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Work-life Blend

I always hear you want a work-life balance however why not go for a work-life blend? Don’t get me wrong, we all want to leave working to work hours only. And just have the ability to turn it off once we leave the office or close the laptop. But doesn’t having a work-life balance mean that you have to balance two versions of yourself? The more I think about it the more impossible it sounds; in fact, I even tried it and failed for four years. Then I was introduced to the work-life blend


Growing up we are constantly told things like, “if you work hard enough and show your dedication you’ll be rewarded with a promotion” or even “you have your whole life to grab a drink this client may not be here tomorrow”. This often translates to people working around the clock whether they are getting paid for the hours or not. I mean look at me I used to work 70 hours a week, only to be paid for 40 hours of work. And for some people that still wasn’t good enough. 


When it comes to work-life balance people expect you to shut off your social life version or your work version. Of course, it all depends on your situation of which one is meant to present itself. However, with Covid, so many of us are working from home making it even hard to shut off our “work version”. So is it us as people? The company or job we work for? Or is it something else that makes a work-life balance nearly impossible? 


Now, what if instead of a work-life balance we go for a work-life blend. Instead of having to be a work version of yourself and a social version of yourself they are the same person. Now I understand it sounds a tad crazy when you think about but please hear me out. Instead of just working for the money work for a place that offers value, and an environment where you feel welcomed and with growth. Often at times we work crazy hours is because we don’t feel welcomed; we more or less feel like we have to prove ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t? You just worked for a place that accepted you for you. The only thing they wanted from you want to keep learning, growing, and always do your best. 


“Work-life blend suggests a mixing together of different facets of our lives. We don’t need to separate one from the other, rather we try to integrate all facets of our lives, looking for the right blend to suit the individual. Blending, not balancing, is more realistic in our current world.” -Dr. Gucfa


The main reason I think so many people don’t even consider a work-life blend, besides its being a modern term. We think it’s nothing but working around the clock. However, it is the exact opposite. How many people actually know their company’s values, mission, or even overall goals? Do people actually feel appreciated, that they make a positive impact and that their efforts matter? For me personally not knowing these things leads to the “impossible” work-life balance. 


When you work for a company you not only know their values, mission statement, and vision. But you also believe in it and your values align or match up with theirs you immediately feel like you are at a place of acceptance. The things we believe in and stand up for (our values) are the basis of what makes us who we are. By immediately having that connection you don’t have to sacrifice a huge chunk of yourself when you go to work. 


Think about it! The things you believe are what decide the type of people you hang out with, the clothes you wear, and even how you choose to carry/present yourself. It’s the main point that not only creates who you are but also what others see. It also helps show what we care about and what we don’t. Plus when you feel welcomed, included, and valued you out in the effort. You know during work hours you’re going to try your best, work hard, and be the best version of yourself that day. And you work so hard during those hours that your fellow co-workers are so content with you; that they want you to go home and shut off work mode. 


I also find when you don’t have to be two versions of yourself you start to truly enjoy what your doing. Whether it is you at work, hanging out with a friend, or even taking time for yourself you are able to truly be present and enjoy those moments. We are more present allowing us to make deeper connections both in our personal lives as well as at work. You have the ability to show or hide as much about your personal side as you feel. While doing a work-life balance you almost feel like you cannot really share your personal life as the office is for working and working alone. 


Personally, I just think the more we try to balance things the bigger and scarier the juggling act becomes. There is more pressure and more obstacles to try and balance, and more parties to keep happy. So why not just blend it? Instead of balancing it all, you share it. You let people in, you stay present at the moment. All because you are choosing to live one life by doing a work-life blend. 


I know it sounds weird saying because very few if any people actually use the term work-life blend. We all grew up and were told how important a work-life balance is. The thing is the work environment, the work atmosphere, and even the way we work is changing. Life is also an ever-changing thing, and change means we have to also adjust our mindset. So if you truly are struggling with a work-life balance maybe it’s time for a change. Try switching it up to a work-life blend. Try it, you just might like it. – Unofficial big sister



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