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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving and black friday are right around the corner, which means the 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas are here! Shopping for family and friends can be extremely stressful plus add on the fact that you may have to give other people ideas on what to get you. So don’t worry your unofficial big sis has a few ideas to help you out this year. 


Now just like last year none of my 2021 holiday gift ideas or sponsors, I don’t get anything from you ordering or clicking a link in the blog. All of these are just gift ideas I have gotten, have asked for, used daily, gotten from others, and some I just absolutely love. I put together this list in hopes that one or maybe all 20; can help you out this holiday and cause you less stress and a merrier happier holiday season. 


1. Aera Diffuser  


Photo from: Aera.com



This diffuser is a digital diffuser; there are hundreds of different scents and even a  bunch that are seasonal. The coolest thing about this is you can plug it in and connect it to your phone and control how much or how little scent teh diffuser releases. My favorite part about it though is even as the days or weeks on the scent never fades like most plugins. They even have ones for all my pet owners out there. 


2. Fit Track Scale 


Photo from: Getfittrack.com


I use this daily. This isn’t your typical scale. This scale records more then just your weight it also tracks your hydration, BMI, Body age, Bone mass, and many more things that truly help make sure you’re meeting your fitness goals in a healthy manner. One scale can have multiple people and all the records are on your phone. If you or someone you know has fitness goals this is for you! They even have perks for additional fees like meal plans and other things. 


3. Coop Pillow 


Photo from: Coophomegoods.com


For the first time in over a year I haven’t been running around on planes and traveling for work; all I have been doing is being able to sleep in my bed with my own pillows and that’s when I realized how much they sucked. I found Coop and my world changed. Their pillows are memory foam; however you get to choose how fluffy or flat the pillow is. All pillows come the same, you just have the ability to add or remove as much or as little stuffing as you want. This makes the pillow custom to you and your sleep needs. To this day I cannot sleep without it; that’s how amazing the pillow is. My dog will even try to steal it during the day for his afternoon nap. 


4. Airpods and airpod case (any wireless headphone)


Photo From: me


I got airpods at the beginning of the year and they are a staple to my everyday life. The case is great because they are constantly attached to my keys. And I always have them on me for whenever I need to make a more private phone call or listen to music while I shop. My workouts especially have benefited from them not having a cord has made working out so much easier. And I don’t have to worry about my headphones falling out. Plus they last for almost 4 hours; and your phone tells you how much battery life teh case and the airpods have. I do know theta re a bit pricey (especially if you want the pros) I know beats and a few other companies 


5. Custom Camera Strap 


Photo from: Wildtreeoutdoors.com Wildlife Camera Strap 


I know a ton of us have picked up photography as a hobby. So many of us have the same camera with little to none of us having any features that make it look like an original. Getting a custom camera strap helps make the camera one of a kind and really help highlight the uniqueness of the user. I love the ones off etsy; as well as Tether straps, and WildTree are a few of my favorites. 


6. Phone case


Photo from: Casetify.com 


I get it phone cases may not seem all that exciting or even original but maybe that is because you’re just buying the basic ones? I mean there are hundreds of cell phone cases out there and you can even get them customized. From words, fonts, adn sayings to even adding photos. Plus who says you can’t have multiple phone cases to match an outfit or an occasion or even your mood? A few of my favorite cases are from Casetify and Otter box. But we all know there are so many other brands out there.


7. Aero Garden (Countertop herb garden) 


Photo from: Aerogarden.com 


I got my mom this last year for christmas and now ½ my family owns one and almost all of her friends have it. There are various different sizes and you can grow multiple things. From various types of herbs, to pepper, tomatoes, and even flowers. It’s so easy to maintain; and you can start seeing growth as soon as 5 days after you “plant” in the garden. The pods produce so many herbs you can use them daily. It’s a great gift for all the chefs and cooks in your life. 


8. Custom Make-up bag 


Photo from: Amazon.com Relavel Travel Makeup Bag


Now we all have the beauty/make-up lover in our life and maybe it’s even you. One thing that is really difficult is that not every makeup is the same size, pallets, blushes, concealers, etc all have various cases, designs, and covers making it a bit harder to travel with. These make up bags allow you to change the inside pockets/space allowing you to fit more make-up securely. It’s perfect for long or short travels. But especially perfect because it brings an ease of mind to users knowing their makeup isn’t rolling around loose in a bag! Amazon and allie Glines makes really great ones.


9. Reusable Tumblr 


Photo from: Simplymodern.com


A huge advocate for saving the planet and I personally find that I drink more water when I have a straw. Also they are really great because you can bring them to the airport empty and fill them up at one of the water bottle stations and you’re golden (don’t have to buy that $10 airport bottle water). There are tons of different companies, colors, designs, and so many options to choose from. Three of my favorites are Yeti, Swell, and Simply Modern. 


10. Habit tracker


Photo from: Barnesandnobles.com habit Tracker log book by peter pauper press


This year and what I plan on carrying into the new year is making sure I have my life in order the way I want it to be. Creating healthy habits, rituals, routines, all while still making sure I’m still doing my everyday responsibilities. I find these amazing for people looking to make a change in their everyday life. Youc na get these from Target, Barnes and Nobles, and amazon. One of my favorites is called the Gold Coil; you can customize it to what you really need to be, moods, habits, goals, and so much more. 


