  I do know some places last year did not do it because of Covid; if you have not been before I recommend that you take a look and see if there is one near you. 
  • Apple Picking 
    • Apple picking I tend to find as one of those experiences that can be so much fun or can be absolutely miserable all depending on the weather as well as what orchid you choose. Plus depending on when you go; the day after rain it’s muddy, on a clear sunny day it’s super crowded. Plus you have to pay for the apples you pick so you have to make sure you don’t pick too many.
  • Bake an apple or pumpkin pie 
    • If you have not gotten it I love food; especially baked goods. During the fall season, I tend to go overboard and feed all my guests and family the latest fall treat recipes I have found. But my two go-to’s are always Apple Pie and Pumpkin pie. 
    • It is also a lot of fun if you do this with your friends or significant other. I love sharing those experiences and also having a helping hand when it comes to the pie crust. 
      • I usually make these around thanksgiving for Friendsgiving, for fun, and even Thanksgiving with my family. 
      • I also make apple fritters, apple turnovers, pumpkin cheesecake, and a few others Pinterest is really awesome 
  • Fall Fest 
    • Every Town or County has a fall festival; filled with crafts, activities, farmers markets, and street vendors. All though these are not always number one on my list I do love just seeing/exploring the vendors, stores, or even shops showcase their things that I have never heard or seen before. Or even had seen or experience had it not been for the festival.  
  • Car ride with a view 
    • The fall foliage is one of my top three favorite views to stare at; because of it I absolutely love taking long “meaningless” car rides to enjoy the fall colors and the weather. 
      • I love grabbing someone who means a lot to you; grabbing a cup of coffee or apple cider and driving around talking while looking at the view and area. 
  • Hay Rides/Haunted Houses 
    • Most places have haunted hayrides or even haunted houses although I hate anything haunted (minus Disney’s Haunted Mansion). I am not afraid to admit I am a big baby when it comes to horror. But I always suck it up when it comes to Halloween time because it’s just part of the holiday in my mind. 
    • What I really do love is that each time or place is a bit different even if you go to the same place over and over again. 
      • I have a few ex-boyfriends I am still good friends with that will agree I will always go but I would bury my face in their shoulder and squeeze their hand far too hard. (I’m sorry but I know why you still tease me about horror) 
  • Build a scarecrow 
    • Building a homemade scarecrow is amazing. It is such an experience and also a really fun and creative thing to do. Plus you can use it as a decoration that can last for years. 
    • You also can do this at home you don’t have to go anywhere to do this. You just need hay, spare clothes, twine, and a few other things (depending on what type/style of scarecrow you’re trying to build).
      • I did this once with my family and it was a ton of fun mainly because we modeled it after my dad so we got to poke a bit of fun, and we also spent most of the time throwing hay and the spare clothing at each other.  
  • Movie marathon 
    • Fall is always a call to have your friends over in Pjs, make some popcorn, and watch a ton of movies. It’s just something about the weather getting colder. You don’t have to even watch a  movie there are tons of baking and other competitions you can watch. 
      • Personally, my favorite is the Halloweentown series, Hocus Pocus, Little Vampire, and the Haunted Mansion. (again I don’t really do horror) 
  • Seasonal Taste Test 
    • Trader Joe’s or any local restaurant always has seasonal treats. Some may be things you have never ever even tried before. Grab a bunch of friends make a budget and head into these stores and grab some snacks, treats, drinks, and whatever else you may find. Bring it back to someone’s place and do a taste test. 
      • You can even add a degree of fun to this and do a blind taste test. 
  • Halloween Game Night 
    • Game night is one of my favorite things you have a bunch of people over and everyone brings their favorite appetizer to share with the group. However, in fall I like to add a layer, especially around Halloween; and people bring candy. 
    • Also, it is a super fun time to do the hunt a killer series/mystery game
      • We also had moments where we make trick or treat bags and those go to the winners of each game. It always adds a bit more competitiveness when you’re competing for something. 
  • Visit Haunted Happenings 
    • Since I live in New England and Massachusetts is not far from me I always make sure to visit Salem around Halloween mainly because of Hocus Pocus but also because of the history of the Witches Trials I find so Fascinating. While I lived in New York You better believe I visited Sleepy Hallow to hear more about the Legend of the Headless horseman 
      • Check your local areas or even plan a trip to visit these areas to see the spookiness of the season. 

The fall season is one of my favorite seasons. which is why I have my fall favorites list to truly make the season special. Not just with how it looks, what you can wear, but also what you can do. I always think fall has a little bit of something for everyone; full of various indoor and outdoor activities. Something for everyone and by everyone I really do mean everyone, like I said a lot of these were activities I started to do when I was younger with my family that I still do today! 

Hopefully when you look at this your already planning your excitement and maybe some weekends of fall fun with your friends and family. Spend some time creating your own fall favorites and doing them! Take this season to really relax and enjoy yourself all while creating memories. And if you really need another challenge or bucket list adventure the Sunset Challenge is a good start.  Also, Let me know what you do! Enjoy your fall -KMH


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