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Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

It’s that time of year, and I’ve given you the holiday bucket list; now it is time for the winter bucket list. During the winter it’s always colder and not many people have the motivation to do things or to go out and explore. However, the winter season has some really awesome and beautiful seasonal activities.


I understand now the cold may not be for everyone but hear me out. The main reason I even started my bucket list series was that I want to give people, families, couples, and friends ideas of what they can do. During the winter often we spend our days inside watching TV and movies. Don’t get me wrong they are great; however, there is so much more to do.


My hope with the winter bucket list is that little motivation and push to maybe head out and do something new. This I also completely different from my holiday bucket list, but some activities could absolutely fall into both places!  Maybe even help you plan a fun family outing or a cute date. With that being said here is my winter bucket list:


  • Ice Skating
    • Even if you suck at ice skating it is so much fun to do, especially if you are with someone who isn’t taking it too seriously. Dress warm try and relax but most importantly just have fun.
    • Also, don’t be afraid to fall! It happens even to Olympic athletes.
  • Horse and Carriage Ride 
    • As someone who grew just outside of NYC The horse and carriage ride through the city in the winter has always looked magical to me.
    • Plus get a hot chocolate, some blankets, and the cold perfect excuse to cuddle.
  • Dog Sledding 
    • As a dog lover and avid watcher of Balto when I was younger dog sledding was my obsession. It is also insanely cool.
    • I highly recommend looking into what areas or places around you offer this option. It is an amazing experience of adrenaline rush that you get to experience with dogs!
  • Build a Snowman
    • We’ve all seen frozen by now…so Do you want to build a snowman?
    • Heck even turn it into a competition who can build one faster or who can just make an overall prettier one
  • Snowball Fight
    • I’m 27 and still take every opportunity to throw a snowball at the people in my life. Even if I do not have gloves on.
    • So, turning my sneak attack into a full-blown epic battle brings me back to the days I was 12 in my parent’s backyard.
  • Make Snow Angel
    • Personally, I recommend doing this at night with a clear sky. Just something so magical about laying in the snow staring up at the stars.
    • Again, dress warm and maybe wear a snowsuit.
  • Bikini Snowdrop 
    • I used to do this as a makeshift ice bath after snowboard lessons. I would be so sore.
    • Yet you see it all over social media. People put on their bathing suits and jump into the snow.
  • Winter Night Hot Tub
    • Pop on a hat, grab a drink, and enjoy a dip in the hot tub. Just make sure you can get back into the house/hotel and also that you have a robe or something you can throw on for that cold air
    • For me, late at night looking at the stars is my favorite thing. Just something so relaxing and honestly almost a little vulnerable about being out late under the stars talking with someone.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding 
    • I ski and have learned to snowboard (I suck) but there’s just something so freeing and adventurous exploring resorts or mountains while skiing down.
  • Sledding 
    • Anytime it would snow we would spend the day outside sledding. My parent’s house has a huge hill, so it was always perfect for sledding.
    • Plus, if you have a sled, and a hill you can do this in private and don’t have to worry about a time limit or a fee.
  • Tubing 
    • Tubing is an activity that you can either do in your backyard (you must buy a tube) or you can find a place that has tubing!
    • I have done tubing at resorts before, and it is always nice to make it a little event and grab dinner or a drink after. It is one of those experiences that I really remember doing with family and friends as a kid.
  • Snowmobiling/ATV
    • If you have not been able to tell I love being adventurous and having a thrill and getting my adrenaline pumping.
    • Being able to rent for a day or a few hours maybe even a local place has a tour?
  • Catch Snowflakes 
    • Be a kid again and catch them on your tongue
    • If you like science catch them on a black piece of paper and use a magnifying glass or microscope. You’ll really be able to see that one-of-a-kind mother nature beauty
  • Have a Snow Day 
    • Whether work or school has given you one take one. Spend a day to yourself having fun. Be it watching movies in PJ’s or shopping online. Call it a snow day and go have fun.
  • Act/Get Snowed in/Stuck in
    • Kind of like a snow day but don’t go anywhere. Sleep in, relax, bake, have a movie day, or whatever makes you happy.
    • And if you are snowed in make sure you have plenty of supplies (pre-snow fall), and you are warm.
  • Night Skiing/Snowboarding 
    • Not many places do this as it is very dangerous. But when you do find a place that does it; it’s amazing. No, you do not see the stars. But it’s very relaxing. Plus, I love the adrenaline rush
  • Snow/Ice Castle 
    • I went last year to one and it was epic. Just so amazing to watch people who are so talented cave a structure that you can walk in and walk around and on!
  • Hot Chocolate Competition 
    • This is always fun to do with friends or family everyone has to bring/make their favorite hot chocolate recipe for the group, and you all get to vote who had the best.
  • Biggest Icicle hunt 
    • My parents would have us do this when we were being annoyed. We must find the biggest icicle and whoever had the biggest either chose the snack, dinner, movie or won a dollar.
    • It works great when you are on vacation or like my parents did when we are annoying.
  • Make favorite soup (homemade)
    • There are so many soup recipes, and the winter is the perfect time to try them all!
    • Butternut squash, baked potato, and chicken noodle are some of my favorites!
  • Try Bakery seasonal Treats 
    • There are so many seasonal desserts that I am sure you haven’t even tried! Head to your local bakery or bakeries and try their seasonal or maybe even holiday (if they have any left) treats.
    • Not only would you be trying some delicious treats you would be helping the local shops,
  • Watch Hockey or Basketball live (In-Person) 
    • It is the winter season so might as well head on out and see it in person!
    • It is the sports of the seasons, and you never know who could be at the game!
  • See a winter concert or play 
    • So many venues and events have season shows. (Jingle ball is one but that is usually pre-Christmas).
    • Don’t be afraid to look at venues, concerts, bars, comedy clubs, and even plays


Like I said earlier the winter bucket list is all for you to get out have some fun and make new memories. Do it all, do five items, do ten, hell do none. As always, I write these for you to take whatever you want from it. Life is short and I just want you to make as many memories as you possibly can. So, take this as you will, and whether you make memories using my winter bucket list or memories of your own, I hope you are living your best life.


As always,

Your unofficial big sis KMH


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