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Pushing Through Failure

Pushing Through Failure

When everything goes wrong how does one overcome by pushing through failure? In life, we have ups and downs. High points and low points. A lot of us call those low points or moments of wrong or failures. You have one life to live; which means we are the keepers of our lives. The only time we fail is when we accept our fate, and stop trying to create the life we want. 


We hold so much power that we often forget we define failure. We choose what is a failure to us. Anyone could tell you that you failed but in order for it to be true, you have to believe them and accept that what they call failure is also what you call failure. By pushing through failure, you aren’t accepting it as an actual failure. Read this again and again, please. 


“Only you define what is true failure to you” 


So how does one continue pushing through failure? How do you continue? What do you need to consider? 


  • Failure is not the end it is just a path that did not work out. 
    • The only time failure is the end is when you give up. All you have to do is take a breathe restart and find another way. 
  • Focus on what you learned not what didn’t happen
    • With each “failure” you learn a ton of lessons on what works and what doesn’t. Take the lessons you learned, make the needed changes and apply them to the new journey for the dream. 
  • Re-evaluate and ask yourself is this what you want? 
    • A lot f the time when you are on your journey your vision, perspective, or end goal changes. Sometimes you don’t even realize that your passion isn’t there anymore. Why chase after something if you no longer want it? 
  • Ask yourself what do you need to change/fix. 
    • As you review the lessons and review the wrong path you also have to look at yourself. What areas do I need to work on to help me be better so I don’t fail again? What changes do I have to make in order to better myself to reach my goal? 
  • Come up with a new game plan 
    • Create or plot out the new path. The new doors you are going to try. There is no limit to the number of times you can try to reach your goal. There is no age limit. The only time limit you have is measured by how much life you have left. 


Failure is not the end, failure isn’t even real unless you accept it. By choosing to keep fighting to keep pushing through failure you refuse to accept the outcome. You are fighting to change that failure idea to a bump in the road. Perspective is everything. Focus on the following: 

  • Let it go 
    • Dwelling on it will not fix the issue just bring you down and focus on the negative more
    • Embrace what you accept as failure (Embracing Failure) but don’t let it end you
  • Remind yourself that failure is not the end just a stop in the journey 
    • Just because one path failed does not mean there are other paths
  • Focus on you 
    • “How you can be better”
    • “How does this help you grow”
    • “Is this still your goal”


Pushing through failure is more than just getting past it. It is understanding why you got the outcome, what changes you need to make, and the lessons you learned. It truly all comes down to the experience and how you look at it. How are you going to continue to see your life? You choose your path and your outcome. So what are you going to choose? Continue to accept the failure or continue pushing through failure? I’ll always have your back. -Unofficial Big sis KMH



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