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Have grace

The older we get the more our views and mindsets change and as people, we have to have grace for that. I think it’s important in today’s time that we give people grace with these changes. Now when I say give people grace I’m not talking about giving them prayers. It could be a part of it but that’s not what I am trying to say here. 


When I say “have grace” it is more in the aspect of having an open mind and an understanding.  With cancel culture being so popular we often forget that instead of shaming someone, we can take the opportunity to listen, understand, and even educate as so many people grew up with different experiences, views, values, and understanding.


Now the more news I read or see I see the world, but more importantly the struggles of others. Specific people face the struggles of different hate crimes, oppression, and even war in today’s modern age. Which for me is still insane to wrap my head around but it is the sad reality we live in. With all of this happening and constantly changing we have to stay vigilant. Staying vigilant is not just about knowing what is going on in the world. But also understanding why, how you can help, and what can you change to be better. 


We can and we all will miss some things and it’s okay to say I do not know what is going on, I don’t fully understand it. However, what is not okay is to say lies. A lot of us have not learned everything in school and we grew up with our family and parents’ beliefs. As we get older it is our responsibility as people to understand, check ourselves, and see if we truly believe these things or if they are just passed on beliefs. 


When it comes to giving people grace what we have to do is understand is that as they educate themselves they may not be 100% right. By this I mean they may not use the correct terms or the correct facts. Just like in school you did not learn all the information on day one of classes, it took some time to learn them. By no means is it anyone’s job to educate anyone unless you want to. This is for anything racial culture, religious culture, and just modern news. It is not your responsibility to teach them. 


I think when it comes to giving people grace is your allowing them to continue to grow in the right direction. Now I’m not saying people aren’t going to make mistakes and say comments and things that are wrong. But I’m saying there is a lot of us are still learning the lessons we were never taught in school. A lot of us were only giving some or half of the information if we were lucky and a lot of us weren’t encouraged to ask more questions or think deeper.  So when you’re giving someone grace it’s not because their opinion is completely wrong and they’re spinning false information by all means I think those people should be called out.  Giving someone grace is the understanding that person is still learning. It might be giving someone grace on a comment that they said years ago and has since learned that that comment was wrong. 


I will say this you have the right and the power to choose who you give grace to. Just like you have the right and the power to forgive someone or be someone’s friend. You by no means are required or forced to give someone grace especially if their actions or comments hurt you in the past. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but to a point. As we spoke about people taking up their family beliefs a lot of people also trust or believe everything they read. And if there is anything at 27 that I have learned the Media love to spin things to make certain people always be the villain. It is these times where I truly stress how important it is to do your research, analyze the facts, and read multiple sources. I talk about how important all of this is in Being the Change the World Needs Right Now; check out that post too. 


As someone who has asked for people to have grace with the while, they educate themselves and have watched the people in my lives, co-workers, friends, teammates, and Teachers who have been so amazing and patient with having grace for me. These are the tips they have passed on to me when it comes to having grace for others. 


  • Understand that they are still learning, it’s okay to correct them on statements but don’t go full cancel culture 
    • We want people to learn and be better not be afraid to ever speak up again. 
  • If you can give them some facts or even things they can read or continue to learn and expand their knowledge 
    • It is no one’s job to educate someone they have to do it on their own or they will never actually learn. 
  • Focus on their mindset and how it’s changing before you judge 
    • The person they were at 16 is completely different from who they are at 26 or even 36. Use your Judge of character on who you give your grace. 
  • Understand they may have a lot of wrongs to write 
    • As I said earlier you have the right to choose who gets your grace and who does not. You make those choices no one else. 


Now I say have grace for those still learning. By all means, if someone is still acting racist or actively speaking out against basic human rights by all means cancel their a$$. But I say have grace for people like me. I’m still learning and understanding everything that was never taught to me and things I was never exposed to. Because of this, I am often afraid to speak out due to the facts that I feel like I still don’t fully understand and I’m afraid to say something wrong. I want to be an ally and I want to be a supporter more so than I am now but I am still learning. So I ask for the people like me still be educated and still educate ourselves just to have some grace for us.



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