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Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

As a young twenty-seven-year-old, I am constantly thinking of things I wish I knew earlier. It sounds crazy but so many of these things a lot of people just assumed I knew. Like how on earth do you think I know something if we never spoke about it? There is nothing that has ever made me happier than people sharing their mistakes and what they learned from it, Specifically so I do not make the same mistakes. 


The thing is a lot of the things I wish I knew sooner aren’t silly things like having a savings account is important. They are serious things that could have saved me a lot of money, time, and even stress. Things that I ow make sure to tell my friends, remind my siblings, and even review with myself every now and then. All because I don’t want to repeat my mistakes and I especially do not want the people I love and care about to repeat my mistakes. 


Here are a few things I wish I knew sooner: 

  • The Future is unknown stop trying to set things in stone 
      • Having a game plan is important but do not live and die by that plan! So many things happen in life causing changes you have to be comfortable knowing unknown things are going to happen.
  • It is absolutely okay to quit; especially if you have the right intentions.
      • So many people say quitters never win and personally f*ck that. Quit please quit if you hate it, it affects your mental or physical health. 
  • Just because you’ve been friends for six years does not mean you are going to be friends for a seventh 
      • The older I get the more I see my circle shrink. It’s hard to think that you and your friends are going separate ways. But unfortunately, as you grow up it does happen and it’s okay. 
  • Holding in and hiding our emotions does not make you stronger. Just makes the whole situation worse. 
      • The best way to improve your happiness, decrease your stress, and get to the solution is to express how you are feeling. Don’t hide your emotions, don’t pretend they’re not there. Your emotions are valid and your feelings matter. 
  • Just because your family has beliefs or does something does not mean you have to. Yes, family is everything but you’re allowed to choose what is best for you. 
      • I highly encourage you to have your own thoughts and opinions on all the things in the world from politics to how to make the perfect grilled cheese. As kids, we are really exposed to what our family thinks and their beliefs. However, I think it is important to really review why you believe certain things. 
  • Think before you speak. Please think before you speak. 
      • As kids, we use to say things without speaking but as we get older we can’t have that automatic response. It’s important to think of your responses as often we say things with the right intentions but use the wrong choice of words. 
    • The internet is forever, ask yourself twice if you are okay with this being seen for the next 500 years. 
      • It’s so common these days for old tweets, old photos, old videos, and even old comments to pop up. That’s why it’s always important to remember the internet is forever. I even saw someone not get an interview because we found their myspace. Myspace was popular from 2005 to 2009. Imagine not getting your dream job because you wanted to look cool at fifteen. 
  • You should be more concerned if you like them as opposed to if they like you. 
      • Yes, attention is great but wasting your energy and effort on someone you don’t even like is not cool. Plus who cares if someone does or doesn’t like you? The only person who has to like you is you. 
  • Your #1 priority should always be yourself. Self-care, self-love, and even your mental health. 
      • If this means canceling plans, taking a sick day, traveling, or even doing something for yourself. You need to make sure you are taking the proper steps and proper care when it comes to yourself.
  • Negotiate your contracts. 
      • Be its a raise, a new job offer, a brand deal, or anything in between you need to negotiate. Sometimes the answer is no but you will never know unless you ask. Vacation days, Pay, how many days you work from home, phones, and even cars can all be added and discussed abut during contract negotiations. 
  • After buying a used car take it to a mechanic to have the entire car checked out to make sure you’re not getting scammed. 
      • So many cars just sit in a dealership parking lot till they get test-driven and bought. When a dealership gives you your car they usually just do a basic inspection check. Going to a mechanic they are going to check all that and more. They are going to inspect the seats, seatbelts, breaks, windshield wiper fluid, battery life, and anything else. They are also going to report their findings to you so can take it back to the dealer to get fixed on their dime. 
  • Ask about raises, performance reviews, feedback, anything that can help you at your job speak up. 
      • How are you expected to improve if you don’t know what you are doing wrong? So many people do not get things because they do not ask for it; so please never hesitate to ask a question, for feedback, advice, a raise, or even what you need to do to get the promotion you want. 
  • You need to know what our health insurance covers 
      • Did you know that most health insurance covers massages? Most will even pay you back for your gym membership.  You wouldn’t know unless you did the research. So read up, talk to, and figure out what is and is not included with your insurance. Figure out how much money you may have to pay after certain visits. Learn about your health insurance!
  • Understand the basic car maintenance 
      • You should know when to get your oil change, what good and bad tires look like, how to refill windshield wiper fluid, how many miles fluids or other spark plush need to be changed, and even understand what bad breaks feel like. 
  • Review your bank and credit card(s) statements at the very least monthly
      • Not only is it good to understand where your money is going and how you’re spending it. But it’s also good to make sure that all the charges are from you. 
  • Talking to other people about money is not rude, I encourage it 
    • There are so so many things when it comes to money it is hard to know all of them. Between taxes, investing,  401K, Roth IRA’s, Crypto, NFT, and everything else you cannot know it all. Talk to people even about your salary, are you making good money for your career. Take the money talks because the people around you and in your life can help you. Just like you can help them. 


The thing is the list of things I wish I knew sooner is always growing almost every single day. Sometimes I learn lessons from others, and sometimes I learn them for myself. I do think though learning from others is a huge advantage to help out you ahead. We are all trying to level up and be better for ourselves and those in our life. Life lessons are a part of that.

Growing up it’s one of the hardest pills for me to swallow. The list of things I wish I knew sooner; I’m not the only one with a list. Just talking and sharing that information helps everyone.  It’s the reason I always share advice, my life, and even tips I’ve learned. As always I want people to learn from the things I have done; to be better than I am or was. Part of growing up is figuring things out as we go but who says we can’t help each other out?



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