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Learning to think Positive

Learning to think Positive

It wasn’t till I was older that I realized to live the life I wanted; I needed to start learning to think positive. I always thought I had a pretty positive mindset or at least tried my best. However, I did have a lot of moments where my negative thoughts and mindset controlled me for days at a time. It was those days that made me think this is enough I have to change.  


Learning to think positive is more than just changing your mindset. Of course, that is a huge aspect of it. However, it is also understood what thinking positive can do for you. We are all trying to make positive changes to better our life. Changing your mindset is a huge first step in changing your life for the better. And before you even start o question yes changing your mindset is a form of self-care or putting yourself first


Learning to think positive it is not a switch you cannot just flip a switch and change everything about yourself. The biggest changes start small. You have to start by making small consistent changes that add up to be serious. So what exactly can you start doing to help with learning to be positive. 

  • Daily self-reflection 
      • Take time to reflect on your day. I mean reflect on your day all the good and the bad. 
      • While looking at the bad think about how it could have affected you positively. Example: You hit traffic on your way to work making you late for your meeting. Well, traffic caused you to slow down and relax for a second and prevented you from getting into an accident. 
  • Finding good in every situation 
      • Finding good in bad situations is never easy especially right after. But it’s always good to revisit those situations and see how they positively affected your life. 
  • Change how you speak to yourself 
      • Positively talk to yourself. We all talk to ourselves out loud or even in our heads and those words and actions truly set the tone for the day. 
      • Instead of saying things like we should have tried harder. Change it up to we tried our best, but if the opportunities come again we know what we would do or say differently. 
  • Pay attention to who you surround yourself 
      • You would be shocked at how contagious attitudes are. Having people around you who always speak negatively toward you, about you, or even just have a negative mindset. Those negative words and actions stay with us as well. 
  • Understand you are still learning 
    • Changing how you think/see yourself does not happen overnight or in a week or even in a month. It takes time, consistency, and a ton of trial and error. 
    • Be as patient as you are kind to yourself. 
  • Start by saying on positive or tip of gratitude 
    • I find that when I start my day with a positive thought or a moment of gratitude it opens up my mind to see the good and positivity in the world. 
    • This could be something you say to the mirror, write down in a journal, or even in your head. And it could be as simple as “Today is going to be an amazing day” 


Taking time to better yourself and your mindset by learning to think positive is something I think everyone can and should do. I am a big believer that what you put out into the universe is what you will get back; also known as Karma. Plus the world could always use more positivity. 


Being positive is more than just adjusting your mindset to be positive. Having a positive attitude and even a positive outlook allows you to look up and see our options. Instead of just seeing the downside you can see the other opportunities and what could come of it. Trust me I know this all sounds super peppy and happy like Disney land. 


As someone who has been working on it, I know it’s a ton of work. Learning to think positively has changed my life for the better but it hasn’t been easy. I do see all the amazing benefits and great simple shifts it has caused me. However, there are days when my mindset is completely down in the gutter. It is all part of life, the highs, and the lows. Yes learning to think positively can and will better your life. But remember it is still okay to have those off days. -Unofficial Big Sis KMH



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