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Holiday wish for you

Holiday wish for you

With Christmas Eve tomorrow, I have a holiday wish for you. Each year I know how stressful the holidays are. Between trying to shop for everyone on your list, changing your routine for gatherings, and all the other pressures that come with the holiday season. I want to keep this short and sweet so you can get back to family time or wrapping presents. 


My holiday wish for you this season is this: 


  • I hope when things go wrong (they will) you are able to laugh it off and not hold onto what it could have been. 


  • I hope you are able to relax and let go of the things you won’t be able to control 
    • Be it traffic, a gift not arriving, getting something you hate, or heaters it maybe let it go. 


  • You take a moment to look around at the family and friends you have around you; if 2019 taught us anything don’t take it for granted. 


  • It is okay to have boundaries and your own set of rules whatever helps you feel most comfortable and confident in your surroundings. 


  • I truly hope if you’re in a new place that you are welcomed with open arms. And by no means feel like you are unwanted or uncomfortable. 
    • People make sure you take the mila-seconds it takes to introduce your plus one; even if someone has already met them. 


  • Mostly I hope you are able to create memories to last a lifetime. Ones that bring you smiles when you think about them. 


I cannot thank you enough for taking time to read and support As told by KMH especially with all the changes going on this year. I truly hope you are able to enjoy spending time with those you have chosen to spend the holidays with. My true holiday wish for you is that you make the most out of the day. Have a magical Christmas and holiday season with your family and we’ll be back next week with our usual scheduled program. Remember to put yourself first this holiday season and don’t be afraid to do a mental health check-in. -Your unofficial big sis KMH



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