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Morning Mantras

Morning Mantras

Morning mantras have been taking the world and social media by storm. So what exactly are Morning mantras? In a quick explination they are pretty much morning pep talks. But in reality its alot more.



– a word or a sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. 

– a statement or slogan repeated frequently


Mantras have been around for ages. For some, it may be a saying that they believe in, a word that keeps them going, or even a set of phrases. Morning mantras have also been around for a long time. However, I have seen them more and more popping up on social media with parents doing it with their kids. 


Morning mantras are statements that people say every single morning. It could be one statement or fifteen the limit does not exist. Often you’ll see people say things like “I am powerful. I am Kind. I am caring. I am beautiful.” and so many other things. These are used to help build confidence and self-esteem. Both kids and adults can truly benefit from this. 


Often at times, people don’t realize how little effort, credit, or even belief they put in themselves. We are often our hardest critics. We put ourselves down or think the worst thoughts about ourselves. That is why so many of our dreams die in our heads because we convince ourselves they aren’t even worth trying. But morning mantras help break that stigma. 


They are not used just to build confidence, but so much more. They are absolutely used to build confidence but also to help us believe in ourselves. It gives us the courage, strength, and clear eyes to see we are enough and whole all on our own. I get it I have probably forced the idea enough that morning mantras help build confidence. But why is confidence important? 


You need confidence in life from the way you walk to the way you talk. Confidence is how you carry yourself as well as how you present who you are and the things you care about. Often when we are nervous, worried, or even unsure our confidence/self-esteem tends to drop. Those are the moments when we really need ourselves to believe in ourselves. On those bad days, we forget how powerful, strong-willed, smart, kind, caring, and so many other amazing things that make us who we are. 


So waking up each morning looking in the mirror and saying your morning mantra helps you believe that you are those things. Not just on the good days but also on those struggling days. It sounds silly but the power of repetition does work. Even if you don’t think you are smart the more you tell yourself you are. You begging to build that confidence and you embrace the knowledge that you know as well as open the idea of expanding your knowledge. It’s also a huge reason why so many people have “I attract money” in their morning mantra. So many people believe that in order to do it, they must believe that they can. 


Is it awkward talking to yourself in the mirror absolutely! But it’s even more awkward and also devastating when you’re the one stripping self-esteem and confidence from yourself. That is why I actually really love Morning mantras. Any time I feel like I’m being too harsh or mean to myself I take time in the morning to just talk to myself. Give me those self-esteem boosts, drops of confidence, and even reminders that I am a badass and I can do anything I set my mind to. And f*ck yes I do attract money and positivity. It sounds silly but it does give me that boost and even little pep in my step to raise my confidence higher. 


So I challenge you. Spend a week giving yourself morning mantras it can be things you wish people told you, things you need to hear more, or things that help boost your confidence. Each morning spend time looking at yourself in the mirror and say those things. Help make yourself better for yourself. Don’t worry no one is going to make fun of you, and if they do just tell them you just wish you could believe in yourself the way I believe in myself. That is one way to keep them quiet and also probably a little bit of the truth. 


Spend the week. Do morning mantras and really take your time and mean what you’re saying. It’s okay if you have to say it fifteen times; all of this takes time to grow and build. You also have to believe in what you are saying which also takes time. So don’t worry and take comfort in knowing I do it. We all want to work on building our confidence to be authenticaly us. Most importantly remember you are strong, you are powerful, and you deserve the world. Never settle for less. -Unofficial big sis KMH



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