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Last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas

Last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas

That February 14th date is less than a week away which means it’s time for some late-minute Valentine’s day gift ideas. I know how crazy it can get and how fast the days blend. It gets crazy and I even had the situation where I did not realize my significant other and I were doing Valentine’s day till a few days prior. 


I have talked about it before when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts I don’t think they have to be this huge production or big spectacle. I also do not think that you have to spend a ton of money, Gifts should come from the heart, but every relationship is different. So do not worry I am here to help with the stress!


Here are some last-minute Valentine’s day gift ideas: 


  • Tacklebox/Tool Box candy creation 
    • Go to the hardware store and get a toolbox or empty storage box. Clean it out and then fill the slots and spaces with their favorite candies. It’s easy, cute, simple, and I am sure it will be a hit. 
  • Coupon Book 
    • Simple easy DIY, you are able to create little “cash in” moments like cash in for dinner at your favorite restaurant, cash in for a movie night of your choice, or whatever you think your partner would love. 
  • Future date 
    • Get a gift card or make arrangements for future plans!
    • Spa, nails, Vacation, Restaurant date, or another activity 
    • By this, I don’t mean just giving them a gift card but actually booking it. Schedule you guys an appointment or a restaurant date even if it’s weeks away you don’t have the celebrate valentines day once a year!!
  • Flowers
    • Men and women love and deserve flowers. Be it from a gas station, flower shop, grocery store, or even if you order them online. 
    • Yes, men deserve to get flowers too. 
  • Build-a-Bear 
    • Create and build them their own personal bear. You’ll be able to pick out the bear, their color heart, and even what outfit they wear. 
    • Plus if you want some places do offer a custom voice option so you can leave a personal message. 
  • Framed photo(s)
    • Take some of your favorite photos to get them developed or printed. Pick out a few frames that you like, add the photos. A simple yet meaningful gift.
  • Jewelry 
    • Nothing too crazy could be as simple as a bracelet or even a necklace. Thick silver chains are in now and that could also really work for a guy. I even recommend looking on Etsy! 
  • Basket collection 
    • You could put together a basket just for them, maybe it’s filled with cozy things like a blanket, fuzzy socks, a sweatshirt, and some hot chocolate. 
    • Other great theme boxes/baskets are movie night (movies, popcorn, and candy), build-a-date, or even sports basket. 
  • Gift card 
    • There is no shame in getting them a  gift card. If you know your Significant other goes to Starbucks every morning before work and you get them a gift card (maybe even a travel mug) that is a cute sentimental gift. 
    • Yes, even one to the nail salon!
  • Favorite Drink/candy
    • If you’re looking for something to just add to what you have get them their favorite drink or candy. Maybe you got them the build-a-bear and want to add something small adding candy or a drink to that could really show how much you care about them. 
  • MIxed-cd or a Playlist 
    • I always think it is crazy cute when someone says hey this song reminds me of you. Putting all of that together into a mixed Cd (I know very old school) or even making them a Spotify playlist is a really sweet sentimental gift. 
    • They will think of you every time they listen to it. 
  • Came-o 
    • Maybe they have a favorite star or sports player that is on came-o and you can purchase a sweet message from them to you. 
  • Shoes or a piece of clothing 
    • There is nothing wrong with getting a new pair of shoes or a piece of clothing. Maybe you even picked it out and thought they could wear it to the special dinner tonight. 


I think the biggest thing when it comes to Valentine’s day is that we as people often forget that it is just a holiday that is made up. You don’t have to compete with anyone or show anyone how much you love or care about your significant other. Other than making sure your significant other knows. There is no shame in a last-minute Valentine’s day gift. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them or care for them. Sometimes life just happens. If you are lost on some date ideas well don’t worry I have some of those too here


So please don’t worry, don’t stress! Whatever you choose to get them they are going to be thrilled with it because it came from you. And if you still think you could be in the dog house a last-minute Valentine’s day gift is better than no gift. -Unofficial Big Sister KMH



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