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Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Date Ideas

February is right around the corner, which means we all need Valentine’s date ideas. Now, personally, I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a hallmark holiday; love me every day of the year not just on a day on the calendar that says you should. However, not everyone shares the same ideas as I do. 


As much as I don’t like Valentine’s Day I love love. I love being able to have little moments and dates with my significant other where for the full time the only thing that matters is us. And it just feels like the rest of the world fades away. I also know how hard it is to plan unique and different dates. Now add the pressure of Valentine’s day. Don’t worry; your unofficial big sis has some Valentine’s date ideas. 


Now for me, Valentine’s date could be with just you and your significant other. Or it could also be a group date. I know friends where one is dating the significant others’ best friend or even people who date twins. No one says how you have to or should celebrate Valentine’s Day; as long as you are happy and having a good time! 

  • At Home Arts and Crafts 
      • You could do anything from paint by number, paint a pot, wine and paint, make a keychain, and so many other ideas. 
      • It’s great if you want to sit back and relax at home together but also do something together. 
  • Recreate your favorite restaurant meal 
      • Maybe you weren’t able to get the reservations at your favorite restaurant so why not try and cook it at home? It’ll be something fun you guys could do together. 
      • Plus if you learn and like it you can keep it in your back pocket for a rainy day, a bad day, or maybe even an anniversary!
  • Tasting course night 
      • Now maybe you can’t choose where you want to eat or you cannot get any reservations. Get a little bit of everything. 
      • This is either family style or just a tasting course; Try a little bit of everything. You and your significant other could each order various sides or appetizers from various restaurants. Or you could each get them from the store or make your own. 
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting or Pretzels and Beer Tasting 
      • Go to a winery or Brewery and have a night where you try different drinks and combinations and maybe just maybe you find a new favorite drink.
      • Now if you cannot go to a winery or a brewery go to your local liquor store! Grab some beer or wine you have not tried and taste them out. Grade them Rate them try and find what perfect food they go with. Maybe even get a bit tipsy. Just have fun.
  • Bake Night 
      • Spend the day or night making your favorite desserts. Try something crazy like macaroons or lava cake! You don’t even have to make just one thing you can make multiple things and try them all!
  • Solve a Mystery
      • I have mentioned it before; get to hunt a killer! Solve a mystery together. It’s a great activity that you could do together or with a group. All you have to do is order it prior to the day!
      • This is also a great gift if you are a true crime fan. 
  • Movie Marathon 
      • Share movies together; you could show each other your favorite movie. Or you could make it some crazy category (90’s com comedy that has less than 3 stars or whatever) and see who finds the best movie!
  • PowerPoint Night 
      • They are all over social media have a night where you all create crazy powerpoints on anything. This could be any topic from “Rating taco bells menu to rating Chris Evans Outfits” 
      • Set a topic and have some fun with it. This is always more fun with a group of people. 
  • Do an Activity 
      • Nothing competitive but some physical just something you guys can spend time together maybe even take some cute couple photos. 
      • A few great options are Visit Ice Castles, Skiing, Tubing, Snowboarding, ice-skating, Zoo, Aquarium, Light show, play, movie, pottery class, maybe even a comedy show. There are so many options!!
  • Do a physical activity 
      • Maybe you guys are competitive and like to have fun. As long as it’s an activity you both enjoy go for it!
      • Some of my favorite physical activities are Laser tag, rock climbing, bowling, cornhole, nerf gun battle, or maybe doing a workout class together. So many other activities that you could do.
  • Check local city or town 
      • A lot of towns or cities do special events for valentine’s day be it a play, dinners, art shows, or sports events. Things that help promote the town and its local shops and businesses. 
  • Spa Day
      • Relax and unwind a bit life can be stressful. Go get a couples massage, get mani-pedis, or even go to a spa and get the works! 
      • Treat yourself and your significant other to some relaxing and de-stressing
  • Volunteer 
      • Maybe you guys like using your free time to help others. It’s so hard to make time or even find where you can do such a thing. So why not spend the day volunteering. 
      • Some places you could volunteer at your local animal shelter, food pantry, Ronald McDonald’s house, or meals on wheels. I am sure there are other places where you are able to do it. 
  • Do a photoshoot
    • Now when i say photoshoot I mean a personal photoshoot. When you and your significant others are the photographers. Spend the day at home or go out around town. 
    • No, I am not thinking dirty but this really helps you see how your significant other see you and I think that is pretty amazing. 


Finding unique and fun Valentine’s date ideas can always be a bit of a struggle. You feel pressured to go big and really show you care. Plus to some people, this holiday means everything and they want to make it a memorable time. Especially when you have been together forever thinking of new Valentine’s day ideas may be hard since you have already done a lot. 


Hopefully, this list saved you some stress or maybe even sparked some Valentine’s date ideas I didn’t even think of. I hope come February 14th you are able to have an amazing day: Be it at a restaurant on the couch or in a bowling alley.  If you are lost on a gift; don’t worry I am here to help; check out Valentine’s Day Gifts Better Then Chocolates and Flowers. And if you don’t end up doing anything don’t worry I won’t be doing anything either! Happy almost Valentine’s day to you! -Your Unofficial Big sis KMH 



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