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2022 Manifestation

2022 Manifestation

2021 is ending which means it’s time to do our 2022 manifestation. If you do not know manifesting is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief. Now you may not believe in manifesting and that is okay! To me manifesting is more about realizing what your goals are, writing them down, and consciously working toward them. To be clear there are many different forms such as letters to the universe, vision boards, manifestation lists, and many others. Please do whatever fits you.  


Now I talked in my 2021 wrap-up how this past year (2021) was not that amazing. My goal is to use the mishaps, lessons, and bad days as stepping stones for an amazing 2022. And with the big goals I have for 2022; I have no desire to mess around and not get them all completed. So, you can bet I already have my 2022 manifestation complete and hanging on the wall for me to see. 


Now I am breaking my 2022 manifestation into 10 different categories. Now I won’t lie, I did not make these categories (well most of them). I got this from a podcast called The Lady Gang and loved it so much. However, I did tweak it a bit to work better for me. And by all means; please tweak mine to work for you! I do recommend trying to add at least 2 things per category, but it can be up to as many as you would like!



  • Now this is anything involving the money you earn or what you owe. Think improving your credit score, paying off your debt, investing in the stock market, or even creating that emergency or rainy-day fund. 
  • This can be as specific or broad as you would like it to be, but it should only be about how you want to spend or save your money. 



  • Business is anything related to your career, side hustle, work, or even business you own. Maybe it is increasing your social media engagement, getting a raise/promotion, finding new clients, or working on your consistency. 
  • This goal is how you want to improve going forward with what you do for a living.



  • Home is anything involving your house or where you live. Maybe you need to deep clean more often, or work on making your bed daily. Is there a DIY project you’ve been pushing off till you have time? 
  • I often think of this category as things to help improve your home; or maybe even to create one. 



  • Family is the most important thing we have be your biological blood family or your chosen family. Use this category to think of how you want to improve or work on your relationships with your family. 
  • Some good ideas would be maybe reaching out to them once a week. Writing thank you letters when you receive gifts or such. Maybe even creating a family dinner or reunion so that everyone can get together. 



  • All I do is preach how important self-care is. This is a category to feed your mind, soul, and spirit. 
  • Self-care should be anything that nourishes you. Be taking fifteen minutes a day to yourself, journaling, or whatever helps you. 



  • Now this is where you focus on your body and wellness. Health doesn’t have to be a weight loss goal or even working out. Health is any step you may take to make sure you’re living a healthy life. 
  • Think taking your vitamins, going to your annual check-ups, getting fresh air a day, eating a healthy meal, or quitting an unhealthy habit. 
  • If these past two years have taught us anything; it’s that taking care of yourself and making sure we are healthy is important.



  • Relationships could be your significant other, your partner, your friends, or even your co-workers. 
  • This could be the relationships you want to build, what you want out of relationships, what you need to work on, or even the boundaries you need to create. Think of this as what you want to give but also what you expect out of relationships. 



  • Think of where you want to travel, what you want to see, how you are going to spend those vacation, sick, or PTO days! It doesn’t need to be a month-long vacation it could be a day trip, or a small weekend getaway
  • Your travel goal may also be part of your money goal and that is okay!



  • I am always focusing on how I can continue to learn new things and expand my mind and skills. As I like to say I like being liquid; having the ability to learn, expand and absorb new things. 
  • For me this is anything from learning about the stock market, reading more books this year. Picking up a new skill, or even learning a new language. 



  • This could be anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories, which is why it’s called silly. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but yourself. 
  • An example of this could be growing bangs, or watching every movie nominated for an Oscar. 


Manifesting for me is not just realizing my goals but also seeing them every single day. That’s right my 2022 manifestation list is hung up on the wall. I’m always creating and working on how I can be better for myself and for the people I interact with. Being able to see my goals helps me to continuously put in the work, and effort to get all that I want to achieve by the end of 2022. 


What are some of your 2022 manifestations? Should I share what’s on mine? Now remember these are just outlines/categories to help you create your own 2022 manifestation list. Creating your own list can be private to you and doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. These are your own goals and your own dreams. You can be as private or public about it as you want. If you need more help read last years tips too. You can find those here. 


I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year. I hope the year starts off amazing; and as we continue through it, I hope the bad days make you wiser, and the good times last for ours. -Your unofficial Big Sis KMH



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