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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are one of those things that truly help keep the spirit of Christmas alive and well. However, the older I get the less Christmassy December feels to me. A lot of this is because I’m older and the magic of Santa isn’t the same. I remember being a kid struggling to fall asleep because I was so excited for Santa. Even more excited that I would wake up at 5 am and sit in my room till my other siblings got up so we could wake up my parents and go see what Santa brought.


Now that I’m older my focus has shifted a lot more to other meanings and different forms of traditions. Now don’t get me wrong last year I talked about how my family keeps the Spirit of Christmas alive even though we are older you can find that article here. But I’m more talking about the Christmas traditions I do that put me in the holiday mood. I won’t lie I have been heavily leaning into them this year. As I need all the Christmas cheer and spirit I can find.


  • Christmas Shopping 
    • I spend hours and I mean hours thinking and looking for gift ideas to get the people in my life.
    • I even spend hours researching the best option, deals, savings, and coupons.
  • Wrapping Presents 
    • I am obsessed with wrapping presents for people; I take so much care in wrapping them, picking out ribbons, adding bows, and labels
    • One of my favorites parts is making them look perfect like the holiday movies and magazines
    • The best part is seeing people’s faces when you hand them this gift and they are just in shock with how much care I put into the wrapping
  • Baking Cookies
    • I bake all year round but there are some cookies that I specifically make only at Christmas time like gingerbread cookies.
    • I put on a cute Christmas apron, play some Christmas music or a Christmas movie, and even store all my cookies in Christmas theme tins.
    • Plus, it’s awesome to share them with friends and family and eat while watching Christmas movies.
  • Decorating my Space 
    • I think a big portion of me is I want to feel like it’s Christmas while I’m home.
    • Each year I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, and I go all out. I change pillows, mugs, bowls, plates, sheets, and I of course hang tons of lights and ornaments.
  • Nightly Christmas Movie
    • Each night I watch a new or different Christmas movie. It could be from Hulu, Netflix, Hallmark, or any other form. I just love seeing and watching Christmas movies.
    • New and old movies, even movies I’ve seen it is just a great way to put you in the mood.
  • Christmas Attire 
    • No, I do not dress up as Santa or an elf. But I do have shirts, sweaters, long sleeves, and even specific PJs that I wear just at Christmas time.
    • It’s one of those things that are small or subtle but gets help get my mind into Christmas mode
  • Holiday Bucket List 
    • Each year I create a small (1-5) things I really want to do this holiday season be it as big as seeing the Rockefeller tree or as small as getting a peppermint mocha.
    • Each time I do one thing I feel a little bit closer to the Christmas Magic
    • If you need some ideas don’t worry, I have a Holiday Bucket List for you!

Although I really do love Christmas time and Christmas traditions, I know that not every year feels like Christmas as I said earlier it’s been a rough year for me to truly feel like I am in that holiday spirit. But I am trying! Therefore, I am reverting back to my Christmas Traditions because I want to truly feel the magic of the holidays! I also want to take this time to create new traditions that I either do by myself or with friends or family.


That is one of the unique parts of Christmas traditions; you can create your own! You get the ability to choose how you want to celebrate or create your Christmas or Holiday traditions. One tradition I started a few years ago was Black Friday shopping with a Peppermint Mocha. It’s silly but each time I do that it’s my sign that my mind needs to switch to Christmas cheer.


Traditions are one for those things that are great with family and friends; but they truly only have an impact on the people who truly love and care about them. Creating your own holiday traditions be it changing your wardrobe or the way your house looks it doesn’t matter. All that matter is that you’re creating them and making memories that help you feel the magic that around this time of year.


Let me know what some of your holiday or Christmas traditions are; I may just steal one! I hope you get into the holiday mood and can feel the magic this time of your – Your unofficial internet big sis KMH




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