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Habits that Changed my Life

Habits that Changed my Life

Finding and creating habits that changed my life was not an easy task. I feel like every time I go on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even check out other people’s blogs are always talking about the best things you can do for yourself. Often at times I have been too stubborn, too busy, not caring, and even just think it’s a bunch of wish wash. Not this time I decided to make a real change. As you know unless your new here; I’ve basically been forced (best thing ever) to restart and fix my life. 

When it all started I had no idea where to start. However, after some time, I started to take time for myself, look at my routine and daily life habits, and try to see what can be changed. What can be better? What is actually helping me and what is actually hurting me. And since I’ve been reworking and fixing my life to level up I had some time to really try new things. 


One of the hard parts about habits is you are not sure if they are going to work with your life. I didn’t want to rework every little detail just to create better habits. Once I started I focused on small things, things that were easy enough to change, and slowly I started seeing a big difference. after a few weeks, I had developed habits that changed my life. 

“Mindset, Habits, and routines are the building blocks for your success toward your wellness goals.”

-Robyn Conely Downs

Here are some things I found truly beneficial: 

  • Wake up and drink room temp water with lemon 
    • I love coffee and I love tea. But nothing and I mean nothing has quite helped me wake up and feel ready for the day as a glass of room temp water with some lemon in it. 
    • I’ve seen a ton of health benefits online help your metabolism, promotes hydration, healthy skin, aids in digestion, and so many other things 
      • On days I get a good 8+ hours of sleep I don’t even need caffeine or really even want it. The lemon water is enough to get me started and going with my day 
      • So yes this is the first thing I drink and before I eat 


  • Stretch when you wake up and before you go to bed 
    • We all sleep in weird positions and some of us without our knowledge hold stress and tension while we sleep. And sleep is when we are supposed to relax 
      • When I wake up and I do a good stretch I don’t feel as tense or tight. Bt most importantly it is another way to wake me up and set the tone for the day 
      • Before bed, it is a great way to release any stresses that I may have picked up through the day. Stretching helps me not clench my hands when I sleep along with many other things. 


  • Always have breakfast 
    • I’m not talking have a huge meal but eating something be a piece of toast, an apple, a yogurt, or even a fruit bowl is important
      • Food controls a  huge part of my mood and energy so when I skip it I usually want to go to bed by 5:30. Plus it leads to headaches and just a spiral of me forgetting to take care of myself


  • Spend 15 minutes with just you, your thoughts, and your ideas to get them in order 
    • Taking time to process your day helps make sure you don’t carry over today’s drama to tomorrow’s miracle. 
      • I am always looking for ways to grow and the best growth has always come from looking at how can I improve. That can be from things learning about what upset me today, facing today’s doubts/insecurities, or even what I wanted to get done but didn’t. By being able to acknowledge all this I’m able to set myself up to grow tomorrow.  


  • Make sure at least one fruit or veggie is eaten a day
    • I know you may think well duh. But when I got super busy there were days I just ate carbs, fast food, or even just proteins and wouldn’t have a vegetable or a piece of fruit. 
    • And sometimes when I would have a vegetable each day I’d add a ton of oil salt and pepper or I’d even add butter. Not the best for you. 
      • Now I mix it up some days I’ll have an apple, a smoothie, carrots, or even some celery. Any fruit or vegetable that’s able to provide me nutrition not soaked in oil or butter  


  • Spend at least 30 minutes moving your body 
    • I want to be here for a good time and a long time, and I know that moving my body is important to that. 
    • It fights a ton of health benefits: Obesity, blood clots, lower blood pressure, build bone and muscles, and a ton of other things. 
      • Yes, I go to the gym and may put in an hour and a half workout; but on days I have meetings, interviews, or plans I make sure I spend 30 minutes doing something. This could be from yoga to just walking the block isn’t always crazy just always involves movement.  


  • Water is your friend 
    • Drinking the right amount of water is more important than people think…Like our body is 90% water and you have to make sure you keep that balance for a lack of a better term to keep your organs functioning. 
    • Some other health benefits include Faster recovery (hangovers and gym), better digestion, healthy skin, staying full, and a ton of other benefits. 
      • One thing I did find out is that how much water you should drink is dependent on how active you are as well as your body (height and weight) so yes 8 cups a day may be right but it’s just the average. 


  • No phone 
    • The first thirty minutes to an hour each morning no cell phone use unless you have to (phone call you to have to answer or email) By not looking at my phone first thing in the am I’m allowing myself to wake up more naturally and I’m also not falling into the habit of sitting in bed for hours scrolling through social media. 
      • Prior to trying this, I would wake up at 6 am and scroll on Instagram or even youtube and not get out of bed till 10:30, and I’d lose so much morning productivity. 


As I said when it came to finding habits that changed my life I didn’t want to toss out the things I already had. I still had success with my motivational morning. Adding in things such as less phone time in the morning, swapping Fruits for a granola bar, and even making sure I have time with my thoughts made a huge difference in my life. I;m not saying toss out how you did things, but more what little things can you add or even swap out to make your day better.  

I talk a lot about how I try to be better, and I want to be clear I was really happy with a lot of aspects of my life. However, I also knew there were a lot of areas that weren’t as structurally sound, or even parts that I knew needed work so I would hide it. I knew hiding part of me or who I was meant that no one ever got to know me and I hated that feeling. So I’ve been making sure to take the opportunity to make those areas structural sound, polish them up, and bring them into the light so people can get to know me and see me. Developing healthy habits helped changed me for the better.

“Good Habits are as addictive as bad habits, just much more rewarding”


We all are really amazing unique individuals in this ever-changing world with our ever-growing minds and ideas. Having core habits to fall back on and help keep us grounded and a solid foundation We can always change, add, or even rip up our foundation but on bad or stormy days we know we’ll be alright because we have our habits/rituals to fall back on because they are our foundation. If you don’t have a set of habits or rituals that is okay; maybe this is your sign to start developing some or maybe they just aren’t for you. If you do have some let me know what are some of the healthy habits that you swear by!

As always I wish you nothing but the best.  -KMH 

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