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Leveling Up

Leveling Up

As we grow up we always want to be better or be leveling up our life, but it’s not that easy. We are always going to be the harshest critic. No matter how much positive affirmation or support and love we show ourselves we always look at ourselves and go I can be better. Some days this can be such a negative thing while others this can be a motivational drive to be better or as I like to say “Level up” who we are. 

The big issue with wanting to level up is the mindset of “Why me” has to be pushed to the side and forgotten. Thus focusing on the things you can control and change as opposed to the t hinges you cannot. You also have to be incredibly honest with yourself. It sounds crazy to think but how can one be better? How can one level up? 

I often struggle with this a lot because I am so used to thinking that if I just push through, or if I just make 1% more, or even if I just think other people have it worse than me I’ll be satisfied in who I am and where I am at this moment in life. But why don’t I start making those changes now to create and level up the current I’ve I am living? These last few months I did exactly that; I looked at what I can do and how can I start leveling up my life to start making steps to be better in the way I want to be better. 

It is not about you being the best. It is about you making changes for you and only you to help live the life you want to live.


How to start: 

  • Admitting that there are areas you need to change or be better at. 
    • This I mean evaluating yourself; how did you handle that situation? What could you have done better than you can fix for the next time? 
    • I use to always say in sports “It is always harder after a win than a loss” I would say this as after a win or success we always look at the good but rarely look at what we fell short on and how we can be better. 
  • Make sure you are focusing on what you want 
    • You need to live your life the way you want to live. Not the way other people want you to live. Significant others and people who say they care about you may try to change or push you to be the person they want you to be as opposed to who you want to be. Make sure when you are making changes these changes are for you. 
  • Understand there are things outside of your control 
    • You cannot control everything and that is okay. Do not get hung up on what you cannot control just focus on what you can. 
  • Not everyone is going to be on board 
    •  Especially if you have been living your life the way there’s want you to live not everyone is going to support you. 
    • You also have to remember jealousy and hate do happen it’s a part of life don’t let that stop you. It sucks but some people cannot stand other people being more successful or happier in their life situations. 

Things I use that helped me: 

  • Find your motivation; find you’re why 
    • Your motivation and why could be your end goal but is more often than not the reason why you decided to level up. This could be a number of things but it should be something that is personal to you 
      • A good example is maybe you want to get fit; you are getting fit for yourself but your why maybe your kids. You want to be fit to be a part of your kid’s life and set a good example. Your kids are your motivation and why. 
  • Figure out what you want to focus on 
    • You cannot make a blanket statement and say I want to be better or I want to level up my life. You have to know the area or areas that you want to work on in order to level up your life. 
  • Research 
    • I always go back to how important research is because it’s crucial. There is so much information on the internet that is not true and so many so-called “experts” filled with lies and false statements that can really hurt you. By doing research you’ll be able to understand what is going to work for you, your options, as well as what areas you need to improve on. 
  • Patience 
    • Good things take time and change does not happen overnight especially when you are the one getting a front-row seat. 
      • I often see and even do myself is quit because I lose patience. Just because I may not see the results now or it’s not moving as fast as s I would have liked does not mean that progress is not being made. 
  • Habit tracker
    • Keep track of the progress or goals you are making. Cheating is only going to hurt you and no one else. 
      • I think habit trackers are so underrated. Habit trackers help you develop a habit. Be it drinking water, working out, saving money, or even writing in your journal. It’s a self-claimed set of accountability that if you use it right could help you develop a healthy habit. 
  • Schedule it in 
    • Often at times I hear and have even been told there are not enough hours in the day. The truth is we all have the same amount of time how we use and utilize that time tends to separate us all. By scheduling time (like a doctor’s appointment, fitness class, and even a. Date) we are showing ourselves we are serious, we care, and we want to make a change 
      • A year ago when I started doing yoga it was the only workout I would do all week most weeks. The main reason I made it every week twice a week was I scheduled a class and made sure I showed up. It was a meeting for me to be better and I knew I needed to show up to level up my life. (By schedule I mean it was in my calendar, my planner, I made sure it was all the way scheduled). 
  • One thing at a time 
    • You may be wanting to hang out in every aspect of your life and that is great! But make sure each section or part is getting your undivided attention. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to commit 100% and give it you’re all. 
      • By this I mean if you want to fix your savings and your health that is great! However, while you are benching just focus on benching don’t think of how much money you need to put into your savings account by Friday at the same time.

It sounds crazy when you think about it; Leveling up your life. It almost makes it seem that the life you are currently living is awful. When in fact it’s not awful it’s a good life that’s a lot of people would be happy with and you are, but you just see room for growth and expansion to be better. There is. Nothing wrong with yourself wanting that or going for that at all. You deserve to live whatever life, however, you want to live. For me personally, I feel like all I talk about now is how the last few months some changes forced themselves on me, and I realized I needed to make some changes too. Not because I wasn’t happy but because I knew I wanted to be better and that I could be better. 

I know change is scary and it’s hard and often you’re taking this crazy trust fall to the unknown hoping someone catches you or you grow a pair of wings and fly. But As I have said anymore isn’t it better to try than wonder what if? So what can you do today that can help change and level up your life? -KMH 

P.S. You know I’m always cheering you on and happy to help; Just ask your unofficial big sis. 

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