11. Fun Forts; Fort Building Kit 


Photo from: Amazon.com Power Your fun fun forts glow fort building kit


I love gifts for little kids that are STEM related and this is one of those gifts. It comes in various styles and colors (even glow in the dark). Its gives kids the opportunity to use their creativity to create and build a fort or any 3-d design they desire. You can add a blanket over it and make it a real fort. But it’s a great activity for young kids to play, learn, and explore there imagination. 


12. Custom Shoes 


Photo from: me


Some people like to show off their fashion sense by the shoes they wear. Getting custom designed shoes is one of those (I recently got a pair of Air Force 1’s with blue, green, and purple butterflies on it). There are so many different options, styles, and even shoe choices. What I really love about this is it’s such a personal gift that is made or designed just for you. A few places to look is Etsy, Local Artists, and Drip Creationz.  


13. Experience 



This will never not be on one of my gift idea lists. Mainly because this could be anything. It doesn’t have to be something extreme; it’s just saying hey here is an activity I think you would like and maybe would even like doing it with me. Some of my favorite experiences include: Museum tickets, cooking classes, pottery classes, excursion/adventure on an upcoming trip, or even just a gift card to their favorite restaurant. The best thing to use is Yelp, Group-on, and even google to find experiences near where you or someone you re gifting this lives. 


14. Milk Frother 


Photo from: walmart.com 4 in 1 Farberware Electric Milk Frother


I got a milk Frother last year for christmas and it changed my life. Now in the comfort of my own kitchen; I can easily produce coffee shop/cafe style drinks. Like hot chocolate with warm fluffy milk; just like starbucks does? Yes please! Its great for turning your t home coffee needs into feeling like and actual coffee shop. There are so many options and places you can get them from; Target, Walmart, William Sonoma, Amazon, and many other places. 


15. Exploding Kittens 


Photo from: Explodingkittens.com 


We all know people who love a good card game or even just enjoy being able to play games. Exploding kittens is a great multiplayer card game kinda like Uno but not quite. Where not only skill to play the game but also chance and luck. It’s definitely a fun family friendly game and yes of course you can even play it with your friends. You can find this card game at many location such as: Exploding Kitten suffixal Website, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and many other stores and online shops.  And yes they have multiple expansion packs! 


16. Star projector


Photo from: Amazon.com BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0


I have one and I absolutely love it. It creates such an amazing atmosphere in my bedroom or anywhere where I make it a fort and plug it in. It’s so relaxing and really makes me feel like I’m in my own little world. It’s a great night light, and even helps set the scene or mood. For me whenever I am anxious or panicked I like to go for a drive and find a spot to stare at the stars and this allows me to do it even on nights when it’s cloudy or poor weather. 


17. Gua Sha


Photo from: Amazon.com Gua Sha Facial Tool, Natural Jade Stone


This has been around for centuries but recently has reentered into a lot of peoples (including mine) and its a great gift for anyone who loves skin care. Gua Sha is either made out of jade or quartz and is used for facial massages. It helps decrease puffiness as well as really helps tighten the skin. Please do know there is a right and a wrong way to use this. Make sure you do the research to know the right way. You can find these at Target, Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, and many other online and retail stores 


18. Laptop stand 


Photo from: Amazon.com Lamicall laptop stand


A Lot of us are still working from home and a few of us have migrated abc into the office one thing aht all of us or at least most of us are doing is bending over to read, type, scroll, and just simply work causing us to have bad posture and even back pain. Putting your laptop on a raised stand really helps with this issue. Again you can find a color or style that suits you or whoever at various locations: Amazon, target, QVC, Best Buy, Staples, and other locations. 

*I do recommend also looking into getting a wireless keyboard and mouse too!


19. Yoga Mat 


Photo From: Gaiam.com Performance Jute Yoga Mat


Now you don’t have to do yoga to have a yoga mat. Yoga mats are great spaces to mediate, do yoga, stretch, and even your daily workout. Plus you are able to take this with you anywhere and have a space to work out be it a hotel room, your parents house, or even out camping in the wilderness. Clearly i love giving you options! Target, Dicks Sporting Goods,Gaiam, Lulu Lemon, and many other places!


20. Pajamas 


Photo from: L.L.Bean.com Women’s Super-Soft Shrink Free Pajama Set


It amazes me how many people don’t have one set of pajamas. I’m not talking about old gym clothes, or t-shirts. I’m talking about an actual set of pajamas. One that you could wear around your significant other’s family, ones you don’t mind people taking a picture or posting it on facebook. I’m talking about a nice set of pajamas that you can sleep in and wear around others comfortably. Tons of places sell them Old Navy, Target, L.L. Bean, Gap, and basically Most clothing stores. 


Honorary mentions: 

Happy little dinosaur card game 

Passport cover/ luggage tag 

Adult coloring book (helps with anxiety) 

Resistance bands 

Foam roller 

Custom piggy bank 

New Luggage 


I know these aren’t all the most amazing gifts you can ask for or gift someone this holiday season but I want to hear from you! What are some of your 2021 Holiday gift ideas? And if you are still stuck head on over to last year’s blog “Gift Giving Ideas” for even more gifts. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas.



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